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Avatar n tn Since then, blood types have really caught my interest now. O neg blood is not very you should consider giving blood sometime in the future (of course not now since you are trying to conceive!). The can really use our blood!
Avatar n tn Blood types are A, B, AB or O. The negative or positive is the Rh factor. Any blood type can be Rh positive or positive. I'm not sure why you're asking, but I'll also add that someone with A or B type can have a recessive gene for O type, so that they can parent a child with O blood. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your question. Blood type, whether someone has type O, A, B, or AB blood is determined by a single gene. We all have two copies of the gene for blood type. We inherit one of these from our mothers and one from our fathers. Identical twins who share the same DNA will have the same blood type.
Avatar f tn Is it true that certain blood types between a female and a male can cause a problem for trying to have a baby? I'm O+ but my husband doesn't know what blood type he is.
Avatar f tn Baby will be fine! Nothing happens with blood types. If your RH- (have a negative blood type) you'll be getting RH- shots throughout pregnancy, so say your baby has a positive blood type, the shot will prevent your body from attacking the baby!
Avatar n tn A baby with 2 o- parents will only be o-, but a baby with an o+ and an o- parent could be either or, if the + parent also carries the recessive - gene. You will not be able to tell if someone is definately the parent of a child by blood types, and you may only rarely be able to say definately that someone cannot be the parent. If that is the issue, you need to have a DNA test.
Avatar m tn My oldest daughter Amira has an O+ blood type. My new born has a B+ blood type. Their mother has an O- blood type.Is it possible for both kids to be mine?
Avatar f tn It relies strictly on the immediate parents blood. This site allows you to put in the blood types in question and get results of the possible types either the child can have or what type the second parent must have if one parent's type is known as well as the child's is known. This calculator is very user friendly. (The answers are the same as the site above.)
Avatar m tn Hi there. I think you have missed some part in the question. If the female has O- blood, if she crosses with a man with A-, It can be either AO - or AA -. The child can have AO-, OO-. In the 2nd case, O- mating with O-, the child may have only OO-. The rest of the query I could not understand and can elaborate if you put up a follow up clarification. Take care.
Avatar f tn If both parents have blood type O can they have a child with B negative blood
Avatar n tn If a child has AB+ blood type and her mother has B+ blood type. What blood types could her father be?
Avatar f tn Im blood type O- but only got one shot around 28 weeks and will get another after the baby is born.
Avatar n tn I am A- blood and my husband is A+ blood, is it possible to have a child with O+ blood?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know anything about blood types?? My doctor told me I have o- and that I might have to get some shot. Has anyone had this issue?
Avatar n tn Does the gene depend on blood types? Let's say a child has a blood type A so does his your father, but his mother is O. Does that mean that the gene that the child has are mostly inherited from his father? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Not impossible but rare. Also It makes sense as you are asian. Read here. http://genetics.thetech.
Avatar f tn The shot is actually for the baby. It's to prevent your blood from building antibodies against the baby's red blood cells if they have a positive blood type. I'm A- with my second and i had to get 2 shots before i gave birth because of a bleeding incident. You normally only have to get one at 28 weeks and one after you deliver if you have a vaginal delivery.
Avatar f tn RH Factor can be serious, but they give shots depending on if its the mother that is negative or positive (She should be getting them I believe since she's -) If it was different blood types totally (ie.
Avatar n tn If you know both parents blood type, is it possible to know which blood types a child will or will not have? Sort of like pre DNA test. In other words can you examine the blood types of a child and both parents and say (just by knowing the blood types) that you can rule out the paternity of one of the parents.
Avatar n tn Since your blood type is AB+, it is highly unlikely that your baby will have "blood type" problems from incompatibility. This is because your body will not produce antibodies to any of the major blood group "antigens" or chemical groups present on the baby's red blood cells, since your own red blood cells already have those antigens (that's why your red blood cells have the AB+ labeling).
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Chimerism is a rare disorder that mixes the chromosomal population in a single organism and may lead to the presence of two sets of DNA, or organs that do not match the DNA of the rest of the organism. This occurs very early in the embryonic development and is often the result of two non-identical twin embryos merging together instead of growing on their own. It is best that you have this checked by a doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn For type 2 weight loss may help to reverse insulin resistance. Exercise is very beneficial for both types, along with lower carb diet. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Is this a common side effect? I have occult blood in my urine which has been checked out, and nothing serious was found. Also, have a cyst in one of my kidneys, so am a bit reluctant to take the Fleet. Is the Go-Lytely prescribed very often to patients?