Can i cut seroquel in half

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Avatar m tn I take 200 mg of seroquel to help me sleep if i cut it in half will it still help me fall asleep!! I only have 12 days left of seroquel and i can't see the doctor until the 8th of next month so i'm freaking out about not being able to sleep!! Please help!!
8520825 tn?1398515060 Some may remain bound to tissues, so it can take days to months to fully get rid of a drug, but the levels are likely to be too low to notice, and with such a short half life and only moderate lipid solubility, I don't think Seroquel will hang around for too long. Some people think that this effect can cause drug interactions, but I don't know how much evidence there is for this. Receptors will adapt over time, but I don't know how fast the process is.
736475 tn?1281262927 I was giving this medication strictly for sleep I had no clue it was for other things until another doctor told me. I was taking only 50 mg and I cut it down to 25 myself because I was trying to get off of it I don't really like taking drugs. So if anyone has any suggestions of how I can get off of it in Faster please post it.
1278098 tn?1297649973 Thats too much sleep and I was missing pasrt of my day because as soon as I would roll out of bed I would have to be to work for 11pm. So instead I started taking a half before bed, then the other half when I got up. I found the other half started to make me drowzy before working nights so I stopped taking it. I cut my self from two to one.
Avatar f tn it just takes time and withdraw slowly . you can feel psychotic also a bit. i suppose consult your pdoc.
605458 tn?1265086851 I was put on Seroquel XR and could not tolerate it... I couldn't get up in the morning, driving was iffy and I was constantly tired throughout the day.. I'm back on a regular dose of 200mg/night (I take this drug specifically because it helps me sleep, otherwise I can't sleep). The suggestion of breaking out the dose throughout the day seems like it may be worth a try.....
Avatar n tn My ms meds[baclofen/tizanidine] and 300mg of seroquel gave me a memory loss big-time!!!. The ER cut all my meds in half[dc'd the tizan]. I never want to go that high again. I couldn't remember my grandchildren!!! I did get withdrawals from it.[Was jumpy/agitated/anxious]for several days. I'm on 150mg now. My dreams at night are vivid, and it's like being in a reality show!
Avatar f tn but anyways recently (like within thee last year or so) I relaised I was taking to much I saw my phyc doc who basicly cut my doesage in half.....thats when I lost 20lbs without even much of an effort really (granted this was weight I had gained I still consider it an accomplishment) However I decided to continue dieting and since then I've lost 15 more... thats 35 in total I'm still trying to loose more but anyways heres how I lost the weight 1) lots of frutis and veggies,....
Avatar n tn Also, is it dangerous to cut the pills in half to take a lesser dose? Or should you cut or break the pills at all?
Avatar n tn (pounding heart, low blood pressure 60/40, shaking legs, sometimes waking up and gasping for air). I have tried to break the Seroquel in half, but I get the same reactions. Why would this start happening. In the past, I have had to cut back the Seroquel due to weight loss. However, I have not lost weight in two years. Can years of these drugs cause heart problems?
999828 tn?1250126526 I take seroquel in 150mg and it don't do **** at all any more i have to swallow 2 pills to knock me out I.
Avatar m tn I only take 150mg but i have been trying like hell to reduce it but in vain. each time i cut 12.5 (half a pill) i up it back to 150 again. i have been like this for a year and half now with no success. I called Astra Zenica office in Cairo/Egypt where I live they told me it isn't addictive on the contrary it's against addiction, now I am sure I was right and it's bloody addictive. I remember to have stopped risperidone many times cold turkey with no harm done, but seroquel forget about it.
Avatar m tn I saw her yesterday which was on 10/15/2015. I was taking 25mg or seroquel which I cut in half 12.5mg. And she told me to go to Walgreens pharmacy and for me to get there Valerian Root 450mg with Passion Flower. It made me sleep great and when I woke up in the morning I felt great. I will no longer be taking Seroquel, its like putting poison in your system!!!
Avatar n tn However, as i am switching from zyprexa to seroquel, I am having a very hard time getting to sleep. I have only cut the zyprexa down to 5mg every night in that I take in addition to 300mg of seroquel. It would seem that the addition of 300mg of seroquel would help me to sleep and would make up for having cut the zyprexa dose in half.
1117252 tn?1259723379 The seroquel seems to be working very well - I was starting w/d last night and w/in 30mins of taking seroquel I was able to sleep a whole 8hrs - but I'm worried it's b/c I still had sub in my system.
Avatar f tn It, so far is the best antipsychotic I have ever taken, we'll see as the time goes on. I gained about fifteen pounds at first on Seroquel xr! I cut out most colas, I never have been a snacker. It does not make me crave food or sugar, it just adds weight. There is a great solution, eat smaller portions, drink more water and walk or if in warm area, swim. But it is not permanent unless you do nothing to take it back off.
5082295 tn?1371254511 I have been on seroquel for probably 8-10 years now for Bipolar disorder & have always been on the brand name, no generic,ever. But my patient assistance was back ordered so for a few months ive had to get it at the pharmacy as the generic name. I just now got my Seroquel (brand name med) and I am having the same side effects I did when I 1st started years ago. Can it really make this much of a difference? It’s the same dose, but I mean im falling asleep all thru out the day!
Avatar m tn Should I ask the doctor for something to take at that point to help ween me off further? I appreciate any help I can get. I don't really have a support system.
Avatar m tn O M G!!! that gets me livid!!! my current pain management doctor had me on effexor at very high doeses and then i told him bout the effexor not working......i didn't know it was an addictive one ; / but he took me off of it cause it made me more suicidal than i was normally. Hey switched me from effexor to 100mgs of zoloft twice daily.
Avatar n tn one or two hours of sitting up and I' m ready to go back to bed. Can I try exercise, does anyone know? All I have read says that I souldn't have donewhat I did. It also says at this point, don't go back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
280891 tn?1261016650 I knew the horror of withdrawals, or has at least heard of them, so when I got low on my meds, I would cut them in half, and so on, until I could pick up my next refill. I was totally honest with my PCP about this and we decided to taper off with Valium. Not sure if we had the right taper schedule, because I ended up in the ER with disassociation, very well-planned suicidal thoughts, etc.
1671244 tn?1304794585 When I tapered off, I went even lower than .5 mgs a day before quitting. I got the wafers.25 mgs. I cut them in half and took a half one(.125mgs) in the AM and a whole one in PM. Did that two weeks. I was on .125 two times a day for 2 weeks and then only the .125 at night for a week. Then I quit. I tried to give my body time to adjust before dropping any doses.
574118 tn?1305138884 an AD which elevates my mood and an AP which suppress it, and i reckon they get equalized, then what if i cut both. I have the feeling that i can stop now everything. AM I MISTAKEN ?? people say if BP is not aggressively taken care of, it will worsen. Yet i don't take any MS (proper ones) and it didn't worsen in 2 years.
541465 tn?1219431486 2mgs Chlonodine, 1 mg ativan (another pill i found with the tramadol)., the 200mg Seroquel ( well right now, i cut them in half i i dont need it), Its hard to pee at the clinic when they have the random urins, and that 50 mg Tramadol. I really want to know iit will work, its a waste, or will it sent me into withfdraws??? Pleae try to get back to me asap. I keep staring at the thingl please respomd quicly.
Avatar m tn Hello, I was on suboxone for a couple years and switched to subutex and have been on subutex for about a year, normally breaking my 8mg tablet in half and only taking 4mg. I am on my 5th day cold turkey, and I must say from what I have read about others experiences with tapering down and going thru hell for months, that cold turkey is the way to go. I don't feel excellent, but it really isn't that bad. I took my last dose Sunday afternoon, typically taking it around 4pm or 5pm.
Avatar n tn It does have to with a long half life and I have heard it accumaltes in body tissues. I am not clear on that. Buprenex-which is what you had has been a big dissapointment for me. Others have made it work. Buprenex has a long half life as well and you felt okay until the half life went down which took DAYS, 3 days sound about right where you would feel withdrawls escalate. I had the the same expirence I think as you have.
541465 tn?1219431486 2mgs Chlonodine, 1 mg ativan (another pill i found with the tramadol)., the 200mg Seroquel ( well right now, i cut them in half i i dont need it), Its hard to pee at the clinic when they have the random urins, and that 50 mg Tramadol. I really want to know iit will work, its a waste, or will it sent me into withfdraws??? Pleae try to get back to me asap. I keep staring at the thingl please respomd quicly. Thank ou, Maradnb/ aka DJ Hotess 4.
Avatar f tn i've had several panic attacks but after the very last one i had, i remain in this dream like scenerio. i hope i can get out of this but anyways, i think i'm getting better i just started to take propranolol and lexapro. because of my panic attacks and severy anxiety. they checked everything in my blood it turns out i have my good cholesterol low and my thyroid is over working. i will go to see a specialist in a month or so.
Avatar f tn He is in the same spiral that I ended up in, except that I was prescribed xanax for sleep! I don't think I slept more than an hour during the first 5 days off, then it was about 2-3 hours for the next week or so. In the sage words of Gnarly, I just kept telling myself that it was 'ok to not be ok for a while' and also that my body would sleep eventually, that it would not let me die from no sleep.
Avatar n tn I have had this fizzing sound in the back of my neck for about a year. It almost only happens when I am lying down. I can also feel a very mild sensation when it happens, but this is difficult to describe. It only lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds and then stops, and then it will happen again in maybe 15 minutes. I have not had any headaches, but I have had a lot of upper back pain recently and I am worried that something is wrong.