Breast augmentation using fat

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1222635 tn?1366399886 i dont know where else to ask this; but i am considered getting breast augmentation surgery if DH will cave LOL...have any of you had it done? i was lucky enough to escape pregnancy without my breasts sagging, but i still think they could be perkier and a little bigger. ( wear a B/C depending on the bra ) i know its more expensive to get a lift by itself, but i what i REALLY want is implants AND a lift. but im scared how much that will cost. did anyone get JUST implants?
Avatar f tn After lipoplasty, deep dissection was performed to isolate and remove accessory breast tissue and excess fat tissue. A compression dressing was applied for 1 to 2 weeks postoperatively, and the patient was instructed to wear a sports bra for 1 to 2 months after removal of the dressing.ResultsWe treated 7 patients using this procedure between October 1999 and March 2003. No major postoperative complications were detected and recurrence was not noted during the follow-up periods.
Avatar n tn and wants liposuction and breast augmentation due to breast migration.lm worried that what im reading now will happen...
Avatar m tn MBK MY Booty Kit cream is an item which has especially been created for women to guide the enlargement of not just buttocks and also the breast area. Hence you don’t ought to choose those risky chemicals based injections or buttock augmentation but this can be safe and natural method. MBK MY Booty Kit works using formulation of most herbal plants, vitamins and root extracts which provide you should outcomes.
Avatar f tn Anyway, I should also mention that I have had 2 breast augmentation through the axillary area (1996 and 2000). SHould I be worried? With a normal mammo could it still be cancer? Please advise and thank you for your time. No history of breast cancer in family.
Avatar f tn I am a healthy 37 year old woman. I had a breast augmentation 3 months ago. Before surgery I told my doctor that I felt like I had an upper respiratory infection. He did blood work and said I was fine. After surgery is when all my problems started. I had a constant tingling feeling in the back of my head for months, I had problems swallowing to the point that I did not eat for a week and a half. I would just slowly drink water.
Avatar n tn Here's a thought.. Maybe you are sleeping on your belly (and breasts) without realizing it. That would make them sore and you said you notice it when you wake up.. Noticed any changes like masses or tingling?? Are you SURE you aren't PREGGO!!?? Had an exam lately? Maybe you are developing Fibrocystic breasts... I have it and it can be very painful to one or both and it is worse when hormones are surging. Or maybe you are pregnant??? Could be..
209384 tn?1231171906 C in the office using water solution. After I thought about figured it was an endometrial ablation, so looked it up and sure 'nough. Won't be doing that one. Know how much you research things before you have them done, so make sure you REALLY research the ablation. Have known some women who had it done and then went back in for hysterectomy. Not only did it not work, BUT if you mess up and get pregnant after having it you can DIE!
Avatar f tn But the pain I had from hystertomy, gallbladder, 2 foot surgeries, impacted wisdom teeth, lumpedectomies, breast augmentation and explantation, uterus repair (2x) (just to name a few), all of these surgeries do not require prolonged narcotic pain meds. And I never saw anything on any of my pain meds that said "this medicine should never be stopped abruptly"- in fact I just now looked at one of my patient inserts and it says nothing about this.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone! Check out this information about lipodissolve. I don’t really know what to make of it all but the procedure seems to be raising lots of unanswered questions: “” “” Oh and this website I found also seems to be pretty informative: Anyone have any thoughts regarding all this?
Avatar n tn I know that hydration and using lotion everyday seems to help some. I am trying to make friends with my older's the only way I'll ever be happy! It's not easy.
948349 tn?1294383837 Sometimes on my back... always had many pimples on my back... tried so many things... using clean towels, clean bed sheets, wearing 2 shirts a day, Differin prescription acne cream, Proactiv. For everything I have tried, I have never been able to accomplish my goal of no acne, the closest thing was a rigorous Proactive regime, which I used twice a day on my back. Now here I am 1 month after... and I'm absolutely blown away by the results. And NO MORE OILY SKIN!!!!
181575 tn?1250202386 Combination therapy (CT) using telbivudine plus lamivudine and monotherapy (MT) using telbivudine alone in a 2005 comparison of 104 patients did not show a difference in effectiveness. 5. Combination therapy (CT) using lamivudind plus adefovir and monotherapy (MT) using lamivudine alone in a 2003 comparison showed CT superiority: by week 52, CT group remained virally suppressed, HBV DNA levels increased in the MT group. 6.
Avatar n tn We heard one heartbeat, which was 160 beats and couldn't get the other, which is common when using the Doppler and especially at only 10 weeks. I guess when the babies are so small, it can be hard to hear both separately but at any rate, my uterus is at the size it should be for twins. I am just so happy we were able to actually hear the heartbeat! We will have an u/s at our next appointment at 14 weeks. I am measuring like I am about 14 weeks so about 4 weeks more for twins at this stage.
Avatar n tn One of those hormones is your cortisol level, if I understand it correctly, that can tell if your adrenals are working properly, it does have something to do with your 'fat' hormone also. I know the adrenals lay right above our kidneys. This is where my pain is, it feels like it radiates to the front, yet I can't put my finger on it. It is possible that we have a form of adrenal fatigue, could that make the adrenals give us pain?
Avatar n tn They told me to change them one by one until I found out what was causing the irritation. I didnt do that, I figured I have been using these forever why would I need to change now ? I asked if it could be from the IUD and was told no it wasnt a side effect. So everytime I got it I would treat with OTC. They went on until I had it removed. I started suffering with depression, irritability and complete exhaustion. My hair also started falling out and I was having memory loss.