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Avatar n tn I Had Been Diagnosed With TIA(Mini Strokes) And Was Wondering What I Could Do To Stop The Mini Strokes From Coming Back. Do Headaches Follow This Type Of Mini Stroke? I Have Just Been Having So Many Headaches After These Mini Strokes That I Do Not Know What Do Anymore. Please Help Me Answer These Questions Because I Am Tired Of This Going On And On. Is There Any Type Of Medicine That Could Stop It Or Treatment. I Would Go As Far As Surgery If That Would Correct It.
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Avatar m tn My aunt aged 70 is hospitalised due to brain stem stroke and is in ICU. She is yet to regain the consciousness and is still on ventilator. Doctors have stated that there is very little improvement. As of now she lost her limb movements, swallowing capacity and eyelid movements. Though she is chronic diabetic and had bye pass surgery six years back her major organs are functioning normally. It is not clear how long she will be like this. At what point of time recovery process will set in?
Avatar n tn He was doing well in rehab and then had carotid surgery 9/6/07. After surgery he was sedated for two weeks and developed double pneumonia. He was taken off sedation 9/20/07 but is unresponsive to commands. He was given a CT scan and it showed there was no new stroke. What could be the cause of the unresponsiveness?
Avatar n tn I am attending a specialised stroke clinic tomorrow and seing a consultant neurologist, however I feel that when other causes of the stroke are explored it will probably be diagnosed as being caused as you say by the bone spur. I have researched the surgery proceedure so am prepared should it be neccessary.
Avatar n tn can a stroke victim become violent or unpredicdable after having a stroke also become more demanding ?
Avatar n tn Heart Disease This is a difficult question for me to answer over the internet. There are many possible causes and stroke is one of them. I would recommend making an appointment with a neurologist to have him completely checked over and treated as needed. Information provided here is for education only. It is not intended to replace your doctors care. Only your physician can make specific diagnosis and recommend treatment.
Avatar n tn Disc degenerative diseases that cause nerve root pressure or damage, pressure on the spinal cord/pressure on the tail bone are frequent causes of fecal incontinence. Other causes could be chronic laxative use, chronic constipation, recent bowel surgery, decreased awareness rectal fullness or need to defecate, severe hemorrhoids, stress and even emotional problems (so, this is a possibility in your case).
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Avatar m tn I had surgery on a direct lower right abdomonal hernia on 12-7-06 and I'm having pain issues in the area of the incision but also my right testical. I went to the dr. last week 11-13-07 they said the surgery seema to be healing fine but I might possibly have an infection in the semen tract idabidamitis (sic), they had me give them a urine sample to see if there is any infection. My question is ,if the infection is in the semen tract, why would they have me give a urine sample?
Avatar n tn My dad after heart surgery (CABG they called it) got stroke that affected his left side. (4 months before). Now he can walk with or without support but problem is left arm and hand which is not recovered well. Initially he got swelling on hand but its gone now. He complains for pain in arm and hand. If anybody faced same can tell me, how long it takes for hand recovery? What is reason for pain? I will really appreciate. Last question is if electronic therapy is useful or harmful?
Avatar n tn There is for this reason a much higher rate of neurological complications with this kind of surgery, but this is acceptable because the risk of death from the surgery is so high. It may be that they gave him so much sedation over the last two days that it is going to take him several more days to recover his bearings. This is usually seen in the elderly who may be slow metabolizers of sedatives.
Avatar m tn wife lost clear vision on her left eye after awakening. she wear patch on it or she has double vision the nerve specialist had mri run as well cat scan indicate no stroke occured. diagonosis was may restore it self they labeled it palsy of 6 nerve. caused by blood interruption to nerve. is there anything else we could do. its been 3 months and still same. They said they never seen that before. i am looking to see in surgery may be options.
Avatar m tn t recovering, he was scanned again and we were told that plaque had broken loose during surgery and had caused him to have a stroke. If they were able to determine that it was a stroke when we visited him two hours after surgery and had to ride the nurse to get answers, could clot busters have been used in hopes of breaking up the clot within the 3 hour window of a stroke.
Avatar m tn s unfortunate experience. Sometimes unexpected things happen during surgery, and this may be one of them. From what you say, your father's brain did not get enough oxygen for 3-5 minutes. This can cause some brain damage just the way a stroke does, and sometimes, stroke victims experience something called "Pseudobulbar affect," a condition which causes extreme emotional responses to things that are usually just normal stuff.
Avatar f tn After my surgery for fibroids which has been four weeks, I am suffering with more rectum problems.
4515626 tn?1369854914 5 mm one 17mm and wrapped around an artery surgery went well and i was in icu for 4 days due to a nurse who got a little rambunctious when removing my breathing tube and causing some lung issues o well though theses things happen i guess went to normal room for 3 more days came home doing fairly well have almost taken myself off the painkillers and switched to tylenol due to bad nausea with oxy rather deal with the pain i guess but sleeping has been an issue sleeping in a recliner because its th
Avatar n tn s from the Flomax my husband takes and that it will take longer for his vision to clear.(the Dr. was aware of the flomax before surg.) What has been your experience with this troublesome outcome? My husband is very discouraged.
Avatar m tn if mri lumbar puncture and eeg along with comprehensive evidence that the patient did not have a stroke would I have any recent to beleive the causes my be something else increase in cortisol. Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/896897'>Hyperactive Reflexes</a>.