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Avatar m tn I mentioned about switching from Effexor Xr 225mg (which on my own I lowered to 150mg) He said that Effexor XR affects two different areas of the body whereas Zoloft only affects one area. Now he mentioned NOTHING about keep taking the Effexor Xr in lower does while I make hte switch to Zoloft. Am I supposed to just switch right over to Zoloft and discontinue the Effexor Xr??
Avatar n tn There really is nothing that needs being done about it. It's no secret that SNRI drugs such as Effexor, Pristiq, and Cymbalta do have a higher risk of what is called Discontinuation Syndrome. SSRI's can also be nasty buggers to discontinue. Paxil being one of many. I hear a lot of people complain about antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome, but I never hear then speak of the flip side. I used to take Effexor XR at 300Mgs a day for about 4 years.
Avatar n tn But while you've brought up the subject psychiatrists and doctors don't use anti-depressants or any other psychotropics unless for a chronic consition such as schizophrenia or other conditions people may experience chronically for life, as answers. Psychotropics like effexor, celexa, cybalta..even anti-anxieties like Buspar, xanax, klonopin...they're all ment to be used as support while someone is in therapy and working on the issues they'd like to work on.
Avatar m tn Can I react differently to the Celexa than the Lexapro? Is it possible that with the Celexa I will have less side-effects since it's a more dirty version of the Lexapro it's suppose to have more side-effects no? Also, the only one SSRI who work in the past for my panic disorder is the Paxil... but hte Paxil do nothing for the social anxiety, like all the antidepressant meds I try...
Avatar n tn My husband will be going on antidepessants and I would like comments on Lexapro and Lexapro vs Effexor Xr. All comments are heplful. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I am right there with you. I take Effexor XR and feel like it's not working but I also know I am mourning the loss of my drug. I am a lost little soul right now just plugging along. Like Vickie said it takes 2-4 weeks to kick in. I would say if it doesn't seem to help at all either try to increase back to 40 mg or go back and try something else. I do know a lot about antidepressants from personal experience as well as being a psychiatric nurse for 20 years.
Avatar f tn I've been on effexor xr for 4-5 months. I am beginning to feel it's working like it should. I was on Celexa for years until the same thing occurred last fall and I switched to effexor. I just now started taking Paxil. Has anyone had good or bad effects from paxil. I'd like to hear both.
Avatar n tn iv been on effexor xr iv gained 50 lbs.my biggest concern for you is the withdrawl symptoms when stopping it.just 2or3 days without it is hell.moodswings ,headaces,vomiting,flu like feeling,hot flashes. please talk to your doc about that.they dont tell you when you start it.
Avatar n tn The reason I'm switching to Klonipin is that I feel that Xanax XR is not working well anymore for me. I take Effexor XR for depression and anxiety, and I also take Lyrica for headaches and anxiety as well. So, you can see, I'm a mess as far as anxiety issues go! Can you shed some light on Xanax XR vs plain old Xanax? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn Befoe going on Effexor, I had gained 20 from other antidpressants (Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa). Since beginning Effexor 1 year ago, I have gained a combined total of 53 pounds. AND YES I EXERCISE AND EAT HEALTHY! At one point I even got a trainer and still couldn't lose weight. I am afraid to go off Effexor because I'm convinced that I'm "A Lifer" as far as needing medication fro depression.
Avatar n tn my dr put me on a med called celexa and it is helping trmedously.....r u on any antidpressants? they sem to help....i just dont want to c u have a really bad addcition.......to be totally dependant on a pill is the worst thing eever.......
Avatar f tn Well, effexor xr did work but it took awhile and alot of increases. When I got up to 187.5. I was doing better. Oh and btw the withdrawls were not as bad as everyone would have you believe. They were very manageable. I had a decent day yesterday but today the morning anxiety is back! Ugh I hate this!
Avatar n tn I am supposed to switch from celexa to effexor xr I have no sex drive and have gained 65 very unwanted lbs this last year since quiting crystal meth and two major surgeries after four months smoke free I started again. I took effexor on the past and it worked for me I did have flu like symptoms when I ct from it. Did I read the tread wrong are ADs addictive?
Avatar f tn //www.*************.com/anxiety/c/question/69804/36013 http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Depression/is-generic-venlafaxine-the-same-as-effexor/show/1094320 I emailed my doctor to swap me over to the Brand Name Effexor no matter what it costs and I'm hoping he is okay doing so. I will let everyone know how this all turns out! The sad fact now is that after all these turn of events, my fiancé is content with just one baby.
Avatar n tn He changed me to Effexor XR. It worked okay for the depression part but I continued with mild panic attacks. I was sent to a psychiatrist. He added xanax to help with anxiety. I then however started to have short term memory loss. So the Doc. put me on Zoloft. It worked great for my depression and anxiety however I packed on 25-30 lbs in a month. I was constantly starving on it. So he decided to try me on Celexa which I have been taking for the last 3 months.
737515 tn?1252556023 / thank you for always reading and trying to assist me. btw i start therapy yet again whenever there is an opening at the counseling center on campus.
689327 tn?1240232764 Thank you for confirming the fact that without the medication as prescribed for anxiety I would not be able to live a normal life unlike the one lady who said her life was a living hell on xanax my life has been the direct opposite, taking xanax has made my life worth LIVING, I can work function without that constant worry about having a serve anxiety attack so bad that I couldn't get out of bed didn't want to be around anyone and so on.
Avatar n tn I then got on Celexa, felt fine. I did not gain any weight on Celexa but I couldn't lose any either. I was changed from Celexa to Lexapro and on Lexapro I gained 50 pounds in two years. I went back to Celexa. I was working out and dieting for six months. But I did NOT lose a thing. (I have also been on Lamictal, with the other, started at the end of taking Lexapro and then been on it since). I got off of Celexa and feel terrible.
96108 tn?1197694930 He put me on Lexapro which sent me to the ER with a panic attack. I was then put on Effexor XR with the same problem and was referred to a Psychiatrist. Since seeing the Psychiatrist due to problems with the meds worsening anxiety or not working. I have also been on Zoloft, Celexa and am currently on Cymbalta. I also have Xanax as needed. I have also been to many specialists for physical problems since January, Urologist- for bladder control/urgency.
Avatar f tn As I'm also on Abilify, Lamictal, and Effexor XR and have a very hard time losing any of the weight I really need to lose, I talked to her about it, and she ended up giving me a script for Metflorpen. It's a med that's technically for pre-diabetics, but is often given to people dealing with *severe* weight gain from side effects. It changes how the body uses the calories that we eat. I would definitely as your doc about the weight gain, and ask what they would recommend.
Avatar f tn I had a very bad reaction of mania with anorexia with the Effexor-XR and same thing happen with the Pristiq and the Cymbalta... Also, my autonomic nervous system tend to be overstimulated easily by all the meds who touch the NE receptors... Maybe that's why I have a problem taking the Paxil cause it's the only one SSRI who affect the NE (noradrenaline)?... But anyway, I try the Celexa again in january and even at 1 mg I had a very fast pulse rate...
479244 tn?1271567259 The trial included thirty patients with current Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) despite an adequate dose of a single Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), the most common class of antidepressants or venlafaxine (Effexor XR). The patients were given 800 to 1,600 mg of SAM-e over six weeks. The mean patient age was 48.4 +/- 13.0 years. The primary outcome test was the number of responders and remitters.
Avatar n tn Hello its Sallie Iv been on topamax since December iv lost 34 lbs. i went off of effexor for depresion , b.p. meds, meridia, serequel to sleep. i had alote of family pass away close togather.we found out my husband had cancer. i had to have a complet hysterectomy @ 31.alote of things at once. i started having real bad headaces every day ,they would start around 4:00 and would not go away untill i would go to sleep.i tried to go off of topamax but they came right back.i take 200 mg. a day.