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Avatar n tn Have you ever heard that rumur or maybe it's true that if you work for HOOTER'S for one full year they will pay for breast implants? I can see me slinging those chicken wings now. Not a pretty sight!!
Avatar n tn Could my body be rejecting my yr old breast implants (saline)? Have had several bouts of skin itching no rash, only to be releived by steroid shots. Have had blood and allergy tests that come out negative. Taking Xyzal, singulair and atatrax . Atarax only at night. Now I have had sudden onset of aching joints. I feel like I had a great work out..but I have not. Please advise. I am grateful for any thoughts.
Avatar n tn Well, my left breast in now flat (3-4 weeks after joint pain on-set) and I am wondering if anyone has ever come across breast implants (saline, silicone shell) having caused arthritic symptoms in patients? Also, yesterday I noticed a rash on my cheeks.
Avatar n tn I too have this problem! It stated soon after a got a breast lift and implants to correct a slight tubular breast disorder. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the implants or the scars or just the fact that my breasts are bigger than they were. My problem, though, is that its a very strong oder! I'm not sure if people can smell it but I constantly worry that they can.
Avatar f tn but which one since i had my implant done overseas and not know of any Dr. who can handle breast question with implants in Houston. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Avatar n tn I had silicone breast implants 3 weeks ago and gradually after surgery I began getting bug bite looking bumps around my breasts (mostly symmetrical... so appeared to be where I was injected with local anesthic such as lidocaine), with the taped area looking very rashy. It has not gotten better with creams prescribed and over the last 4 days I have gotten a more general scattered rash under my arms that is spreading up to my neck and down my stomach.
Avatar n tn You might want to go to a breast care centre and have the rash appraised by them. Inflammatory breast cancer presents with a rash, rather than a lump. Best to be prudent and have it checked out. Lots of bc doctors haven't seen ibc as it is fairly rare. Best be safe than sorry. I have bc and am treated at a specialist bc centre, so they know what they are looking at. Take care, good luck.
Avatar n tn I used this for the weekend and the rash was worse with redness going up the sides of my breast and they became warm to touch. I never had a fever. I called the dermatologist and he took me off the Hydrocotisone cream and put me on Clindamycin Phosphate gel and told me to also use the Betamethasone as well. I started these creams together on Monday night. The rash does not appear to be getting any better. I am itching sooo bad.
Avatar n tn I do not know how long they have been there because the way they are in the skin folds,they are not visible unless you lift the breast up. I have large breast (with implants I want out).They are small,red, with a dry top to them.I have done way too much "symptom surfing" and now I am afraid it is IBC. Last mammo and oB apt. was in March-everything-ok. NO hx. of breast Ca. I am scared out of mind.My breast is NOT warm,red or swollen all over though.Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn I have totally convinced myself it is IBC,I have read way too much. I do NOT have a red,warm swollen breast,just that small red spot. I have implants and due to a little weight gain,my underwire bra does not fit properly at all.It "rides up" and the breast actually hang over it. The spot is exactly where the underwire comes up in the cleavage area and abrades the skin.
Avatar f tn She went into surgery for about 45 mins, came out, went home and that was the end of it. Both my sisters now have breast tissue under their underarms and both hate the way it looks. They both had it checked out and the doc told them it was harmless. One sister though has been complaining that it hurts her when she is close to getting her AF so shes going back to the doc to possibly have it removed.
Avatar n tn Inflammatory breast cancer usually appears as a red, hot to touch swollen breast. A biopsy would say it were cancer. As your biopsy does not indicate cancer - it is safe to assume that it is not cancer - either skin or breast.
Avatar n tn In the last 2 or 3 months I have gotten 5 very red rashes on my right breast and under the breast. The rash goes away within a few hours. I have had an annoying cough for the past year or so too that never seems to clear. I have occassional stabbing pains and electric shock feeling pains in the right breast. My right implant severly pushes out ot one side with the slightest flexion. While doing yoga yesterday I got severe pain in the breast.
Avatar n tn I am a 44 year old woman who has never had acne or any serious skin problems. In June 03, I began using Renova (which I had ordered from an on-line pharmacy) with excellent initial results. Using as directed I experienced the expected areas of dry, flaky skin and "played" with the dosing, decreasing to every other night, and then every third. About 6 weeks ago, my eyelids began to "blush" very red , burning but not itching. No raised rash at start.
Avatar f tn My doctor thought maybe I had Pre-Lupus,but I wasn't convinced since I don't have all the joint pain. I began to researched possible Breast Implants and was surprised to find that after so long Saline Implants can grow mold and bacteria in them. Since I have had saline implants for 15 years I finally decided to replace them with worry of possible mold/bacteria contamination and sure enough,my old implants had mold and chunks of bacteria in them and one of the valves was leaking very slightly.
4395628 tn?1354561907 Ive always had mild tenderness with my cycle, but since May, it has been unbearable. I also had breast implants in 05. I first had them under my muscle/saline. Replaced them with silicone/on top of the muscle in 07. I had them completely removed in 08. total of 5 surgeries. Could there be a chance I am having complications from that now? I've had itchy skin in my upper back/neck/chest/breast/ abdomen/upper arms, accompanied by spots.
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I developed a type of rash (more like small bumps, fleshcolored) on my stomach. Three months ago I had my breast implants replaced after 19 years (double lumen type) with saline implants. During surgery the plastic surgeon discovered that the outer shell containing saline had ruptured on both implants, unknown time period, and the silicone shell of the right one had ruptured and there was substantial gel bleeding into the abdominal cavity.
Avatar n tn I also have a large red patch under my right breast that stays red and sore. When I went to the doctor he just said it was heat rash. I asked him why if my breast were the same size I am only getting the heat rash under one?
Avatar f tn I get a skin rash if I wear silicone products next to my skin. Should I avoid breast implants because of this? What are the odds that I would have a reaction to the implants if I went ahead?
Avatar f tn Ok, so about 2 years ago I had a breast lift w/implants. Last year I developed a bad rash, wen tto the Dr and received cream. Went away but now my nipples STILL itch to the point of me wakin gup and crawing blood around the areola, not the nipple. I also notice at times large red bumps around the same area of the areola. Happens all the time not just certain times of teh month. NEVER had this before my surgery. I went to the gynocologist last month and said I have no lumps.
Avatar f tn I used an epilatory cream on my under arm region about 3 months ago and since then Ive been plagued with painful red bumps under my arm every couple weeks, They last anywhere from a couple days to about a week. I am very afraid that it's something bad. Im getting breast implants in 2 months and I have planned a long time for it and I dont want anything to come in the way of that.
Avatar f tn I had an open biopsy of right breast about 3 weeks ago. Fortunately, the calcification tested were benign. I also have saline implants over the muscle. However a few days ago I noticed some swelling and darker color on the nipple. also there's slight bruising around the nipple area, as well. I did not noticed this in the days following the biopsy. is this normal? I also had a minor rash right under the incision site. The doctor gave me a prescription cream for it.
Avatar n tn Very depressed, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, high chlestorol. She had saline implants put in 4 years ago to correct a problem that occurred with her breast after giving birth. The recovery of the surgery was horrible. She is severly scarred. Doctor claims no responsibility. Has gotten second opinion and they did a test incision on her, infection and rash occurred. Doctor said he has never seen anything like this? We are thinking it is implant related, but not sure.
Avatar f tn These materials are very biocompatible within the eye. Even patients who had problems with silicone breast implants do not have to worry about the silicone intraocular lens implants.
Avatar f tn I have finished my chemo in June and radiation in Sept of this year.I do have breast implants (4 years now)that seem to be affected by my radiation therapy.I have been told that if the problem continues I may have to consider having a tram flap.Have any of you experienced this or have any advise. I can't seem to find any info on the web.
Avatar f tn I am not on any medication, do not do drugs and do not suffer from any mental health problems. I do however have breast implants but these had been in situ for over a year before the itching began. Apart from the symptoms listed above I do not suffer from any other problems. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please?
Avatar n tn I know the chip is not about to kill me but some of us strive for optimal health. I would have had 36 CC breast implants if I wanted something implanted in my breast. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/486303'>Suspicious of titanium chip</a>.
Avatar f tn First off, I got breast implants about 4 weeks ago in case this could have anything to do with what I'm experiencing. A few days ago I noticed small bumps in between my breasts, which I thought was a break out from starting to exercise again. Yesterday, however, I went to the beach and got extremely sunburnt---even my hands and feet got burned and my mom who was sitting next to me all day did not even get a tan line.