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490443 tn?1236651856 I had chest x-rays done at the Huntsman. Blood work. CMP and a CBC my white cells are up a bit as I jsut has surgery and a COLD! So I am CLEAR fron my feet to my chest so far!!! GOOD HUH!!! So SURGERY AGAIN at the Huntsman Tues next week for the rest of the right lobe out nad a neck dissection if he prefers to do so?? Wahte ver he wants. OHHHHHHHHHHH that doc he is a looker! WOW WEE!!! He do do waht ever to me! OM MY I sould terrible!! HA HA HA. I am so ready.
Avatar n tn The kittens will be kind of greasy, but it's preferrable to the alternative of having them become anemic from blood loss to the fleas.
Avatar n tn On his way to work, he started coughing as if he was about to throw up and when he spit, blood came out. I was just wondering does this has anything to do with us having oral sex, or could this be something else?
Avatar n tn I was recently talking to my mother and she told me that when I was born a doctor informed her to make sure I didnt marry someone of the same blood type as me, since this would worsen the chances of having a healthy child? Is this true? I can't seem to find any biological basis for this. By the way, I am O+ type blood. My mom is O-, and my father is O+. I know she had to get a shot because of this RH incompatibility with my father.
Avatar n tn I noticed blood in my ejaculate. I have never experienced this before. No pain was felt.
Avatar n tn A raised white blood count can be an indicator of infection. Your white count isn't raised very much above normal. The body is always being invaded by bacterial and viral "bugs" that need to be fought. Each time, WBCs are raised until the "bug" has been irradicated. Most of the time you don't know it is happening. It sounds like the doctor is letting the WBCs do their job, but is watching just to make sure they don't need a little help.
Avatar n tn Blood from the anus (without stool) can indicate many things and can be life threatening depen ding on where the bleeding is occuring. I suggest you ignor her complaints and call an ambulance. Just call the police department and they will send one to your house. She will begin getting the medical help she needs immediately and will be seen by a doctor upon arrival at the hospital. If you take her in, she may have to wait several hours before being seen, which can impact her health.
Avatar n tn Blood pressure of 100/69 is just fine. You don't have to worry about that one little bit. If you have stones, you will know it. The pain is equated to childbirth without drugs. Stones in the kidney can be created due to chronic low level dehydration. If you don't drink much water, or live on soda and coffee, sports drinks, etc. you may be dehydrated and not feel it. When water is not available to clear out the kidneys, crystals develop and stay in the kidney.
Avatar n tn A blood pressure of 88/60 is low, but not dangerously low. It may be that the medical assistant (who is not a nurse, but often called a nurse)took the pressure incorrectly, or doesn't see very many low pressures. It was unprofessional of that person to gasp or upset you with her findings. Your blood pressure is fine. Low pressures are often found in people who are exhaused. Good luck.
Avatar n tn A "normal" blood pressure is 120/80. The top number represents the right side of the heart, the bottom represents the left side of the heart. For blood pressure to be considered "high" it needs to be above 140/90 in three readings in a row (not on the same day). To be put on medication, the right sided reading (the 140) needs to be above 150 consistantly, or the left sided reading (the 90)needs to be above 100. Your blood pressure is none of these things.
1135304 tn?1260516824 i took adderall the night before, i had no idea i was going to go to the doctor the very next day. however i did, i would like to know if this can affect my blood test.? and if so how much can it ruin because i have to start getting better.
976897 tn?1379171202 Doctor called today and said she wants to get my blood pressure down just a little bit. She is going to prescribe a very mild diuretic and see how it goes.
Avatar n tn What is your blood pressure like? Changes in blood pressure from "regular" blood pressure values (either going up or down), along with raised cholesterol and triglyceride levels can indicate a problem with the kidneys. Have the doctor do a urine test. If abnormal, see a nephrologist and have your kidney function tested. It is common with persons who have either hyper- or hypoglycemia to "lose" proteins along with sugar via the kidney.
1368836 tn?1278215205 Do any of you experience episodes where your blood pressure spikes up for a few minutes and then returns to normal? I see that many folks with MVPS/Dysautonomia have problems with low blood pressure...but I do not have that and take meds to keep my BP low and also take beta-blockers to help control high BP and for palpitations. I have so many of the other symptoms that match...but this one thing seems so be counter indicative to the MVPS/Dysautonomia.
Avatar f tn Me and my fiance just had intercourse and afterwards there was blood on me after the sex ended but not him. The bleeding lasted maybe 15 seconds but I also had a burning/tingling sensation right after. Is this a sign that I had sex too early?
Avatar n tn This puts pressure on the heart and your blood pressure will rise. If you have high blood pressure these exercises are most often discouraged. Weights that include light lifting such as bringing a moderate weight up towards the head and the body is upright, are sometimes okay. One thing you can do for yourself is get a good heart and blood pressure monitor for exercise. There is a strap that goes around the chest and a watch that monitors your heart rate.
Avatar n tn What causes high copper serum in the blood, along with cronic ear infections, costipation, slowed speech development and poor corroadination in a 26 month old little boy?
Avatar n tn I did have an endoscope which showed that I'm fine. Had a head CT - brain looks good. I had a complete blood work up that says I'm OK. I have normal stool. I went to an ENT - she stated that my sinus pathways are inflammed and put me on AVELOX and Pregnisone and that my other symptoms are not related to sinus inflamation. ENT stated other areas of head that hurt are tension related. The anxiety I have with these symptoms is making life difficult.
Avatar n tn Kudos to you for wanting to help by donating blood. With your symptoms, the blood bank will not take your blood without a note from your doctor to tell them he/she believes that donating won't harm you.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just had my 2 month post tx done this am and blood was really thick and really dark. Even the lab tech. commented about it. Any ideas what is up?
Avatar n tn Went to the doctor and she sent me for blood tests and U/S. I have just looked at the results, (as I have access to them through the hospital where I work.) My PCV came back slightly below normal. It is 0.366 (normal range 0.370-0.540)(Platelet cell volume, a low one can mean malignancy) That in itself is ok. As it is only one test, and anaemia can cause a low PCV. But just had a look at my tumor marker. CEA test and it is low <0.2ng/ml when the normal is (0.8--2.
Avatar n tn Blood test cannot tell if you have a pulmonary embolism, but if you had one you would probably be dead by now, so don't worry about them. The blood clots that enter the lungs always either pass thought harmlessly because they are small, or they clog the artery and your lungs fill with blood. It is exceedingly painful and then you die. You are not dead, so I think it is safe to assume that you don't have a pulmonary embolism.
Avatar n tn Excess erythropoieten may be removed from the blood by a process called chelation, or it may be done in a blood bank where units of red blood cells blood are removed, leaving the rest of the blood in tact. Not a dangerous proceedure, but I have never heard of this being done on children under 10yrs. Conditions that cause this may include heart disease, pulmonary fibrosis (both bad things), or it may be hereitary in nature and have no cause.
Avatar n tn Your blood pressure is fine. Obese people often get high blood pressure that will go away as they lose weight. Since the clinic is "watching" you carefully, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Next visit sit down with the doctor and have him/her explain what is happening with your blood pressure and what you should look for in the way of danger signals of low blood pressure. Congrats on the weight loss, glad it's working for you.
Avatar n tn Blood pressure measurements have changed in recent years. The old standard for "perfect" blood pressure was always 120/80 with high blood pressure above 140/90. Now the "perfect blood pressure is lower and 120.80 is considered to be pre-hypertensive. Many doctors are changing medications for high blood pressure to come into line with the newest standards.
Avatar n tn Thank you for responding queen of harts
Avatar f tn A blood pressure of 140/90 isn't a dangerously high blood pressure, but the heart rate is rapid. Since all of your tests came out within normal limits, look to your diet. Do you eat iodine? If you don't eat fish (other than tuna), or iodized salt (1tsp/day) you might have a problem with low iodine. The symptoms are anxiety, panic, brain fog, rapid heart rate, increase in blood pressure, and nightmares.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had kidney stones w/o having blood in urine? My daughter had stones in Feb. Has had other problems since. Still following up on all of that with dr. The last several days she has had severe abdominal pain again on/off. Went to dr yesterday just for a urine ck, no blood they said. She was fine for the rest of the day. Then in the night woke up with terrible pain. I had to give her pain meds from when she had the stones before. Any advice is appreciated... Thanks.
Avatar f tn There are many different reasons why you can vomit blood. I have GERD and Gastritis personally, and used to vomit blood frequently. Red blood indicates that it is fresh, and hasn't had far to travel. Do you have any stomach pain at all?
365281 tn?1200062908 Well I go my medical recordslike most suggested and foun the blood work info. now I'm not sure what to look for After being sick with another resp infection or hell could be pneumonia (sp) again (had itin nov) for a week my family s ready to toss me out the door. It seems as if noone understands me and my mood swings. Im scared, confused and angry because the all just think I'm crazy. They feel with no DX I just must be crazy.. go figure...........