Celexa vs zoloft for depression

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Avatar f tn I think you made a good choice. Lexapro is literally the only SSRI I've taken that has not caused severe side effects. I have a very difficult time with drugs and this one was a godsend for me. (I've tried Celexa, Zoloft, Paxil, & Effexor.) I took the generic for a month and didn't notice any difference in it's effectiveness versus Lexapro.
222417 tn?1241567900 My Dr now wants me to try Celexa instead of clomipramine but I can't take it for at least 10 days as he says there maybe interactions with Celexa and clomipramine.So I am to taper off Clomiprmine and then start with celexa.I have been on Clomipramine for 19 yrs now but it does not seem effective. I have been on Clonazepam for the same amount of time. Now my question is what is Celexa and what are its benefits?
1128643 tn?1262487249 Finally, in 2003, I was in a study for treatment resistant depression and Lexapro quite literally saved my life. I was later switched to Celexa for financial reasons. I had no problems transitioning and have taken it for the past six years. Now the issue: I suffer from chronic pain as well, and apparently my pain mgmt doc believes Cymbalta (approved for fibromyalgia) may keep my depression in check while also helping me deal with pain & its own related depression.
Avatar n tn It's very frustrating and depressing....and I'm not even taking zoloft for depression! I tried to wean myself slowly last month, but my anxiety became so intense I thought I would crawl out of my own skin. I told this to my dr. who responded by upping the dosage, which hasn't helped. I just want to be done with anti-depressants as they've not helped...in fact, I think they've just added more problems.
Avatar n tn I'm 28 yrs. old and I started taking Zoloft 50mg for depression about 8 weeks ago. My mother has been on welbutrin for about 2 years and my father just started taking effexor xr.I realize Zoloft is an SSRI and Effexor is an SNRI, but what exactly is the difference between all three of these medications and is one better than the other? What reasons are there for one doctor prescribe one and another doctor to prescribe the other for the same condition?
Avatar n tn I have read that Celexa is good for anxiety, depression and bulimia. I have not been on it long enough to see if it stops any of these problems I currently have but the side effects are minimal so far.
Avatar f tn i do live with ALOT of regret due to my addiction and that may be some of what is causing my depression. and i am gonna stick with the celexa for a bit longer and see what happens. thanks for responding.
Avatar f tn Maybe Lexapro would work instead of Zoloft or Celexa since it seems to work on anxiety more and is a cleaner version of Celexa. Maybe Lexapro won't make me so jittery. Celexa did work better than the other SSRIs for me, just jittery and Lexapro is the newer version. And, do I have just depression/anxiety, or do I have a mood disorder?! Just for the record I do take 100mg of Lamictal, which doesn’t really do anything but I’m also on a low dose of it.
Avatar f tn I've been on Celexa for 6 weeks now. I knew about the possible weight gain so I started upping my exercise and really watching my food intake from the get-go. I have actually lost weight since I started taking it. You couldn't tell that from my weight tracker because I had surgery last week and have gained a couple pounds back but that's to be expected I guess. I just encourage you that not everyone gains weight on Celexa.
Avatar f tn Some good folks on here, plus my psychiatrist, advised me to wait at least 4-6 weeks, because it takes time for the meds to level out in your system. I'm on day 55 on zoloft and all my side effects are gone. Just my experience, though, yours may be different. I'd give it a solid 2 more weeks. Keep focusing on good things - what is better vs. what is worse. And of course, if things continue to trouble you, always keep in touch with your dr. Good luck! Hang in there!
Avatar n tn I suffer from severe depression. I have currently been on Paxil for 2 and a half months now (For the last 6-7 weeks I was boosted up to 40mg a day of Paxil that I take early in the morning) and my side effects are getting worse.
Avatar n tn So I have had pretty serious anxiety and depression issues for as long as I can remember. I am 22 years old, and I have spent everyday of those 22 years obsessing over things that are completely out of my control. I have been diagnosed/misdiagnosed as having multiple disorders; GAD, agoraphobia, borderline personality disorder, and finally as manic depressive, which I think is the most accurate.
4149717 tn?1389507161 I took it until I was clean about 6 months and then stopped. The depression has not returned for me. I hope others chime in as well.
Avatar n tn I realize this is an old post, but it still comes up in a google search about these meds.I have been on Vistaril for 6+ years.Vistaril is: an excellent nausea med,it works for anxiety,it boosts pain meds (makes them work better), & it's an ANTIHISTAMINE (allergy med...it is often given with pain meds to prevent nausea, & to stop the itching side effect which happens because narcotics release HISTAMINES). I was told all of this by the most empathetic Dr that I've ever had.
Avatar n tn Prior to that I had tried to stop anti-deps for 6 months and went in to a deep depression. Prior to taking that break, I was on Celexa for a little over a year, which worked ok except I was started to feel kind of "flat" so I wanted to try to stop. I originally started taking anti-deps to deal with what was more of an anxiety issue, but now when I've attempted to stop them, I go in to a deep depression (crying, withdrawaling from everyone, irritable, sleeping a lot).
Avatar n tn The reason I'm switching to Klonipin is that I feel that Xanax XR is not working well anymore for me. I take Effexor XR for depression and anxiety, and I also take Lyrica for headaches and anxiety as well. So, you can see, I'm a mess as far as anxiety issues go! Can you shed some light on Xanax XR vs plain old Xanax? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn You bring up an interesting topic for sure.... I'll try to shed a little bit of light on the topic if possible. First, there are (as most of you already know) SEVERAL different kinds of SSRI's...and while they all basically end up doing the same thing...they all achieve that result (allowing more serotonin to be available for our brains) different ways, chemically. Therefore, CERTAIN SSRI's are more optimal for different diagnoses.
Avatar n tn I'm thinking maybe that is why I'm not feeling any better. I have been on it for 2 months now. With meds for depression I think you have to take them exactly as prescribed in order to get any benefit from them. Hope things get better for you.
Avatar f tn It's also not helping me as much as I'd like for anxiety, although it has been great for my depression. My doc wanted to switch me to Prozac. I was told I wouldn't be as tired on Prozac and that it might help me better with anxiety. I chose against it. I asked for Paxil. I have read that Paxil is good for anxiety. My doc was willing to let me try Paxil so I left with a script for Paxil. I wonder if I should've tried the Prozac.
Avatar n tn They first put me on Zoloft, i was on it for 2 weeks and had to stop taking it, that was the only time i have been on antidepressants. I use to get dizzy, pass out, nervouse, shake, couldnt sleep, chest pain, have trouble breathing, and the list goes on. Every doctor that i went to seemed like they didnt want to help me, they thought i was just trying to get out of goin to school or something like that. Finally my mom took me to a heart doctor, they did some test and sure enough I had MVP.
Avatar f tn Maybe Lexapro would work instead of Zoloft or Celexa since it seems to work on anxiety more and is a cleaner version of Celexa. Maybe Lexapro won't make me so jittery. Celexa did work better than the other SSRIs for me, just jittery and Lexapro is the newer version. And, do I have just depression/anxiety, or do I have a mood disorder?! Just for the record I do take 100mg of Lamictal, which doesn’t really do anything but I’m also on a low dose of it.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone has been on birth control pills and have suffered from anxiety or depression issues? I have been on the pill for 11yrs now and cant take how I am feeling anymore. I went on the pill for irregular periods, but since then I have been feeling blah, libido has decreased severely, I have sinus problems- I found out I have no allergies- so I think it is related to axiety, I worry constantly about everything; I get so nervous I get light headed sometimes.
881463 tn?1245349249 Do any SSRI help with pain reduction? How is Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, Celexa vs Cymbalta in these regards? I am so confused with all tyhe med choices. I have picked up the Cymbalta at 1 tab 60 mg a day, but I want to make sure I should be on an snri as opposed to ssri prior to starting one. Is Cymbalta 60 mg dose safe to start? I have had some extensive tests to try & find a physical cause of my mid-back & chest pain/tight breathing sensations.
Avatar f tn This is meant for people whose primary problem is depression. Now, that doesn't mean it never works for anxiety, but ssris or tricyclics would normally be tried first for this problem, not snris.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor, I was recently hospitalized for severe depression and panic disorder, and am currently in an outpatient CBT program at the same hospital - the program is terrific and I'm learning a great deal. The problem is medication - I'm hugely sensitive to drugs and virtually every SSRI or SSNRI I've tried - Cymbalta, LexaPro, and now Zoloft - really exacerbates the anxiety. The psychiatrist affiliated with the program has been wonderful and understanding, and prescribed .
Avatar f tn Is there any med our doctor might suggest that you strongly advise AGAINST? Can you recommend a CREDIBLE source for the latest information on drugs to help us weigh risks vs. benefits? I know that's our doctor's role, but what if he is not as well informed as he seems, or is unduly influenced by the pharmaceutical detail people? I fully understand that you have to caveat your response, but I'm terrified of wrecking our son's brain. We have been working on food sensitivities (esp.
Avatar f tn Depends on your md but zoloft and wellbutrin( no clue how to spell that) are frequently prescribed to pregnant women. Also depends on how severe the depression is a risks vs benefits thing. As far as anxiety not really sometimes anti depressants help. My md said take benadryl, it doesn't make you less anxious but makes you sleepy...
Avatar m tn ) LeftCoastChick Depression Community Leader You really need to speak with a psychiatrist if you've been on more then one drug and the last did nothing for you. Like I said, there are far more drugs then just these that can assist you , especially since you are worried about weight gain. I hope this list helps you, print it out when you see your Pdoc.
Avatar f tn i would say lamital is the best med out there (though i didn't tolerate it myself) not because it doesn'tcause weight gain or with the least side effects, but it'speculiarity concerning depression, because being bipolar you must have periods of depression (the majority) but lamictal lifts depression. i am on seroquel for example and i find it the best for me. if i start questionning diabetes, withdrawal symptoms, cataract, weight gain, i will not take it. give it a try for sure.
Avatar n tn i take lithium ER 450mg BID, Mirapex 1mg for RLS, and zoloft 100mg to treat depression. I can usually fall asleep, however i wake and stay up for a few hours every night. i have tried benedryl,klonopin,trazadone,serequil, and elavil for relief however every one of these meds has a paradoxical effect on me. Any suggestions?