My breast augmentation is too small

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581359 tn?1454010042 Okay - with my first two pregnancies my breast size went from a B/C cup to beyond a DD while breastfeeding....2 years after... I lost way too much weight - very unhealthy and has some personal issues going on and went down to an A cup when I decided to get mine done. I went with a full C - but shortly after the surgery I gained some weight and became a little more healthy that they turned out to be a D ... prepregnancy/after augmentation I was wearing a size 0 or 2...
2146297 tn?1337574892 These are all questions you need to have with your neurologist and your plastic surgeon Yes, infection and fever can cause a pseudo-relapse- but the relapse symptoms go away when the infection is gone or the fever is down. A true relapse is different than a pseudo-relapse.
Avatar n tn But now I'm scared and Is wondering if there is any mamas out there that has bf with breast augmentation and what was your experience I want to breastfeed but not sure if I'm even going to produce enough milk, also what was the outcome after you finish bf did your boobs sag or stood the same.
Avatar f tn I haven't done any measuring but I stand next to my teen who is a small B and we look pretty similar in size. I looked at them for the first time yesterday and I freaked out. I cried, I'm depressed, I'm having anxiety over how small they are, I don't want to go into public. Is this normal? I keep telling myself that I'm being silly, get over it. It is what it is. I've read about other people who have had this done and they love it. I think I am in shock. Please tell me it will get better.
Avatar f tn dear doctor i am 19 years old and my breast is too small. i am just 44kg that is underweight for my age. my height is 5 '1.i need to have big breast because i feel embarrased goin outside wat may have cause it. sopmetimes my menstruation also becomes irregular.
1222635 tn?1366399886 ” “Scientists and doctors are starting to believe that the best clues to curing and improving our bodies are inside our bodies in the form of stem cells,” said Cynthia Fox, author of Cell of Cells, a new book about the worldwide race to master stem cell technology. “Breast augmentation is cosmetic but these cells have the potential to treat diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s.
Avatar n tn On one, the doctor (for lack of better term) went in and cut up a lot of scar tissue,and the other a fat graph (spl) was taken from my lower abdomen and put in my right breast. There were different places my surgeon could hava cut to gain acces to my breasts, but we chose my nipple and underneath my breat so that it would not be very noticible. All in all,the surgeries were not as painful as I had anticipated, and my breasts look a lot better, which made me feel better about myself.
Avatar n tn I will be 36 weeks this Friday and I am wanting to breast feed, but my question is can I breast feed seeing that I have had a breast augmentation? When I had the surgery, which was 6 years ago, the doctor told me if I was to ever have children that I could breast feed and it would not harm the baby or affect me at all. I decided to go with the saline filled breast implants rather than the silicone. I haven't had any problems what so ever, but I am worried about what I have heard.
Avatar f tn no energy and can feel and actually see a large bulge on my left breast... my body feels like it is shutting down my neurologist now says I have severely low b12 levels (red blood cell count) and very low vitamin d counts... my eyesight in my left eye is terrible now and was 20/20 vision.... I am sick all of the time. I have 3 girls and a stepson and I cannot afford to pay to have anything done even though I want them gone.
Avatar n tn Hi, i have a son who is 2 1/2 yrs old, I breastfeedid him for 2 yrs ,the problem is that i feeded him only with the right side breast . Due to this my left side breast is small compared to the right . Is this normal .plz answer this question i m really worried, THANKS.
Avatar f tn The right one did make a squishy noise, and is more swollen now. t has blue veins running down it now too. Has anyone ever had this? I did recently get a negative pregnancy test, I should be right before my period right now and I restarted my oral contraceptives, so I'm not sure if this impacts it. The veins showed up right after the massage.
Avatar n tn And now I have felt a lot of lumps on both of my breast. I went to my obygne for a checkup my breast early last year. She advised me to undergo an ultrasound which I followed and from there she saw a lot lumps on my breast. She had tried the needle biopsy and took something on a certain lump from my breast which resulted to a non malignant cyst. However I am still worried until now because the lumps in my breast are still there.
Avatar n tn This is not a complaint that I am aware of occurring in many years of medical practice and breast augmentation surgery. Your post-operative infections may have resulted in increased vascularity to the area, particularly if that is the area of your incision. Sometimes laser therapy may be helpful. Assuming your subsequent surgery occurs without complication, I would not expect it to make this problem worse.
Avatar f tn I knew there was a strong family correlation, my dad had prostate cancer (estrogen sensitive cancer, too) and mom and my maternal aunt had breast cancer. Talk with the genetic counselors and see what they have to say. Listen to yourself on what you hope to obtain by knowing the answer. And remember, not all women who are positive for the gene get cancer and there are many women who don't have the gene that do get cancer.
517119 tn?1285874992 Make sure that your plastic surgeon is experienced in breast reconstruction, not just breast augmentation. Many are not so this is an important thing to find out. You will be around to see your children grow up and your grandchildren and that will be many, many years away for your 15 month old.
Avatar f tn I have to go for large baggy clothes and it is horrible. Also my left breast is really big, several cup sizes bigger than the right breast. I'm not sure if this problem is to do with the extra breast tissue appearing in other parts of my body but I hope to get that sorted too. But in the mean time I'm enjoying being a mother to my children and keeping my chin up thats the best way to deal with things at the moment until my body is surgically corrected.
Avatar n tn I had no pain with that one. My right breast is also at least one entire size larger than my left breast. My GYN always said this nothing to worry about and that some women just have different sized breasts and actually suggested cosmetic augmentation because of the noticable difference. These past few Dr. visits have been the first time any other Dr. has done a breast exam on me and when they saw the difference in size the nirse practitioner and Dr.
Avatar n tn And now I have felt a lot of lumps on both of my breast. I went to my obygne for a checkup my breast early last year. She advised me to undergo an ultrasound which I followed and from there she saw a lot lumps on my breast. She had tried the needle biopsy and took something on a certain lump from my breast which resulted to a non malignant cyst. However I am still worried until now because the lumps in my breast are still there.
1035252 tn?1427231433 I'm going sometime in the next 2 months for a breast reduction (hoping to go down from a 36EE/EEE to a 36D/DD) which my insurance is covering for medical necessity.....My question is..I have two small children and my husband hasn't accrued enough sick/vacation time to be able to be home with me more than a few days...I can schedule the surgery for a wednesday afternoon and have him home with me thursday, friday, saturday and I going to need more than that? How long is the recovery?
Avatar n tn I developed a greenish brown infection on my left breast which was treated by my doctor. Now my left breast is hard like a rock with two lumps inside them. Could thiis be scar tissue? It is really painful and I can feel the lumps really good.
89592 tn?1391278022 I dont think there is any breast cancer that runs in my family. My cbc 's have been good...mammos have all been good every yr. Can an breast ultrasound show cancer? Would the techs know if this was cancerous just by the US? I have a call into my pcp.. any help would be appreciated. I was surprised to learn it was 2.5 cm...
Avatar n tn I haven't exercised and have stayed down as much as possible-nothing too strenuous. And my left breast is wonderful, no problems at all. I'm starting to get worried that this problem may never get fixed or that there is something wrong with me. I'm wondering if anyone has any similar stories or knows anything about this.
Avatar f tn Everything has healed fine except for one thing. On my right nipple their is one small spot (on the scarline) approx 1 cm long that always hurts. I don't know if this may be over-sensitivity? This part of the nipple looks no different to other parts (sometimes I think its redder but not noticeably)! The scar in this spot has healed extremely well too! So what can be done to resolve this and what could this be?
Avatar n tn I had a breast augmentation 6 years before my first and this is my last so I am thinking about going and getting them redone here in a year or so.
Avatar n tn I gained weight, my moods have been rollarcoasting, I lost my sex drive and my skin is a mess. My periods are shorter; but the PMS has been terrible. I have never had severe cramps and with the IUD I can barely stand up with my PMS cramps. Of course I stayed in contact with my doctor and he did say that all of most of theses things were normal and would subside. For me personally, the side effects completely outweigh the benefits.
958880 tn?1263682427 I am scheduled to have a breast augmentation Aug 12th. My last period was July 13th. I just had a miscarriage in June so my husband I are waiting to ttc until December. In the mean time I thought it would be nice to have BA. Well this past weekend was my husbands birthday. We had a huge party. Well both of us were intoxicated so we had sex without protection twice. Now I'm worried I may be pregnant. I know its too early to tell and it may still be too early to tell when its time for my surgery.
Avatar f tn 7 ovarian cyst and emergency removal 10 years ago and a small one orthoscopic ally last year - Breast augmentation (saline) 8 years ago - Have a 4 year old and currently on the mirena IUD - If I exhale as far as I can I get that hoarse wheezing end of the exhale (dunno if that’s typical) or if I have my back pushed on while laying down same thing happens - Abdominal bloating (mainly at the end of the day) to the point sometimes it looks like I am 8 months pregnant. Worse recently.
948349 tn?1294383837 'Honest truth is like an 80% reduction in my acne', and that this is has improved my acne condition the most of any therapy I have tried in the past... I did get 2 little pimples on my face... very small though, and few small ones on my chest and shoulders. I think I sort of got sloppy with my usual acne treatment (I thought I could slack off in other areas since I thought I was cured with my vitamin D treatment)...
Avatar n tn I hadn't discovered the lump from my regular self exams but have since found it near the chest wall just where my breast is connected to my inner chest between the breasts. I have a family history of breast cancer. I have had ovarian cysts. My well woman exam is scheduled for the day after these exams. I am 47 and thought I was looking at premenopausal symptoms like sweating sitting still.