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Avatar n tn NOw she has increased my dosage to 20 mg for celexa and the lowest dose of clonazepam twice everyday. I am taking celexa regularly but i only take clonazepam once at night time, is it bad, do i have to take it twice as she had asked to. My reason for not taking in daytime is becasue i have three kids who are home these days and i cannot sleep while they are home or feel sleepy and suffer fro headaches if i dont sleep.
Avatar f tn People do have different reactions to different drugs, even to Celexa and Lexapro or Pristiq and Effexor. While it's true the companies are trying to keep a patented product in their lineup, Lexapro seems to have fewer side effects than Celexa, but many people do find one or the other works better. Same probably with Pristiq and Effexor. But to prescribe both at once is insane.
Avatar f tn (I was on wellbrutrin for almost 4 yrs before effexor but it just stopped working after awhile so thats when my doc switched to effexor) I asked my doc about this and he said no that if you take both together it would make much of a difference and insists that the weight gain is NOT effexor. So my question is has anyone seen this done and does it help with the wieght gain? Thanks alot. I feel like I am in a catch 22.
11083698 tn?1415154804 I'm just wondering if I should stop taking the Effexor right off and start the Celexa or somehow wean myself off of the Effexor first?
190673 tn?1259206866 Hello there, Effexor is a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). It already do the job of the SSRI's but it acts on the norepinephrine too. Mixing both, especially in high dose, could result in a serotonin syndrome/toxicity. The chance are low with a low 50mg dose of Effexor and starting dose of Lexapro but i see no point in taking both together. I would avoid taking both together and choose one or the other.
Avatar n tn I am on Effexor right now and the only thing that I have noticed is sweating and my sleep patterns. However, I was on Wellbutrin last year for some time and I experienced a lot of your symptoms. I felt like I was having major anxiety attacks or like I was going to pass out. I don't know why you are experiencing all of this right now as opposed to closer to when you started the two meds, but I would get it checked out.
Avatar f tn Dimi, My name is Diane and I take 425mg Effexor daily. I used to take 350mg daily but I found over time that I was feeling dizzy and my concentration was not good. My doctor took me off this and I experienced the worst withdrawal ever. I could not even put a sentence together or understand what people were saying to me. The insomnia was horrific. The withdrawal took 5 months. The worst time in my life.
190673 tn?1259206866 I have been taking Effexor XR 450mg and Buproprion 450mg for a couple of years. I'm weaning off the Effexor, going onto Pristiq and continuing the Buproprion.
Avatar n tn I have been on a few anti-depressants starting with Celexa, Wellbutrin and now Effexor... I started on Effexor about a month ago and have since noticed the exact same symptoms of acne! My chin under my lip has been breaking out continuously and as soon as one acne blemish is clearing up another whitehead comes! I have also developed acne on my back/shoulders with some very large pimples that just wont seem to go away.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Effexor for about 2 years and am weaning off the medication right now. Actually I should just say I am stoping the medication cold turkey, since I am just not taking any pills at all each day. Yes, there are side effects. Are the side effects so severe that a person cannot tolerate them? Absolutely not. You need to tough it out, get this drug out of your system, and start exercising 5 times a week, especially cardiovascular exercise.
Avatar f tn I think the withdrawal symptoms are kind of the same for almost all antidepressants. I have been in them for 3 years, first cymbalta, then celexa, wellbutrin, effexor, pristiq and then a COMBO¨: 60 mg of cymbalta and 120 of wellbutrin in the mornings and amytryptilin at nights, went off COLD TURKEY last week and I still feel AWFUL and MISERABLE. Brain zaps 2 (2 every minute), diarrhea, dizziness, my HOLE body terribly aches and I cry for nothing.
518117 tn?1429279873 is exceeded there is little benefits. I have taken Celexa in combination with max dosage of Effexor and a antiphyscotic medication. I now there is such a thing as SSRI syndorome from too much Sertonion uptake but if your son has been on this dosage for five years, I dont know that I would worry to much, however, you really need to speak with a professional.
Avatar m tn After doing more research, I found out that the Effexor can cause the same problems that the Celexa can (and I started having palpitations while I was on the Effexor, one of the signs of the interaction). When I spoke to another doctor about it (a friend of a friend), he was surprised that the doctor threw me on the 75's when I was already taking 100mg of the Metoprolol.
Avatar n tn Then I would get ready and go to work and pretty much do the same. While on Celexa I would feel tears rolling off of my face and wonder what was going on. This would happen perhaps 3-5 times a week. I had no violent emotional expressions. Heck I had no emotions some times. But, yet it was like my brain or another part of me was trying to tell me something. I still have moments of crying but, this time it's with feelings.
Avatar n tn Celexa SSRI zaps (and Moshka could add 'pregnancy' too) and you may find a support board specifically to do with Celexa as there are for Paxil and Prozac. Hope neither of you get it too badly. All the best.
Avatar n tn She checked her palm pilot for side effects and said there was not data showing shortness of breath as a side effect and ended up sending me home with a prescription for Effexor XR 150mg. I went home and typed in EFFEXOR and shortness of breath and thank God I did because there were many sites addressing this issue. I called my MHFNP back on Friday to try and advise her I saw this on the internet.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on Effexor XR for 3 years and I have gained about 40-50pounds, most when my dose was increased to 225, now I am on 75mg b/c I'm getting ready to wean off the medicine in a couple of weeks,and I haven't lost anything yet. My eating habits have not changed and I exercise. I have always been underweight and I could eat whatever I wanted...I'm only 26 years old...I know my metabolism has changed some, but not enough to pack on 40 pounds.
Avatar f tn Paxil and Effexor are the two drugs notorious for this withdrawl.
530150 tn?1284662480 Thanks so much for the procedure to get off Effexor XR and to get on Cymbalta! It sounds like a good plan and I hope and pray it works for me. Have you used both these antidepressants? Do you prefer one over the other? Thanks again!
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR for the past 2 years. I was taking 300 mg a day with Lamictal 200mg/day and Seroquel 100mg to sleep. The Effexor wasn't working so my psychiatrist wanted to drop the Effexor and replace it with Lexapro 10mg/day. He told me to "just" drop my Effexor dose by one 75 mg pill a day and I would be "off" of the Effexor in 4 days. Yeah, right!!! Having once before attempted to "stop" Effexor, I knew it wasn't going to be that easy.
Avatar n tn Paxil, clonazepam, Wellbutrin, Remeron, Celexa, Nortriptaline, Effexor, Imiparmine, lorazepam, and clomipramine.) Anyway, I went to another MD for an opinion and he said that 150 mg was not a clinically effective dose. He said that if I was his patient, he'd up me to 300 mg/day. I have since done that and it has REALLY helped me a lot. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE TAKING ANTIDEPRESSANTS.
Avatar n tn Over the past 8 years I've been on several SSRIs (zoloft, paxil(briefly), Celexa, Lexapro and finally Effexor for the past 3 years). Over the past two years it has become clear to me that the medication was limiting my, creativity and ability to access my higher level cognitive functions. I decided I needed to taper off the meds if I ever wanted to function at my full potential in life. The first time I tried to withdraw from Effexor was the most horrible experience of my life.
Avatar f tn I started on Effexor and got worse and worse until I was on over 100 mg a day, and my doctor took me off cold turkey so I could start Celexa ASAP. What a nightmare, as I'm sure most of you know. I have been on Celexa since I was 17, and I have been taking 60mg daily for the past four years. I have always noticed that dull feeling, like I have been de-sensitized. But in the past few months or so, I have suddenly been getting much worse.
Avatar n tn I was told to go ahead and start taking prozac, and I assumed that meant go ahead and drop the Effexor; So I did just that, and right away I felt very sick to my stomach, nauseated, and funny feeling to my head, which now I know the feelings is better described as, Shocks, or "zaps". I have been trying to explain the feelings to my husband but didn't quit name the feelings till now. The "shocks" seem to be getting worse everyday.
Avatar f tn 1) Is it typical and appropriate to prescribe daily doses of Klonopin, Lactical, Seroquel, AND Celexa (plus Xanax on an as needed basis)? 2) If so, would it be typical and appropriate for a patient who has never had a seizure, and has not been diagnosed with manic depression, schizophrenia, or any other psychosis? 3) Would the combination of these 4 (or 5) drugs be likely to cause a side effect of interference with thinking, memory, and speech?
495402 tn?1220621003 I'm even more pleased to hear that the Celexa is helping you to feel a little better and to sleep, that is also one of my concerns as I have a pretty long work day with an hour commute to and from my place of employment and do need my sleep. I will be taking Celexa at night too, I do not want to feel anymore tired during the day then I have to. My doctor prescribed 10mgs, so we can commiserate together regarding our treatment..*lol* Although you'll be a good 6 weeks ahead of me!
Avatar f tn I am strongly emphasizing that Citalopram has helped me much much more than Effexor ever did for anxiety and depression and with no side effects that I have noticed and I have been on it for over a year now. My ability to enjoy a sex life returned very quickly after quitting Effexor so I recommend your wife stop taking it before you go on your vacation. When I went off of Effexor I decreased the dosage to half for a week and then was ready to completely stop taking it.
1641428 tn?1305958745 I'm a male, but I had some similar problems when I was taking Celexa and Effexor. It's difficult to desribe how it affected me, but I had trouble getting across the finish line myself. I could perform but my libido had decreased and there were times I just couldn't orgasm. I will say this, while I was on Effexor, when I did reach climax it was much more intense.