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Avatar f tn According to one article I read about it, Boluoke helps break up fibrin, which is used by the body in connective tissue and by the blood to form clots. Some believe that fibrin is also a component in biofilms. The supplement can thin the blood a bit. Buyer beware. Some brands are supposedly just ground up earthworms. I believe I will be thrilled if the Boluoke does the job. Tindamax is hard on my body, not to mention really expensive.
Avatar m tn It also appears that the higher dose of NM283 is being discontinued as monotherapy due to lack of antiviral activity as well as side effects which resulted in an 18% drop out rate. Conclusions on non-responders trial: "....
Avatar m tn I understand it builts itself into the chemical structure of the liver cells (and the blood cells) which would explain why so much time after UND is needed to entirely clear the virus.
Avatar n tn The pvcs and related symptoms were keeping me up until 2 or 3 in the morning. My blood pressure is also better. Good luck and hope you get to feeling better.
Avatar f tn Since you were undetectable at wk 12 it is ashamed that you have to go off the meds. I take my 12 wk blood test today, and am a bit anxious. Today I'm in a positive frame of mind, but at times over the last week I didn't even care if I was not responding. Then it would give me the excuse to get out of this horror show. The sx have not been very friendly to me either. I believe your riba dose was cut and you were not rx procit.
151263 tn?1243377877 Let me guess, you're a recovering alcoholic who's taken up moses' staff and your job now is to declare to all about the great satan that is alcohol? Just one drop will kill you!!! Right? And don't think I don't remember your earlier recounts of my drinking statements as well. What are you keeping score on everyone's alcohol consumption with some kind of alcohol clipboard? If so, give it up dude. That's not what this thread is about. BARTENDER!!!
Avatar m tn Wash off your hands with soap. The blood vessels on one side of the nose swell up with blood, on purpose, to close off that side of the nose to air. This gives the cilia in the closed nostril a chance to clean out all the pollution and mucus. When it’s clean, it opens up and the other side is closed to repeat the process. The things that swell up to close your nostrils are called turbinates. Keep this in mind when you are blowing your nose.
Avatar n tn Just when my life was getting the best it has in years, (14 days off), it takes a drop into the worst moment of my life. I got the phone call on the 17th, a thursday, at a little after 11:30. I was suprized to hear the sound of my father crying whom I have only heard cry once before in my whole life. He was crying hard while he talked. He told me that mom was gone. I suddenly felt my throat close and the tears come. I gasped out a "What!?!
Avatar n tn I want to pop my ear so badly and when it manages to slightly....then I feel the drainage down the back of my throat. I had all the blood work done...including blood culture for viral, bacterial and fungal (although I understand that it could take to find out about fungal as it takes more time to grow)...I am worried as I don't want to be this way for long....Can anyone shed some light?...I have had two myringotomies in the for fluid removal and one for air pressure buildup....
Avatar m tn You need an HbA1c test. And to take blood sugar levels. Curiously, abnormal blood sugar levels often produce quite pleasureable halucinations amongst a portion of the population with a genetic predisposition. I like to call them "sugar people". It's sort of like being in the Matrix. This doesn't mean you have diabetes. If you note mystics often produce such "dreams" by fasting.
Avatar m tn I remember reading on here someone commenting on how they could even make out the blood cells moving in the veins, which wouldn;t surprise me. When I wasn;t looking for anything, of course, I saw nothing, which kind of underlines the point about hyper-awareness. It's a mystery to me. Maybe I'll find out when I finally get seen again by a retinologist.
61536 tn?1340701763 Well, I have cut out EVERY drop of caffeine- but once in a while, I will gamble and eat some chocolate..I love it sooo much...but very rarely have any..thats a big trigger for me. Anything spicy..with MSG as well. 5. What is your list of non-edible triggers? For me, a BIG trigger is just simply EATING! I can be having zero palps...and I will eat a regular meal, and within moments after eating...they are suddenly and furious. Its horrible.
Avatar n tn I am so scared its a blood clot, but my family doc said I wouldn't be having a blood clot for months. Now its been going on for over a year and doc cant give me an answer. He sent me to a neurologist and he was also at a loss for what it could be. Anyone hear of this pain being related to cramps and menstration?
Avatar n tn well thank god one of my nurse practitioners said a rash should not last almost 2 years, itching on and off...........and gave me a BLOOD test for herpes just in the off chance it could be that. And guess what, IT WAS! never a blister, never a lesion, never anything typically associated or thought to be what people invision in their defined healing stage, nothing people would ever think of.
Avatar f tn On a side note, i just read eating for your blood type. It says type AB blood type typically has low HCL. I wonder how many Pinworm sufferers are type AB. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, it really helps.