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Avatar f tn Registered at store in Louisville, KY
644186 tn?1223597936 I don't know about Louisville, but mine is in Nashville, Tn. That's not a crazy distance.
7543158 tn?1391978069 I don't have any friends out here in my age group. Most are in their 50-60s and I'm 25. I'd like to talk and maybe hang out with other moms in the Louisville, Shelbyville, or Campbellsburg area. I travel between the three pretty often. I'm a first time mom so the whole being pregnant thing is very new to me. I raised all my siblings due to absent parents so I'm good on that front...
Avatar n tn i live in Louisville and I possibly have Dercum's. My entire body is covered with Lipomas just under the skin. I just had two lipomas on my ribcage removed, they were what is known as giant lipomas. The largest one was 9cm and the smallest was 8cm.
Avatar n tn There are numerous specialists that can help you. One in Louisville, KY and one in GA as well. The reversal procedure runs from about 6200 - 6900 dollars. They use a 120 thousand dollar microscope to insure the tubes are reconnected. The success rate at these two clinics is 70 percent. Go to and look up tubal reversal in KY and GA and you should find their website. Good luck and remember that research is your best tool.
Avatar f tn I live in Ellenwood GA its like 10-15 minutes from downtown Atlanta
Avatar n tn I had a triple burn reversed and now have a 3 month old baby boy:) Dr. Levin Louisville ky babiesbylevin.
Avatar f tn My questions are, what are my chances that this could be a sign of cancer, and praying that its not, would I still be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery? Im worrying myself sick over all of this and very nervous about the results!
1135896 tn?1278441715 a) Are you aware of a good neurologist in the area? b) Should I be looking first for a PCP, a general neurologist or an MS specialist? I am undiagnosed but with my doctor is juggling ideas of vasculitis vs. MS vs. wake-up-one-day-and-hopefully-it-will-be-gone. c) Probably most likely - do you know of a good way of finding a doctor in an area I'm completely clueless about, for the most part?
Avatar f tn Im new in pregnancy social, do you know how I can view post from my community?
1580043 tn?1333550441 Dr Pridam in Louisville Ky. He is awesome along with his co-workers they have a very strong group...I will be getting a cerclage at 14wks. And am high risk but i feel very comfortabl with the 3 Drs i see. My surgery went great and here i am a couple months later expecting. Congrats on your transfer i will be thinking of you and sending lots of baby dust....
Avatar m tn Hi Paula, I have read many of these post but have not posted myself. I live in Indiana 5 minutes from Louisville. The closest Chiari center I have found is at the Mayfield Clinic in Ohio. There is also a Chiari clinic in WI. However, neither will accept me because I carry Medicaid as a secondary insurance. I have not been able to locate a doc on the suggested Chiari doc list that is near our area. Please let me know if you find one!
Avatar f tn com Founding Medical Director of the Pelvic Pain Regional Specialty Center in Louisville, KY -- health care facility in the region dedicated exclusively to the evaluation and treatment of women with Chronic Pelvic Pain + Endometriosis. Also served for 2 years on the Advisory Board of the Board of Directors of the International Pelvic Pain Society, an excellent organization with a website, He is not in lexington though, but he specializes in this.
Avatar m tn well I'm jealouse I'm from Louisville and I wanna go! Have asafe trip.
Avatar f tn Well I have always lived in Indiana, & just moved right across the bridge to Louisville, ky a couple years ago. Still super close lol :) having my 3rd little boy end of March via c section!!!
Avatar f tn I had breast augmentation 15 years ago and my left breast is still numb on one side. Touching it is like touching someone else, it's creepy because I can't feel it. The nipple feeling came back after awhile but not very much. I do not like for it to be touched at all. My husband has just learned to stay away from that one! I would give anything to go back to the way I was before.
Avatar n tn The formation of a very thick scar tissue capsule surrounding an implant occurs in a small per cent of patients undergoing breast augmentation. This results in a very hard breast that can sometimes be painful. This can be interpreted as "rejection" of the implant, but there are many theories as to its cause. The primary recognized cause is an internal bleed immediately following the procedure. Infection is a rare complication of this surgery.
1481291 tn?1287793105 Hi, about a year ago, I had a breast augmentation with a lift. I am pregnant now and my dr said I probably wont be able to breastfeed. I was really hoping that I would be able to. Does anyone out there whos had breast surgery have any advice on breastfeeding??
5644233 tn?1371557686 Hi lovepeace53, I just read your comments. I would reconsider getting any kind of breast implant. Are you aware that silicone implants can leak ? Yes, you read this correctly. Silicone implants can burst and leak into your body and make you really sick. I'm not aware of what other kinds of implants there are. With breast augmentation ( I think that's the current term) there is always risk of an infection. They have sites now where you can watch a woman having a breast implant.
Avatar n tn I just had mine 4-13 but I used Dr. Levin in Louisville ky. He is the best! First dr to have sucess with it and the only one with a special microscope.