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Avatar f tn Im blood type O- but only got one shot around 28 weeks and will get another after the baby is born.
Avatar f tn The shot is actually for the baby. It's to prevent your blood from building antibodies against the baby's red blood cells if they have a positive blood type. I'm A- with my second and i had to get 2 shots before i gave birth because of a bleeding incident. You normally only have to get one at 28 weeks and one after you deliver if you have a vaginal delivery.
Avatar f tn Baby will be fine! Nothing happens with blood types. If your RH- (have a negative blood type) you'll be getting RH- shots throughout pregnancy, so say your baby has a positive blood type, the shot will prevent your body from attacking the baby!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know anything about blood types?? My doctor told me I have o- and that I might have to get some shot. Has anyone had this issue?
Avatar m tn My oldest daughter Amira has an O+ blood type. My new born has a B+ blood type. Their mother has an O- blood type.Is it possible for both kids to be mine?
Avatar f tn I know this can be a disturbing question but what types of Miscarriages have people expierenced. Can you experience a miscarriage without absolutely no pain and is it always a lot of blood associated with it?
Avatar m tn I am looking at getting pregnant in the very near future. My blood type is AB+ and my fiance's is A RH+ are our blood-types compatible to have children. I have had 2 miscarriages and have not received the rhogam injection after either of my miscarriages.
Avatar m tn so these tests will take awhile for the results?
Avatar f tn I need some info about the blood tests. What do the different levels mean? Boyfriend and I have been together years, this is my first ob. I want to test to see if I have hsv 1 or 2 or both. And he is going as well to see if he is infected and what types. What would mean he might have to restest and what time frame? i tested positive on the swab but the test didnt say 1 or 2. I find it unlikely he is not infected since we have had years of unprotected sex.
Avatar m tn , it is done to measure the level of immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, in the blood. IgG antibodies are found in all body fluids. IgG antibodies are very important in immune response to HIV infection. MEIA stands for Microplate Enzymatic Immunoassay. This is a synonym for ELISA, which is a better known name for the test. MEIA measures the presence of antibodies, which are produced by the immune system in response to HIV infection.
Avatar f tn Honestly I think prenatals can be a real waste of time for some people. If you want vitamins to actually target what you need, you need to get tested. I got blood tests which found out I was low in Mg, Zn, Iron, Vit D, B12. Plus took a gene test for MTHFR gene which showed I don't even absorb folic acid, so I need other forms of folate. I take the specific vitamins/minerals for what I'm deficient in. If I just took a regular prenatal it would really do jack all.
Avatar m tn Monocytes are one of a few different types of white blood cells. When there is a variation in the number of white blood cells in a CBC count doctors will want to look at the specific types of white blood cells (which include monocytes) to help determine the cause of the abnormal white blood cell count. To determine the relevance of your monocyte count if your white blood cell count is abnormal you would have to first determine if your white blood cell count is too high or too low.
Avatar f tn Go straight to midwife and explain i suffered bad from morning sickness and eventually threw up more blood they admitted me in as it could be a tear in ur tum so go straight away as so far on it can be dangerous espec with diff blood types good luck x
Avatar f tn I had blood tests done and one of them has to be sent to Virginia. I live in Pa. Why is this?
Avatar f tn I recently took a poll asking what type of MS I had. I expected it to show the four typical types of MS, RRMS, PPMS, SPMS and PRMS, instead it showed this: What type of multiple sclerosis do you have? Benign MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS) Primary-Progressive MS (PPMS) Secondary-Progressive MS (SPMS) Progressive-Relapsing MS (PRMS) Optic-spinal MS Devic's disease Balo concentric sclerosis, Marburg or acute multiple sclerosis Other please state: Don't know: Holy moly!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had this blood test carried out. Voltage gated potassium chanel? there was no explanation from the neuro as to why I had this or what they are looking for. Why are they always so vague. Also having a brain eeg. If anyone can shed some light on this I would be very grateful. Thanks and take care.
333672 tn?1273792789 gov/pubmed/8780061 Anyway, up until that point clinical trials were hampered by a lack of agreement on the types of MS and the definitions of those types. It was thought that since MS is such a heterogeneous disease, mixing up different types in one clinical trial would lead to inaccurate results. Given the lack of biomarkers for MS (e.g.