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Avatar n tn Hi there. The various possible causes of coma in your sister are, epilepsy or exposure to heat stroke or hypothermia, hypo or hyperglycemia, uremia or renal failure, trauma or head injury, stroke, psychosis etc. speak with your sister’s intensivist who would be able to tell more about the exact cause of coma in her, if it has been diagnosed. The hypotension could be due to vasomotor collapse or the centres in brain stem getting affected or circulatory shock or septicemia. All the best.
Avatar n tn I am in my late twenties and my mom had a stroke in January. She woke up from her coma after two months. They gave up on her in rehab. She had four brain surgeries. They had to remove a clot and took her scalp /bone from her head. They put both things back and she is in the hospital. She suffered paralyses on her left side and she can't transfer. Verbally she communicates how she wants to transfer and do things but her mind has kept her back. It has been 6 months since her stroke.
2150728 tn?1336531601 s also possible you had a mild stroke, or a panic attack, or a sudden increase in blood pressure. W/o a full health check-up it is impossible for anyone to say. Don't procrastinate with seeing a doctor, this may be an early warning sign of something major about to happen.
Avatar m tn My Wife suffered two strokes. She was on a ventilator for a little while until she was weaned off of it. She can breathe without the ventilator, but she's still in a coma she's been in a coma for 18 days. Can someone please tell me the prognosis of someone that stays in a coma for a long time..
Avatar n tn A person had a heart bypass surgery four days ago. He had a stroke and is in coma all that four days. the stroke affect the left size of her brain and there two small spots in the back of the brain. What whe can expect from him? How many days he can be in coma? Desesperate. Thanks.
Avatar n tn In my case when I was 19 I had a brain hemorrhage that caused a massive stroke. after removing the blood flow I get in coma for a week. Doctors could not guarantee if I would wake up or the time it would take. my sister tells me that she spoke and sang to me while I was in a coma is important to keep the faith and be positive although it is very difficult. About the recovery when she wake up from coma then the doctors could really know what injuries (if is there one) she have.
Avatar m tn hello, my father is 49 year old and he suffered a stroke on april 15,2011 of this year he went ito a coma, but he came out the coma at the end of may. My question is how can i help him get his brian back funtion the way it should he can pick up his left arm and hand, and he moves his right hand a little, but he is a strong healthy smart man.
Avatar n tn Hi, My Dad 76 had a Severe stroke on Friday the right side of his brain is badly damaged, this is his 4th day after the stroke and the doctor says he is a semi coma. Should we be worried? could he go into a deeper coma? what can we expect. He is being fed by a tube.
Avatar n tn my brother had a stroke yesterday and in a coma blood came out of his nose and mouth what are the chances for survival
Avatar n tn my brother had stroke yesterday and been taken to hospital he is in coma blood came out of his nose and mouth still unconscious until now what are his chances of recovery
Avatar n tn my brother complained terrible pain on the back of his neck and terrible headache minutes later he collapsed is now in a coma blood flowed out of his mouth and nose hes still unconscious since yesterday how is his chances to survive
Avatar f tn My 43 yr old spouse had a blood clot that led to a stroke on March 21. They performed a craniectomy and he have been in a coma with very little response except to pain. how long was the recoving period to come out of the coma? any advice is is helpful.
Avatar n tn my brother complained severe headache and pain at the back of his neck minutes later he collapsed is now at the hospital and in coma blood came out of his mouth and nose will my brother revive his consciousness what are the chances of recovery
Avatar f tn She has been in a coma ever since. her bleed has hardly receded. She is 77 years old but was extremely active right up to the onset of the stroke. I have been extremely worried because the doctors don't know why she is till in a coma or why her bleed has not receded. Should it take so long? If anyone has been in the same situation, please share your experiences with me....
Avatar f tn Hi my dad had a massive stroke 4days ago,he had not had high blood pressure nor any symptoms.
Avatar f tn My 43 yr old spouse had blood clot that led to a stroke on March 21. They performed a craniectomy and have been in a coma with very little response except to pain. Is there anyone out there that have experience this and how long was the recoving period to come out of the coma?
Avatar n tn But again, the first things I mentioned are all very important (especially the neuro exam findings) in helping to determine how severe her coma is. EEG and Evoke potentials are both tests that can also evaluate the level of coma she is in. If there is any doubt as to her potential recovery, I would consider putting her in rehab to wait and see what she does. Please keep in mind that I have not personally reviewed your mother's films nor examined her.
Avatar f tn My dad just had the worst stroke, they say it is in the pons. He is currently in a coma, they say his chances are close to 0% to recover. They weren't even able to do surgery because they said its already badly damaged. So now he lays in a coma, its been few weeks, he opens his eyes but he isn't able to see he doesn't follow finger. Could anyone educate me more about this?
Avatar f tn after a hemorragic stroke, what is the longest that someone has been in a coma or near coma state and woke up and recovered. please i hope there is someone out there that this happened to.
Avatar f tn My inlaw had mager stroke how and went to coma after operation of blood clot how much long will he take him to recover
Avatar f tn i have an uncle who is now in coma for 4 days. He met a vehicular accident. He was unconsoius when brought to the hospital. The doctors said that he suffered from stroke since he has a HIGH BLOOD. Diagnosis was hemorrhagic stroke and said it was fatal. MAy i know if he has the chance to recover considering the period of his coma. I sthere achance to recover if the the doctor says his brain is dead already. How come yesterday he responded to any pain when pinch. is this a good sign?
Avatar f tn My best friend had a massive stroke on Jan.16/09. As of Jan 18/09 she has been in a coma. She is 51 years old and has been in fairly good health. She has always been a fighter. The Drs. are only giving her less then 5% chance of pulling out of it. Anyone that knows the same situation with any words of encouragement would help. Right now we are helpless, just alot of prayers.