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Avatar n tn I bought the clear blue ovulation test n that **** aint working right to me all the days i use it i see same thing ughh i hate wasting money for a product not working
Avatar f tn The st.Ives apricot scrub is really good or the clean and clear exfoliating scrub. I personally have clearer doing from using Th st.Ives one.
Avatar n tn Clear Blue Digitals were the best for me. Easy to read as you get a smiley face if you are ovulating and there's no guess work involved. I also found using Ovulation kits along with BBT charting helped me understand when I would Ovulate with all the changes my body went through. Clear Blue Fertility monitor is also supposed to be good, but I never used it my self as I got my BFP the week after I bought the monitor. Good luck to you and Lots of Baby Dust!!
Avatar f tn Just wondering if I can use clean and clear acne control kit while pregnant?? Skin looks horrible bumps all down my neck ,my chest and back oatmeal soup isn't working ?
Avatar n tn i am usin turmaric but i don feel lik it works ... pls suggest me diet also to maintain a clear skin.
Avatar f tn I'm going on a strict skin diet now! My skin condition is really so bad as I have oily and sensitive skin:( anyone knows whether is it possible to get flawless skin if I eliminate: white grains, white bread, chilli, fried food and dairy products? Oh! Is yogurt harmful too?
480331 tn?1310403529 Does anyone know if you can purchase the Clear Blue Easy Digital (OPK) pee sticks only--in the store (not online)?
Avatar n tn Dear Drs., I have tested for HIV with a home-test kit and it turned out to be negative. However, during the procedure I think the 'developer solution'(buffer sloution?) have touched my finger-pricked area. I am worried this might be bad for me. Will I be okay if the 'developer solution' had entered into my body through the open scar(finger prick hole from the needle)? Thank you for reading this!
1923882 tn?1352250106 I used clear blue the digital ones and got pregnant the first time.
Avatar m tn I have taken another hiv test today after 10 months of exposure, this is second test, it came as non reactive, kit used was sd bioline hiv 1/2 3.0. Now before collecting the sample, they showed me sample hiv kit, which i held in my hands for few seconds. Now i may have touched my arm with my hand before the blood sample was collected; i want to ask is there any chance of transmission of hiv from sample hiv kit ( which may have been previously used) which i held with my hand???
374690 tn?1224552589 Does anybody know if using a detox kit will make your energy levels lower? I just can't get moving!!! I am on day 8 & it feels like day 2. I don't want pills at all, but I NEED SOME ENERGY!!!
Avatar n tn Since childhood i have had a very itchy skin and very often find that my arms & legs and other parts of my body will start itching for no reason, and it sometimes it starts with a little red dot but when i itch, it becomes like hives and all red. Sometimes i will get itchy and the hive like things will stay and then sometimes it will start itching right next to that and spread and takes a few days to disappear.
Avatar f tn Can anyone suggest an ovulation kit? I am thinking of buying the First Response kit. Can you also tell me whether it has worked for you & any advice on how it works. I ended my period yesterday & probably need to start it right away. Thanks!!!
372284 tn?1264849731 I am a big fan of the Clear Blue Easy Digital. You don't have to worry about which line looks darker, it either gives you a smiley face for when you have your LH surge, or a blank face when your not. Its worked for me 3 times now.
Avatar f tn What if it had a brownish/red coloration?
1190279 tn?1324936257 Hello Ladies....quick Question I am taking clomid and need to know the best O kit to get to predict my O....i had the one step 7 day kit last month that just shows the two lines....and it didnt help me.......
Avatar m tn so i burned the warts off myself with a wart freezing kit and a warn burning solution from top care, and it surely burned the warts away but also destroyed the skin. My penis is slightly darker than the rest of my body, and i figure it is because the skin needs to stretch and when it doesnt it gives the appearance of it being darker. Well the freezing kit left first scabs, but now depigmentations. Do these go away? Is there a way to fix the depigmented areas? Maybe a scar fading cream?
Avatar n tn Do you notice anything in the hair? Perhaps you contracted pubic lice? Do you shave the area? You can go to your pharmacy and ask for a public lice medication kit if you think it is possibly pubic lice or consult your physician and have him/her assess the site.
Avatar f tn I used the clear blue advance ovulation kit. The one that that says high and peak days and it dies work .
Avatar n tn i ordered at home test throught Atfirst Diagnostics. it came with 2 test. it was the HIV-3L test kit. i tested negative on march 3 and negative on april 17. am i in the clear?
Avatar f tn A friend advised using clear blue easy with that one u get a Smiley face when u are ovulating. When I used the kit w the lines I would get two lines but the lines would never be the same intensity. I did not know if I was getting a true positive or not. I just assumed it was positive as when I tested at a later date I didn't get two lines just one. Maybe using the clear blue w the Smiley face will give you a definite yes or no. Also every woman does not ovulate every month.
Avatar m tn i have been gettin these tiny little clear bubbles under the skin on my hands for yrs now, but now wen they go away they skin yellows and dies. it cracks and peels off. it is sometimes pailful dependin on how big the bumps r and how many there are. i had worts a few yrs ago and since i got rid of em these bubbles have been reaccurin. is it a fungis or something?