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Avatar f tn For a week or so now I have discovered several off blemishes on my stomach/chest. Some are small and red, while others are fairly larger, red and peeling around the edges but white and blotchy in the center. At first I paid no heed, hoping they'd go away (or thinking it was an allergic reaction of some sort) but they haven't and I have two on my lower stomach that are close together and you can see reddish/purpleish tiny veins between them. I haven't been feeling at all ill.
Avatar f tn your skin needs a regimen that you stick to religiously. (I'll use mine for example that cleared my acne up within a few weeks). I wash my face morning and night with a gentle facial cleanser (Cetaphil daily facial cleanser; found at Walgreens and Walmart). I also use a clairisonic to was my face but your hands will do (although they are amazing! You should really think about investing in one, I've had mine for 3 years and it works and looks like it was just purchased).
Avatar f tn Going vegan is great for the skin! Cutting out grains will help a lot too! Just try to get as many vitamins as possible and drink lots of green smoothies!
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm having trouble with my skin in my face. I have no idea if they are acne or pimple. But I think they are pimples. They're like dark blemishes/spots on my forehead and they keep on messing around my face. I have used lots of facial masks and facial washes but they never really worked instead it got worse. Clean n clear and Netrogena are two of the brands I used they say are effective but they just made it worse.
Avatar n tn Clinique 3 step system I am skin type 3 the site will tell you which skin type u are. When it comes to your face, you get what you pay for. These products arent that expensive but they work. Here in canada they are 22$ each for you need all 3 to really get results. They seriously helped my skin so much I need to get the word out. I had acne for 10 years and the last 3 years my skin has been to it worst. I did not know what to do and doctors kept giving me creams that did not work!
Avatar n tn 3cm it was sore painful ( burnt ), had a tiny head but if not treateated the skin beneath became red swollen and uncofortable and then cleared. Once I got rid of one I got another and then as one clears another appears. Hydrogen peroxide seems to clear the problem. I bought some over the counter mendicine Benzol peroxide 10%. This clears the problem but then it continues. It appears to get worse when I wear T-shirts from a certain company that have thick seams and rub the aa through movement.
Avatar f tn There is a mark that appears to be a slit but it's on the wrinkly part of the skin and doesn't look like a slit when stretching out that skin to make it flat. I want to also say I used coconut oil (heard it could be used as a personal lubricant) to masturbate with several hours before noticing these.bumps and blemishes.
Avatar m tn About a month ago, I noticed a small red blemish about 5-6mm in diameter accompanied with dry skin. Since this first one appeared, several more have appeared randomly across my trunk, arms, and scalp. They seem to appear overnight, sometimes in places where I may have touched after itching one of them. At first glance they look like pityriasis rosea, but I never had a "herald" patch which leads me to thinking perhaps it's something else.
Avatar n tn A couple of years ago, I went to the dermatologist and he put me on Triaz and Differin adn I LOVE these products. They worked wonders for my skin. I only get a pimple or two around my cycle and my skin is CLEAR.....However, things got worse before they got better but it was worth it. You may want to see a dermatologist to see what will work for you.
Avatar f tn It rejuvenates the skin, makes it peppier, and gives an ever-glowing look. Facial is the best way of skin nourishment that helps to restore a healthy skin and give you a clear and radiant complexion. It involves resculpting facial kit, creams or gels to get rid of any dead skin, clean dirt and unblock pores and brighten the skin. Spas also involve a massage to leave you feel relaxed and refreshed. Facial treatments for a clear and healthy skin: 1.
Avatar n tn I have tried ProActive, Nutrogena, and SevereAcne(OTC) acne treatments. I would love to have my skin clear and beautiful again.
1117137 tn?1345231505 With my first pregnancy I broke out pretty bad in the beginning and this was new to me too b/c I have always had clear skin. I didn't do anything about it I just kind of lived with it b/c I am pretty sure I was too tired to care :) This time around I have had one zit pop up, but other than that I am still looking pretty clear. Now I just have to hope it stays that way!
Avatar f tn Your doctor can prescribe a topical gel such as Differin (adapalene) or Duac (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) to clear your skin. Acne is caused by a sensitivity to the effects of androgens (hormones) in your body. Female acne patients will benefit from taking the combined oral contraceptive pill as the oestrogen it contains blocks the action of androgens on your skin. Eloise.
Avatar f tn In any event, using a natural acne treatment is your best bet not only to clear your blemishes and breakouts, but keeping your skin in good shape, not dry and crusty.
Avatar n tn which is a tar based cream - leaves no staining, will blend in the skin and dries up blemishes quickly. There is also a bar soap ........ you may want to check it out.
Avatar n tn According to this post have been experiencing cystic and congestive blemishes mainly on the left side of my face for some time now.We also provide Clear Skin Treatments.Choose from our acne free line for occasional breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads that cover smaller areas of the face.
Avatar n tn If all fails, get advice on skin care. If you have a skin complaint see a dermatologist. (I went to a bunch of doctors and all they give you is acne cream or something along that lines. Most of the doctors won't understand until you explain every little detail of you problem that your having so they can get an idea of whats happening.
Avatar f tn i wish i didnt get them in the first place, but i find that mature men do not have a problem with blemishes, and with proper plan of attack they can clear up quickly. right now i'm trying to find a dark spot treatment to get rid of the scars i have developed over time . i have suffered with this since childhood, also. you are not alone, april!
Avatar n tn I started using Acutane around 1993 for about 3 months. Today my skin is clear and free of blemishes. My dermatologist remembers the scaring I had and is amazed at my recovery. I strongly recommend Acutane if you have exhausted EVERY other healing method. However, be mindful of the side effects which probably vary in each person. My hair is thinning and my nails don't grow long and beautiful as they once did. Also research the new findings about Acutane and depression while using.
Avatar f tn I consistently get pimples, that then leave very dark blemishes after using the face washes for oily skin. My skin is very dry, my eyes are constantly appear puffy dark and swollen. I am misreable. I want my skin to become normal and not dry, inflammed, and swollen.
Avatar n tn it seems like my skin changes color ,it looks burnt sometimes mainly when i eat or drink sodas five years ago i was light brown skin now iam brown skin like burnt and like scale lookinand let me eat chocolate it itche and gets darker.
Avatar n tn Can anyone suggest a system to me that will clear up my blemishes, reduce the redness, but still work well on EXTREMELY sensitive skin? Oh, yeah, and preferably one that will not break the bank? I am desperate right now. I just want clear skin.
Avatar n tn i have a recurring skin problem on my chin. Under the skin I have what looks like clusters of small whiteheads. When i squeeze the area, the blisters (?) seep out clear fluid & blood - and it takes forever for them to stop! they then turn into discolored scabs and eventually go away. They have been recurring more frequently & seem to spread if i let the fluid get on other parts of my face. Occasionally they itch but most times not. What could this be??
Avatar n tn I take multi vitamins and vitamin e. So the qt. is what can I use to help make them go away faster and keep my skin clear?
Avatar m tn Right now is the worst it's ever been. It's red, dry, flaky, itchy, and it burns. Antibiotics work well to clear up your skin, but not forever. It will come back. I'm starting an elimination diet to see if it could be food related. Thankfully the sun doesn't seem to affect my breakouts. I do though get a cystic type of pimple that is very painful on my face and in my ears. My eyes are also chronically dry. I hope there is a cure for this because people do not realize how painful this can be.
Avatar n tn For years I've been having occasional episodes where small areas of my skin feel sore and tender. It tends to be on my torso somewhere, but I think I've experienced it on my upper legs and rear end as well. Right now it's an area starting at my spine below my ribcage, and wrapping around my side to the front a bit. It's a sensation that my skin is raw, as if it's been scraped or carpet-burned.
Avatar f tn By what I could see the color didn't really go down, but my skin seems more even then it had been in a long time. As the day went by my skin seemed very dry around my mouth but no more white blemishes ... no new blemishes for that matter. however all the former blemishes were as red as they had been when I went to bed. I still struggle with the sugar and the water thing UGH!!
Avatar m tn -take down or cover mirrors with newspaper/ductape if mirrors are the instigator -rubber band on wrist at all times, snap before, after, during picking (as much as possible, will make you think about what you're doing and associate it with pain) -try being on the phone or with somebody when in bathroom (if mirrors are the instigator) -if it gets really bad or you want clear skin for an event, stay with someone or go on a vacation or be very busy (cut out opportunities to pick) -get a pet.
Avatar n tn As for the cream, that is kind of strong to be using in such a delicate area and it really won't do much good for lightening the skin in that area since it works on the epidermis layer of skin not the dermis. What you are describing is normal coloring as most women have dark skin in the pubic/genital area. The bump could be an ingrown hair or cyst. Again, check with your GYN doctor to be safe.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.