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2146297 tn?1337574892 No, I would not want to have augmentation because I have always been pretty comfortable with my own skin. I've been a B to C all my life so perhaps that also factors in . I listen to the plastic surgeons talk on Doctor Radio and honestly they creep me out with the details of some of these body shaping surgeries.
1222635 tn?1366399886 anyways I found this BRITISH women may be offered a “natural” form of breast enlargement that uses stem cells and fat from a woman’s own body, under plans being considered by doctors. The technique, pioneered in Japan, results in breasts that look and feel smoother than conventional cosmetic surgery using implants. This is because the stem cells enable the fat to grow its own blood supply, thus becoming an integral part of the breast rather than a foreign lump.
Avatar f tn After lipoplasty, deep dissection was performed to isolate and remove accessory breast tissue and excess fat tissue. A compression dressing was applied for 1 to 2 weeks postoperatively, and the patient was instructed to wear a sports bra for 1 to 2 months after removal of the dressing.ResultsWe treated 7 patients using this procedure between October 1999 and March 2003. No major postoperative complications were detected and recurrence was not noted during the follow-up periods.
Avatar n tn Anyway, dr #2 looks at me and says nothing seems odd, breastBreast - premenstrual tenderness and swelling Breast augmentation - series Breast biopsy Breast cancer Breast infection Breast lift (mastopexy) - series Breast lump Breast lump removal Breast lump removal - series Breast lump self exam Breast lumps just feel "lumpy" and due to hormoneActh Fsh Growth hormone Growth hormone deficiency Hormone levels Hormone replacement therapy Hormone-based contraceptives Lh blood test Lh uri
Avatar n tn On one, the doctor (for lack of better term) went in and cut up a lot of scar tissue,and the other a fat graph (spl) was taken from my lower abdomen and put in my right breast. There were different places my surgeon could hava cut to gain acces to my breasts, but we chose my nipple and underneath my breat so that it would not be very noticible. All in all,the surgeries were not as painful as I had anticipated, and my breasts look a lot better, which made me feel better about myself.
Avatar n tn i've heard that women who have breast augmentation can breastfeed. If they can, then I don't see why you can't!
Avatar n tn It's basically precancerous cells that could be approaching cancer. The oncologist will be the one to decide. If you have any relatives who have had breast cancer, your health, ect will play a part in what the oncologist decides. The treatment is your choice, it's always your choice.
Avatar n tn I honestly would say by the 4month it just lifted just like that I woke up one morning and that feeling was just gone! So I don't know if the breast feeding as anything to do with it or not...I only breast feed for 6 weeks because we found out my daughter was lactose intolerant and now she has a milk allergy but I hope this helped a little bit. I am really worried with this pregnancy that I may get it again. I will definatly call my doctor this time around.
Avatar n tn Here's a thought.. Maybe you are sleeping on your belly (and breasts) without realizing it. That would make them sore and you said you notice it when you wake up.. Noticed any changes like masses or tingling?? Are you SURE you aren't PREGGO!!?? Had an exam lately? Maybe you are developing Fibrocystic breasts... I have it and it can be very painful to one or both and it is worse when hormones are surging. Or maybe you are pregnant??? Could be..
Avatar f tn But the pain I had from hystertomy, gallbladder, 2 foot surgeries, impacted wisdom teeth, lumpedectomies, breast augmentation and explantation, uterus repair (2x) (just to name a few), all of these surgeries do not require prolonged narcotic pain meds. And I never saw anything on any of my pain meds that said "this medicine should never be stopped abruptly"- in fact I just now looked at one of my patient inserts and it says nothing about this.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone! Check out this information about lipodissolve. I don’t really know what to make of it all but the procedure seems to be raising lots of unanswered questions: “” “” Oh and this website I found also seems to be pretty informative: Anyone have any thoughts regarding all this?
Avatar n tn I have spoken to probably 100 women about this issue and it seems to affect slim women who, like you, have been in shape all their lives more than those who have an additional layer of fat. I am 58. My sisters are all in their 70s. My arms are way worse than theirs. The only difference between us is weight. They are all significantly heavier in terms of fat mass. The cause of this appears to be primarily hormonal.
948349 tn?1294383837 I remember from nutrition that the two most toxic vitamins when taking excessively are Vitamin A and Vitamin D. The fat soluble vitamins. I don't want to take too much, I might take 3 of those 400 IU pills now though instead of 2 since scientists are suggesting increasing the RDI. My theory of what happens is that the oil is part of the metabolism, or is what is being produced as the precursor for the vitamin D.
Avatar n tn For an even healthier version, you could use egg beaters and a lower fat cheese like mozzarella. You cook at 375 degrees until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Good luck and have fun with the weight gain ; ) Audrie: I am so happy to hear the u/s went well! Everything sounds like it is progressing well. That is so cool you got another u/s. I won't have another one until I am 14 weeks, which is still another 3 weeks away. How far along are you now?
Avatar n tn The drug insert and advertisment, make it sound like they are no big deal and they'll go away own their own within 2 to 3 months. Guess what---withing 2 to 3 months, my cysts have developed into cancer. To everyone who has had problems, get the CA125 test done now! I don't want anyone going through this terrible hell.
Avatar n tn WOW! I too did not know there were so many fellow undiagnosed sufferers of the same symptoms. Mine have been around at least a year. I,too,have had MRI's,x-rays and chiropractic no happy end. Mine started with a burning pain between my right shoulder blade and my spine. I get tingling on top of both shoulders,and have quite a bit of upper neck pain.
503727 tn?1210442710 (I coudln't drive for over 6 months) It wasn't something that I was EVER going to get over on my own. I tried relaxation, hypnosis, desensitization, distraction techniques.... but the physical sensations were just too much. My doctor put my on LEXAPRO and it was like a flip was switched. I've only been on it 8 days and I am 90% better. I feel like I have a new lease on life.