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Avatar f tn i went back six months later as my right breast fells slightly harder and there is a lump on the side its not a hard lump i can manipulate it back in, the surgeon recommended to massage my breast and hopefully it would improve if not to wait 18 months after my surgery until all the swelling has gone down.
Avatar n tn What a great question! I'd also like to know the answer to this. I had an augmentation a little over a year ago and was told I could b/f as well, but for some reason I have my doubts.
358455 tn?1277433619 oh thanks! my plastic surgeon said that its not likely to cause problems, but mine are over the muscle...
Avatar f tn I also remember that my left was the only side that had bruising on the side of my breast. And the procedure was also done under the muscle.
Avatar n tn Sorry I posted before I was done lol I think because its under the muscle we will still be able to breast feed. I'm not sure about the sagging part I would love to know that as well. Because I was a deflated A (I was a large B before my first child) then got implants which made me a C and now I'm a D and only 17 weeks so I'm thinking I'll get to DD's at least!
5644233 tn?1371557686 Hi lovepeace53, I just read your comments. I would reconsider getting any kind of breast implant. Are you aware that silicone implants can leak ? Yes, you read this correctly. Silicone implants can burst and leak into your body and make you really sick. I'm not aware of what other kinds of implants there are. With breast augmentation ( I think that's the current term) there is always risk of an infection. They have sites now where you can watch a woman having a breast implant.
Avatar f tn t imagine why if there is a possibility of cancer or if it proves to be malignant you would even be thinking about breast augmentation! You need to put those thoughts aside and deal with the present issue then another consult with both a Breast Specialist and a Plastic Surgeon when you are clear as far as any malignancy is concerned. Best Wishes ....
Avatar n tn Hi, please see the link with my breast augmentation. they are before and 3 weeks after. Is i real that by moving down with time implants will 'push' my nipples a bit up and add mor volume at the bottom. if yes then how many months..? I had anatomical Arion 425cc implants... http://****.
Avatar f tn Please anyone reading this, consider the potential consequences of getting a breast augmentation. This is the worst thing I have ever done to myself and I regret the day I ever thought a breast augmentation would raise my self-esteem or give me more self-confidence. It has made me feel as though my body has been permanently mutilated. I highly doubt the feeling will ever come back, so I am now left with two numb lumps on my chest. I have become a shadow of what I was before.
Avatar f tn Just had breast augmentation last Monday. Been having to use stomach muscles a lot to get in and out of bed. I feel some type of movment above my belly button and a little to the left. I'm obviously not pregnant. But sometimes when I move in will feel a sudden sharp pain like someone is stabbing me in the same spot. It last maybe a few seconds and goes away. It's always with movement not when I'm sitting or laying still.
6918915 tn?1395932871 I have silicone gel implants that are under the muscle. They say you should be able to breast feed but that every situation is different. I am hoping ill be able to.
Avatar n tn He said that it was a cyst that had to be drained so we drained it for a week then come to find out that it was an infection and had eaten through all of the breast tissue in the area. We could literally see my breast implant under a layer of muscle where he cut the quarter-size hole. We immediately removed the right side implant and it's been out for 3 months already. Are there any other people who've been through this or have seen this happen?
Avatar f tn I opted for a breast reduction, which tremendously helped with the pain. My surgeon said the surgery went great, and I was very hopeful that I would still be able to breastfeed when I started a family. Fast forward 6 years, and my husband and I are expecting our first in February. The lactation nurse was very honest, and said it's certainly a possibility, but we jusy won't know until baby is here.
Avatar f tn Actually, if your nipple still has feeling, the chance are high. Breast augmentation (breast implants) isn't a reason alone not to be able to produce breast milk. Most likely, it depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn't cause any trouble. A "Smile" incision around the areola increase your risks of breastfeeding complications.
Avatar f tn From what I can tell with the photographs, you had a slight preoperative assymmetry . This is always accentuated by augmentation. Then, the muscles pushed your implants high, and this also happens a lot. The pushdown worked, but you could still see the "bubbles" that you described. That is actually the line where your breast used to sit on your chest. That will remain for a long time. It sometimes will stretch out with time and become less noticeable.
Avatar n tn The formation of a very thick scar tissue capsule surrounding an implant occurs in a small per cent of patients undergoing breast augmentation. This results in a very hard breast that can sometimes be painful. This can be interpreted as "rejection" of the implant, but there are many theories as to its cause. The primary recognized cause is an internal bleed immediately following the procedure. Infection is a rare complication of this surgery.
Avatar f tn Since this seems to have begun with the breast augmentation, you might want to thinking about reversing it. Have you given this some thought? I have heard of women having really bad reactions to their implants.
Avatar f tn t have a breast augmentation. I highly suggest you research lyme disease. It took an entire year for the diagnosis, but finally there was an answer. By the way, don't take ALS, crohn's, lupus, or any other disease in consideration. If that's what they eventually tell you go see a lyme doctor. Lyme tests are unreliable, but based off of your symptoms they can typically tell and you definitely have every symptom! Wish you the best and I promise its not from BA.
Avatar f tn I had a breast augmentation in May to fix where I had breastfed my first baby. We hadn't planned on getting pregnant again but I am currently 9 weeks. I still plan on breastfeeding and am curious to what my augmentation will look like afterwards. Has anyone else previously had a breast aug and breastfed after that could fill me in on what to expect?
Avatar f tn Hi, Capsule contracture, is indeed the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery. It can happen at any time, but seems to be more common in the first several months after surgery. The cause for capsule contracture are still not clear. A higher risk of occurs if there is transient germ contamination, subglandular placement, infection, seroma, hematoma, and smoking.
Avatar n tn t get your self crazy about the abnormality you have discovered, A good friend of mine had just had a breast augmentation about a month ago and only two weeks later she found a peculiar lump above her right breast, Thank God and everyone was nothing! Yay! I think because of all the million side affects that could possibly happen we tend to look out for those rather than everything being great? I guess thats humans for ya? Btw....
Avatar n tn I had a capsulorraphy along with the enlargement of my pocket (mostly superiorly / upward) five days ago, crease incision this time. I want to keep the upper pocket opened so my breast / implant can move naturally and the pocket won't scar or close down... however I am afraid that if I push the implant upward, I may break/pull the internal stitches... Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks again in advance.
1613743 tn?1298469227 Does breast augmentation basically restretch your skin so that the marks look less visible? The last question is kinda embarassing but I think all you mommas know what I'm talking about...does the color of your breast ever go back to normal and how long does it take? Thanks Ladies!!
Avatar f tn No problem, I figured that. Now comes the SCARY!! There is increased blood flow in the breast tissue. In the right breast lower inner quadrant at 3 o' clock is an Irregular, Lobulated, Hypodense nodule, 0.6 x 0.9 cm. The nodule is Isointense with the glandular tissue on T1 and slightly Hyperintense on T2. Post Gadolinium study showed time-intensity Kinetic Curve of Type 3 with peak of enhancement on early injection & tendency to delayed washout of enhancement.