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Avatar n tn Sorry I posted before I was done lol I think because its under the muscle we will still be able to breast feed. I'm not sure about the sagging part I would love to know that as well. Because I was a deflated A (I was a large B before my first child) then got implants which made me a C and now I'm a D and only 17 weeks so I'm thinking I'll get to DD's at least!
Avatar f tn i had a lot of pain from my right breast as soon as the anaesthetic wore of i went back to the hospital and they gave me morfin injection i asked at the time if something was wrong as i had discomfort form my left breast but my right was extremely painful, they said because i had my implants but under the muscle and i had more muscle on my right side that is why there was more pain one side.
358455 tn?1277433619 hey ladies, anyone out there with breast augmentation gone through a pregnancy? how did they hold up? breastfeeding issues? thanks!
6918915 tn?1395932871 I have silicone gel implants that are under the muscle. They say you should be able to breast feed but that every situation is different. I am hoping ill be able to.
Avatar f tn This is my 2nd pregnancy and after having my 1st child I decided to get implants, I got them under the muscle and under breast fold incision, 400cc, I'm due April 8th 2015 and my boobs with be exactly 2 years old. Has anyone else experienced breast feeding and pregnancy with implants? Worries mine might leak? Be a risk to the baby? Incision opening? Not being able to breast feed?
5644233 tn?1371557686 Hi lovepeace53, I just read your comments. I would reconsider getting any kind of breast implant. Are you aware that silicone implants can leak ? Yes, you read this correctly. Silicone implants can burst and leak into your body and make you really sick. I'm not aware of what other kinds of implants there are. With breast augmentation ( I think that's the current term) there is always risk of an infection. They have sites now where you can watch a woman having a breast implant.
Avatar f tn I had breast augmentation 15 years ago and my left breast is still numb on one side. Touching it is like touching someone else, it's creepy because I can't feel it. The nipple feeling came back after awhile but not very much. I do not like for it to be touched at all. My husband has just learned to stay away from that one! I would give anything to go back to the way I was before.
Avatar n tn He said that it was a cyst that had to be drained so we drained it for a week then come to find out that it was an infection and had eaten through all of the breast tissue in the area. We could literally see my breast implant under a layer of muscle where he cut the quarter-size hole. We immediately removed the right side implant and it's been out for 3 months already. Are there any other people who've been through this or have seen this happen?
Avatar f tn Just had breast augmentation last Monday. Been having to use stomach muscles a lot to get in and out of bed. I feel some type of movment above my belly button and a little to the left. I'm obviously not pregnant. But sometimes when I move in will feel a sudden sharp pain like someone is stabbing me in the same spot. It last maybe a few seconds and goes away. It's always with movement not when I'm sitting or laying still.
Avatar f tn I also remember that my left was the only side that had bruising on the side of my breast. And the procedure was also done under the muscle.
Avatar f tn My questions are, what are my chances that this could be a sign of cancer, and praying that its not, would I still be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery? Im worrying myself sick over all of this and very nervous about the results!
Avatar f tn I am 35 years old, 180 cm tall 67 kg weight. Two weeks ago I had breast augmentation procedure (Mentor 375 ml. moderate+). Somehow the implants were from the very beginning were placed a 2,3-3 cm. lower my breast byt general look really satisfied me and I was only worried that incisions are on the breast and suppose to be more visible in future. Tree-four days later, when swelling and bruises diminished, I realized something like a double bubble.
581359 tn?1454006442 I have a question for any of you women that had a breast augmentation before they got pregnant... Did it affect the pregnancy at all? How big did they get, did you get stretch marks? Were you able to breastfeed? How did they look after the pregnancy or after breastfeeding? I've got two girls, breastfed them both until they were almost a year. I do wish to get pregnant again in the future. I'm trying to decide if I should get cost free breast augmentation now, or later.
1009011 tn?1250693339 I am 21 years old, I am very healthy and athletic. I recently had breast augmentation 6 weeks ago, no problems during the surgery, everything has been great. However I started getting this severe pain in my chest ( right side under my breast) about 5 days ago. I thought maybe that I pulled a muscle or something and that the pain would go away, but its not going away and my breathing seems to be more difficult and shorter.
Avatar n tn I had a breast augmentation 3 to be exact kept having problems. But after the initial surgery I had this mark under my breast nowhere near the surgical site or tape. The doctor reassured me that it would go away on its own it's been 2 years and it's still red and it's raised what is it? I have seen many other surgeons but no one will give me a straight answer to what this huge scar is under my breast. Please I need help!!!!
Avatar n tn The formation of a very thick scar tissue capsule surrounding an implant occurs in a small per cent of patients undergoing breast augmentation. This results in a very hard breast that can sometimes be painful. This can be interpreted as "rejection" of the implant, but there are many theories as to its cause. The primary recognized cause is an internal bleed immediately following the procedure. Infection is a rare complication of this surgery.
Avatar f tn On 7/3/09 experienced a visual aura following by dull pressure on top of head. Classic one with lightning bolts. Things have gone downhill since. Pressure moves in head from temples, bridge of nose, ears, teeth, jaw. Also with this is constant dry eyes.
Avatar f tn I had a breast augmentation in May to fix where I had breastfed my first baby. We hadn't planned on getting pregnant again but I am currently 9 weeks. I still plan on breastfeeding and am curious to what my augmentation will look like afterwards. Has anyone else previously had a breast aug and breastfed after that could fill me in on what to expect?
Avatar f tn Me!!! And I have inverted nipples. Some women, even without ever having augmentation cannot breastfeed, but the augmentation shouldn't have changed your ability. Keep in mind it's not easy. It's a great thing if you can but don't over stress if you can't, that's why there's formula.
Avatar f tn Hi, Capsule contracture, is indeed the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery. It can happen at any time, but seems to be more common in the first several months after surgery. The cause for capsule contracture are still not clear. A higher risk of occurs if there is transient germ contamination, subglandular placement, infection, seroma, hematoma, and smoking.
1613743 tn?1298469227 Hi ladies, well I basically just need some opinions. I am thinking about getting breast augmentation after I have the baby my first question is : If I'm not breast feeding how long does it usually take for the production of milk to stop so that I may have the surgery? The other thing is that I am getting really bad stretch marks on my breast only because I used to be very small and I wanted to know: Does breast augmentation basically restretch your skin so that the marks look less visible?