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Avatar n tn It is funny the previous question was about diet also. I don't have any symptoms of Hep C other than I notice that sometimes my upper right abdomen area is swollen and I can feel pressure under my rib cage. Other times I don't notice it at all. Is it possible certain foods or drinks may cause this? I tend to get pretty anxious about my health and am worried this swelling and pressure is something that needs immediate medical attention.
Avatar n tn I followed the protocol in KT's book and began my diet on the third day but Dr. Simmeon's protocol says to gorge for 3 days and then begin the diet. I don't know why there is a day difference in the protocols. Also I noticed that DR. Simmeon says to eat white fish but in KT's book he is specific about the white fish being halibut, Chilean sea bass, flounder or sole. Is anyone following just Dr. Simmeon's protocol and if so are you eating other white fish like orange roughy or tilapia?
Avatar n tn They were itching and burning. Then the skin on my hands and feet started peeling. The skin is peeling thickly. This condition has lasted for a couple of weeks so far. I have included some pictures for your review. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG]http://i16.photobucket.
Avatar f tn Hi. I suffer quite often but not all the time, from hypersensitive skin. It feels as though it's been scalded and it hurts to touch that area. It may be on my face, top of my thigh, waist, calf; seems it strikes one side of my body at one time in different spots. It affected my calf this week, and I could barely walk on that leg. I have had neuro check ups with no results or findings that support any disease in particular. I've suffered from this for about 10 years and it's getting worse.
Avatar f tn GENERAL NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH LIVER DISEASE Part 1 After being diagnosed with liver disease, among the first questions that patients typically ask concern nutrition. Unfortunately, one cannot expect to walk into the doctor's office and request "a diet for liver disease". Such an across-the-board diet simply does not exist.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days I have had a lot of clear/whiteish discharge, that is very runny (not a yeast infrction). Sorry to be so graphic, but I am hoping this could be cervical fluid from the implanation or some sign that I could be pregnant. Does anyone have any information on this that could help? Has anyone who is/was pregnant had similar symptoms? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn When I was looking up causes/treatments, it was interesting for me to read about someone struggling with candida because I have had a rash on my neck flare up in the past and the only thing that helped was going on a sugar free, low carb and low acidity diet (no vinegar and no artifical sweetners except something natural like stevia). It ***** and the diet is very restictive but the rash did clear up. I am going to go back on it to see if my eyelids start to clear up as well.
Avatar n tn I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar f tn you can buy these at a vitamin/herb supply store(human) they will help his skin condition alot..... -there are several brands that are safe for cats....MUST NOT HAVE SOY -Carlson Labs, Nordic Naturals, and Vital Choice. I am sending you 2 documents. on this first one read page 5. where indeed it list 'severe skin reactions' including chemical BURNS after use and they recommend not to come into contact with the skin and suggest bathing...use only a gentle baby shampoo if you do this.
Avatar n tn I have been taking some natural detox for the blood in pills form, I was feeling ok but last nite and this morning my hands started up again but not terrible that i want to rip them off, it's more of a burning irritating itch that is under the skin, no rash no dry skin and it tends to be activated when I do things like opening a soda bottle top or holding the retractable lead for the dogs...
Avatar m tn Reduce stress (fit in some 'me' relaxation time), avoid or greatly reduce chocolate consumption and try for a generally healthy diet overall, a daily cleaning (soapy washcloth, wipe clean with a wet washcloth). Pore clogging can be a noted contributor, so an evening facewash would not be amiss before bedtime.
Avatar f tn It appears as patches of dry skin that are 3/4 to 3 inches in size. They have a tanish look sometimes and sometimes look more red. They are mostly on her back and side of torso, with some on her shin, near underarms and crotch. They do not bother her at all. It is round or oval in shape and some (2) have clear centers. I did a 1 month diet trial for dairy/egg allergy (eczema) with no response. I treated with tea tree oil ( for fungal) for two weeks with no change. Now (through my DR.
1550149 tn?1340004330 Prednisone probably has more significant long-term effects on the body in terms of negatively impacting bone health, causing skin thinning for some, weight gain for some, and increasing the risk for hypertension and diabetes, so I am glad you are weaning off this. Prednisone is very effective to use for flares and between other treatments while you are waiting for them to work. Long-term effects of methotrexate are for the most part positive.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your response. I have not tried anything, just let it clear up on its own. I have had these "pimples" all over my arms and chest as long as I can remember. Would you suggest I goto a Derm. for review?
Avatar f tn He said he had no idea and that he dealt more with skin cancers now and not those types of issues that my regular doctor should be able to do some research and determine something. So back to him I went. He shrugged and sent me back to dermatologist and told me to be persistent and that he would call him for me as well. So two months to get an appointment at dermatologist and he still seemed unsure and prescribed me ketaconazole shampoo.
Avatar n tn 5 to 2 liters per day and eat a balanced diet and supplement any vitamins or minerals for the deficiency in your diet. Take vitamin B complex for some days. Apply a glycerin based lip cream at night. Keep the area clean - wash your face with a face wash several times a day and also clean your face after each meal with a wet tissue or wash it with water generously. If the symptoms still persist, you should get a review from your dermatologist. Let us know if you have any doubts. Good luck.
Avatar m tn 5 per kilo per hour she is 10 kg last know level was 9, and gets phenobarbital q12 levels been around 90-100, depakote q12 level unknown, calizapan q12, topamax q12, triliple q12, and started ketogenic diet, they have noticed a slight enlargement of left ventricle compared to first mri and ct she ever had done, but everytime they turn off drip after a few hours she starts having siezures she has had a lp done to check for infection but neg.
1390672 tn?1279923709 Extremely hoarse voice to kinda normal with gasp like sound to it,extremely painful to talk. I sweat so bad its disgusting, yet my feet are freezing and handing are so hot the skin feels like its tearing off. Its normal to go 3 days with out sleeping and then get 3-4 hrs. I am happy, yet I sob when aches/pain gets unbearable because I dont even know how to describe them.
Avatar m tn Male / 34yo / No past-current affections / No STDs / No meds / No supplements / Healthy diet / Good sleep SYMPTOMS: ALL of the symptoms started in my early 20s (34 now) and have increased in a slowly but constant way until many of then became unbearable or I have only realised about them because of how they affect my life.
362888 tn?1203267889 I know this because the moment I land in Houston my skin clears within a week (poor diet and all) without treatments on the skin. Trust me folks, I never ever thought my skin would be clear. The regimen works! This is the first time I've written on this kind of site but I feel I owe the guy who cleared me up. And if you stay on the Regimen, you will stay with good results. I still think most can avoid acne treatment with lifestyle changes though. I know acne is torture so I wrote this.
Avatar f tn Many of us put toxic chemicals on our hair and face which get into our brains and effect the production and function of neurotransmitters. For those of you who have come to my class on detoxification you know how commercial hair, skin and beauty care products are often loaded with toxic chemicals and metals including: lead, aluminum and mercury. All these toxins get into the body and poison the cells. My motto is that if you wouldn’t eat the product don’t put it on your hair, face or skin.
1042487 tn?1275283499 Healthy diet and good water intake is also important and as for what is a healthy diet i think i was clear above but i will be more clear. Eat whole, organic, unprocessed foods. Eliminate dairy foods that come from cows fed hormones that increases milk production. There’s no telling how they may affect your hormones. Go outside! Even a 30 mins walk is ok and considered exercising.
Avatar n tn But last year I cut soda out of my diet for a few weeks and noticed no new ones appeared during that time period, following a energy drink binge I had several huge and painful cysts appear and realized coke and monsters had to go if I wanted clear skin down there. It's taken close to a year but now my cysts which used to number around three dozen have nearly completely gone.
769317 tn?1235024336 One thing that I would strongly recommend is a an exceptionally nutritious diet . A diet rich in multiminerals , multivitamins , protein , calcium , Omega 3 supplements may work wonders because sometimes an unknown deficiency causes major problems . Please use natural supplements only . I wish and pray that your daughter gets well soon !!! Take care and regards ! Do keep me posted because I'll be waiting to hear about your daughters progress .
Avatar m tn I started the strict diet for Gout and noticed my skin gets healthier while on the diet. I PH test my urine and when it is acidic my skin issues get worse, but when it is 7 or above my skin is not as bad. How I test if this helps, is when my urine PH is acidic and scratch the flakey skin it then weeps fluid. But when urine is alkaline and scratch off the flakiness, there is no weeping and less flaking occurs.
1143118 tn?1266052868 Signs include increased thirst, increased urination, increased appetite with weight gain, muscle mass loss, potbellied appearance with thin fragile skin and hair loss on the body. Recurrent infections in skin, urinary tract or elsewhere may occur and diabetes may develop. If all of this is absent then treatment may be reasonably delayed. Why delay?
463575 tn?1211306288 I finally wanted to find a natural, long-lasting cure. I switched to a vegan diet 5 months ago, have now introduced a raw diet in order to treat my acne from within. I read about many natural treatments like apple cider vinegar, baking soda masks, clay, and stumbled across honey+turmeric masks and moisturising with oil (I use jojoba oil).
Avatar f tn For your face i would recommend a cleanser and moisturiser by Lutsine, either the one for dry skin or the one for spot-prone skin which has become dry due to acne treatment. Your dermatologist is right, these are superficial dryness lines not permanent wrinkles, as you say retinoids are used for smoothing skin. Side effects should stop within a month of completing your course. How much longer do you have on the accutane?
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