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Avatar f tn I finally am feeling better and loosing weight through diet and exercise. Now I seem to have high blood pressure and I have noticed lately that a few "symptoms" that went away when I first went on synthroid have started creeping back up like leg cramps...could my blood pressure be related to needing my doseage updated? Any ideas on how to bring down my blood pressure naturally?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know anything about Lortabs causing high blood pressure? Is high blood pressure one of the withdrawal symptoms?? I am going to try to quit cold turkey. I live in a small town, and many people know and respect me because of my career. There is no way I could ever let anyone know that I have this type of problem. I guess I just need some support...maybe journaling my feelings on this forum will help. I feel like I have tried everything else....
Avatar n tn Hi, I have high blood pressure too. What Bloke1981 has explained is entirely true. In april 2009 I was rushed to the ER for a rapid heartrate after eating, 133 bpm. After ondergoing several test I was diagnosed (may 2009) with mild mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation. Since then I am on beta blockers, Nebivolol (Bystolic) for tachycardia. before that my resting heartrate was around 80/90. Now my heart rate is around 55-70.
Avatar n tn However, if you're overweight, Peg Intron may be a better choice because it is weight based while Pegasys is one dose for everyone. Regarding blood pressure medicine... not familiar with the one you listed, but many people are on high blood pressure medicine while on treatment. On the other hand, sometimes blood pressure drops because of the inteferon, so you might discuss this with your doctor.
10609801 tn?1412402888 Some natural herbs and flowers work in contrast against other types of medicines. For instance, Grapefruit reduces the effect of some blood pressure medicines and also cholesterol lowering medicines.
Avatar n tn The natural remedy to balance your body systems and be pain free, is to do pranayam.The pain is indicating that the system is not functioning and killing the pain for a short period, is not a solution. Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after 1 minute. Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically.
Avatar n tn i had some issues with PVC male 58, overweight, no cholesterol, no High Blood Pressure, no diabetes, was an athlete when younger, that helped I guess Went to the doctor in the hospital who proposed some meds with helped moderately over a 2 week period and I am not a fan of chemical aids like drugs I found this site, took 2 * CoQ10, 3 * omega fish oil and 2 Mag 64 magnesium choride Problems are gone now after 4 weeks
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a fast heart rate but low blood pressure and my cardio wanted to put me on a very low dose of beta blockers. I am borderline hypothyroid and my cardio said my heart is fine, it's my thyroid giving me the fast heart rate. So, my question is: How do I take a beta blocker when my blood pressure is already low? Its always 90/60.
Avatar m tn The study reported that patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes who drank hibiscus tea twice a day for a month experienced a reduction in systolic blood pressure levels, although no reduction was noted in diastolic pressure. I had high blood pressure about 20+ years ago I don't have it any more. I do drink 3 cups of Hibiscus tea cold it goes down faster LOL. Is it because of the tea? I don't know but it can't hurt! talk to your doctor!
578865 tn?1218003943 I really did like Motherwort. "Mother" tucked me in and helped me sleep, but I was afraid of mixing it with the Tapazole and other drugs at the time. It's a very potent herb, like bugleweed. I also did lemon balm tea... and loved it... but, again, I didn't feel comfortable mixing it with all the meds.
Avatar f tn So will magnesium make low blood pressure lower if it reduces high blood pressure?
Avatar n tn Should I ask for another blood test to verify that the high T3 was from the dose? Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Avatar f tn Robert Graham, an internist and natural remedy specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He said the study analysis was "methodologically strong," with people being followed for at least three weeks to test the effect of legume intake on health. According to Graham, that three-week threshold is the same the U.S. Food and Drug Administration uses when it evaluates any product that claims to help lower cholesterol.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant I had problems with all three pregnancies 1 I bled alot and thought I'd have to go to OR and the 3rd one my blood pressure was very high they dropped it to much and had to be life flighted to a bigger special care hospital. This is partly why I have health anxiety. Does anyone have any natural remedies I can use? Anything is much appreciated.
1428440 tn?1287393979 Constipation, miralax helped and lots of high fiber cereal. I will not let that get out of control again. I do have high blood pressure and I am a diabetic, only take the meteforman for it. I did read when I was researching the suboxone that some natural substances could interfere with the med. so I will consult at least the pharmacist. Dr if I can reach him. I hate calling there they keep offering sleeping pills which I am not ready to try yet.
Avatar n tn O) I have had thyroid tests and they have turned out normal. I also see a psychiatrist and a therapist regularly. My blood pressure is normal so is my cholesterol and I do not have diabetes. Whatever the problem is, I was born with it.
535822 tn?1443980380 Baking soda can raise the blood pressure. Persons taking medication for hypertension should consult a health practitioner before using baking soda in this manner. Apple cider vinegar Anecdotal evidence and clinical reports indicate that apple cider vinegar relieves joint pain, acid stomach, headaches, gout, muscle spasms and arthritis. ACV acts to help create an alkaline-forming state in the body by stimulating digestive juices, including bicarbonate, that's released by the pancreas.
Avatar m tn The herbs didn't work! I mean, I don't feel anything when I'm on them. I only did once, that is when I used Valerian 6 pills. Then after that, it never worked again. Passion Flower didn't do anything. I even took 60 drops, and it has no effect. Combining Kava Kava with Valerian doesn't work either. Taking 3 pills of Kava Kava doesn't work. Are herbs usually this useless for everyone? I took a vitamin pill. I don't know if that works. And even if they did work, it doesn't matter.
199177 tn?1490502134 Decreased potassium levels are associated with depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Perhaps the best source of potassium can be found in fresh fruits such as oranges and bananas, and in vegetables such as leafy greens and potatoes. Numerous herbal extracts, including Nettle and Alfalfa, can provide bio-available forms of potassium. Herbs associated with detoxifying and strengthening the liver and digestive tract Milk Thistle. (Silybum marianum seed).
Avatar n tn It is advertised as a natural hemoroid remedy. Anyway, thanks everybody. I'm new here but I really like the forum.
Avatar n tn It was developed before T4 levels were able to be measure accurately. The assumption was that if the patient had a high T4 level, the blood proteins would be saturated with it. Therefore when mixed with T3 (which is easier to measure), the blood proteins would take up very little T3. Thus a low T3 uptake implies elevated T4 levels and vice versa. Thus the T3 Uptake test is actually an antiquated, inaccurate way to measure T4 levels. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I am not a Doctor or in the Medical field.
Avatar n tn Pressure in face and ears Sharp pain in ear once or twice a day Some pressure in area behind ear going straight down neck behind ear Burning/tingling sensation in tongue Burning sensation/pressure in nose near eyes pressure felt in teeth and gums Now for more background. I take Exforge for blood pressure (have taken this for years), Nexium, and a Generic Brand Allegra. Went to my GP regarding the problem back we hen it started.
Avatar n tn all my cultures show no infection just white blood cells..I've seen a urologist who did a bladder ultrasound and cystoscopy both normal..I saw my gyn who did a pelvic ovaries were normal..he did not give me a ultrasound though..should I persue further testing since this could be a symptom of ovarian cancer? I am 30yr..also I did have a pelvic ultrasound 6 moths ago for something else and my ovaries were normal size.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and chronic rem sleep deprivation at 51. CPAP has elminated high blood pressure, use of statins, helped me lose 40 lbs, eliminated years of acid reflx and losec, night time urination. I could go on and on. All of this led me to ENT where I finally realized that I had a long term sinus problem that may play a significant role in the apnee. I use NeilMed sinus flood sinus rines twice a day and its a life saver.
Avatar n tn He would start a game but have to leave after about 10 minutes. After a brief rest and using an inhaler or a natural remedy, he could return to the game and cope for the remainder of the game but he was never 100%. It would vary some based on field, weather etc. but there was never complete relief and at times the problem was severe. Based on symptoms, he was diagnosed as exercise induced asthma and continued on with Singular and inhalers with marginal to no improvement.
Avatar n tn This just happened again to my thumb after 10 years and my cardiologist prescribed high blood pressure meds...and I DON'T have high blood pressure, I've been running for 25 years! If anyone has a diagnosis please share...I know your frustration.
Avatar n tn Then one day my blood pressure went to 180/98 with 180 pulse. They said panic attack. These lasted 6 hours plus. I was 34 with no history of panic. Then here comes the “ accept your mental” path and baby does of Xanex. Another ambulance trip with similar numbers, again lasting hours scored me a beta blocker. On the Beta blocker the burning persisted. How I managed the pain I have no clue. Then my world changed. My pulse would kick up out of the blue, for no reason usually around dinner time.
Avatar n tn Does this sound like some sort of blood vessel disorder? I am worried because I read a high pulse pressure (difference between syst. and diast.) can cause aging of the brain, heart and kidneys Can I reverse this? (I'm never touching any lifting supplements again) How long do you think it might take if I can? I do have some exercise intolerances now, but I seem to slowly be getting better. Should I go back to see a cardiologist or another doctor?
Avatar m tn He put me on a low sodium diet and gave me script for perscription blood pressure meds( a diuretic). I don't have high blood pressure. But it saved my life. I was to point so dizzy couldn't walk or stand and my words would slur only sometimes. I have a constant pressure in my ears. I have been on this diet for a few years and I have been great. If I start to feel dizzy or pressure I take a diuretic. Maybe you have something similar. You can try it out before going to dr.