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Clear skin blemishes

Common Questions and Answers about Clear skin blemishes


Avatar f tn Going vegan is great for the skin! Cutting out grains will help a lot too! Just try to get as many vitamins as possible and drink lots of green smoothies!
7876352 tn?1403092459 I follow that with Grease Lightning gel (more tea tree oil for blemishes), and the Vanishing Cream moisturizer (lavender based and designed for blemishes as well). Lush has stores and a website. If you find a store and tell them your problems, they will recommend products based on your needs.
Avatar f tn m just puzzle as to why my skin is going crazy, 3 months ago I have clear, glowing skin, I never had to worry about it, small pimples casually which is normal, doesn't affect me or make me stress till now that it's taking over my cheeks! I guess I'll have to go see a skin doctor if this keeps on going.
Avatar n tn When located on exposed parts like the neck, hands and face, these skin blemishes can be embarrassing. This is why people do mole skin tag removal. Moles and skin tags can be removed surgically through cutting tools or laser. The modern technology of today resulted in almost painless removal of these blemishes-with or without anesthesia. However, many people consider it practical to just cut off the skin tag. Scientists say that it is generally safe to cut skin tags away.
Avatar f tn There is a mark that appears to be a slit but it's on the wrinkly part of the skin and doesn't look like a slit when stretching out that skin to make it flat. I want to also say I used coconut oil (heard it could be used as a personal lubricant) to masturbate with several hours before noticing these.bumps and blemishes.
Avatar m tn Are you 77, or is that just a random number you used for your avatar name?
Avatar f tn I stopped using my nightly washes bc of the chemicals. I currently use clean n clear for sensitive skin and cera ve lotion. I need something stronger but safe! Im willing to mix random things up at home if anyone has any good suggestions! Thank u!
Avatar f tn i wish i didnt get them in the first place, but i find that mature men do not have a problem with blemishes, and with proper plan of attack they can clear up quickly. right now i'm trying to find a dark spot treatment to get rid of the scars i have developed over time . i have suffered with this since childhood, also. you are not alone, april!
10076934 tn?1410143581 Has anyone's face started to break out since being pregnant? I've always had clear skin & now I notice a lot of blemishes and what not. These hormones dont play! What mind of face wash do yall use??
Avatar n tn Could be anything really we all get bumps and spots and skin blemishes from time to time it,everything doesn't spell Herpes you know :) Unless you have reason to believe you may have been infected then leave it alone or ask your Doctor what it could be if it doesn't heal in a day or two .....
1117137 tn?1345227905 With my first pregnancy I broke out pretty bad in the beginning and this was new to me too b/c I have always had clear skin. I didn't do anything about it I just kind of lived with it b/c I am pretty sure I was too tired to care :) This time around I have had one zit pop up, but other than that I am still looking pretty clear. Now I just have to hope it stays that way!
Avatar f tn i don’t have acne or anything i actually have very clear skin, but slight eczema. i’m thinking maybe it’s because i have an infected lymph node or something that my systems are down now and everything is unregulated, i’m unsure. i really don’t know what to do because i can not find a product that unclogged the pores but isn’t for acne. it might seem like a minor issue but my skin is so important to me and since i’m only 16 i don’t want my skin to be bad as i grow up.
Avatar f tn I have purchased a water filter and the acne had gone away dramatically, but now i have severe blemishes on my face. At first i was using a product called Ambi and Crusaders soap and face cream that are skin bleaching creams. They both work well, but they lighten up my entire face rather than just evening my skin tone so now my face is visibly lighter than the rest of my body. I am looking into purchasing a product called Mederma and i wanted to see what you think about this product.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from GH for about 20 years with frequent but small outbreaks on the waistline just above my buttocks. The outbreaks have left a field of brown blemishes that are very embarrassing. Is there a OTC product that can remover them? What about laser removal? Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Hi, this summer I went on vacation to NC, noticed what looked like little blemishes on the stalk of my penis, closer to where it attaches the the body. In about 2 weeks they became raised, and haven't grown or done anything since. They do not itch or irritate whatsoever. There is no discharge, they are not pimples and nothing happens when you squeeze them. They are very, very small, probably 1/10 the size of a pencil erasor. I have now had them for about a month and a half.
Avatar n tn t have any discharging, but am concerned about the white splotches or blemishes, which recently appeared. I feel minor pressure in the head of my penis but no pain. I think that part may be mental. This occurred about one week ago. Do you have any idea what this could be? The white splotches/blemishes are very noticeable. I am a white male. Chlomydia maybe? Could I send a picture? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have extremely dry hands, to the point where the skin feels like paper, and my face and lips can get dry but to a lesser extent. I find the only treatment for my dry skin is by using moisturiser which contains lanolin, as an ordinary moisturiser simply doesn't "stay" like the ones fortified with lanolin do. However, I have heard lanolin can be bad for skin and that I should try and find an alternative. What do you all think?
Avatar n tn I had a skin irritation below my belly button that eventually went away after applying Lotrimin. First week February I started to date my girlfriend and we got tested. She tested for everything (negative results) and I only tested for HIV at same day results clinic (negative results). I never experienced any STD symptoms. Last week I felt a tingling feeling on my pubic hairs and I cut them off. The tingling feeling is mild around my scrotum and on my buttocks and thighs.
Avatar f tn these blemishes/spots aren't that dark they're just darker than my skin color on my lip..
Avatar n tn I did not change my makeup, laundry detergent, or skin care products before it began. I have fair, sensitive skin as well. Can anyone offer insight into what it may be? http://s1068.photobucket.
Avatar n tn herpes lesions are not going to stick around relatively unchanged for 3 months. whatever is going on, it's not herpes. I'd follow up on this with a dermatologist since you have a history of skin issues. It's most likely either dry skin, eczema/psoriasis or even a fungal infection going on.
Avatar f tn I have recurring blood-filled blemishes on my face - surrounding tissue swells - blemish has a hard tip. When punctured, there is only blood and surrounding area widens and darkens. They last for more than a week and begin to fade away. At times, I have noticed a small oval shaped mass under my skin, below my eye and close to the side bridge of my nose. It is not painful but but I can move it if I press with my finger.
Avatar f tn I have about 4 mosquito bite sized slight lumps on my forehead. They're skin-colored, feel itchy/irritable occasionally and don't change. I've had a epidermal cyst before so I know it's not that. They all started as red blemishes and I've had them for a month now. Why could they possibly be? Also, last night I put toothpaste on all of them and it made them red in the very centers.
Avatar n tn I am a physician and I know of a Vegan skin care line that helps blemishes and dark spots go away.
Avatar m tn Hard to see any of them very well but each appears isolated with a single white head and are NOT on the skin blisters holding clear liquid as I think HSV appears. And none of the 3 are "clustered" with two about 1/2 an inch apart 2 inches above my pubic hair and the 3rd by itself a couple of inches higher than those near my navel. Plus none of them itch or are painful yet. Both description and location are completely inconsistent with HSV I think.
Avatar n tn grace, i was hoping to hear from you as you seem very knowledgeable about hsv2. i was prescribed acyclovir one month before giving birth and stopped taking it afterwards as i wasn't having many ob's. a couple months ago ob's became more frequent (feels like one after another) and i started noticing the blemishes at first on my arm - some look like red rashes and fade away others are circular and sit flat on the surface of my skin and seem to darken in color from time to time.
Avatar m tn The original marks on my chest and abdomen are the largest, they almost look like blemishes or stretch marks. The newer ones are smaller and almost look like mesquito bites. They don't itch, my skin doesn't feel irritated, they aren't really bumps but if I run a finger over them I can feel the difference in texture. I've washed my sheets and quit using my comforter thinking maybe bed bugs. I wash my towels consistently.
Avatar m tn I just want to claim back the old Rhyan with a clear skin he used to have. Is that too much to ask for?