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875426 tn?1325528416 Design your day and don't let leaky pipes get in your way advertisement is getting in the way of my short-cut drop down menu at times where I can't see a lot of it... can you rectify this? Also, it is not an encouragement to go on the undiagnosed community when one keeps getting huge pop ups there... is this only temporary? Thanks for listening.
Avatar m tn Energex Systems' HemoModulation(TM) therapy is an extracorporeal treatment that involves exposing a small amount of an infected subject's blood (3-4%) to a precise amount of ultra-violet light (UV), for a precise amount of time. During the process, any pathogen in the blood that is directly exposed to the UV energy is inactivated. After exposure, the blood carrying the inactive pathogen is returned to the patient through the same portal it was drawn from.
Avatar f tn here's a nifty little animation of childbirth where they show you the placenta being delivered at the end (it's a computer animation so it's not graphic or gross, I promise, lol).
Avatar f tn Can someone be bleeding after missed period. Blood drop for 1week after missed period and the pregnant test shows positive. Whats the blood for?
Avatar n tn TIME BOMB IN MY DAD'S CHEST It was discovered 2 years ago that my father had an aneurysm on his heart (1.4mm i think) and was told this was borderline for and operation. 6 months later the size was unchanged. Another 6 months later the size was unchanged. 1 year after that, it has grown (1.7mm) and in addition a second aneurysm has appeared right next to the first. The surgeon has said an operation is REQUIRED.
Avatar m tn The one-sided nature of your symptoms is interesting. Take a look at the discussion and animation at this website and see if any of it looks familiar to you:
Avatar f tn Hi I m 6 weeks pregnant and this morning I woke up and found out a drop of blood in my underwear looks pink or brownish. I wiped myself no more blood and i have no pain but i just felt very tired which i think is normal when someone is pregnant. I m just worried it is my 3 rd pregnancy I never had that experience before. Have anyone ever experienced that before, is dangerous and does that mean it is a threat to a miscarriage?
Avatar m tn s something that I was playing around with photoshop and animation. I thought it would be cool to put a little flower there and when you put your mouse cursor on spins. Spring is coming so I thought it would be appropriate. Plus I like purple...that's like my color. Excuse me...someone at the right back... ....I'm back. So did you fall for it ??? hahahaha. The purple flower is to indicate me as a Community Leader of this forum.
Avatar m tn I have seen one case where the doctor writing it up thought that might have happened, but no proof it did. A woman who did IVF was told by blood test after the two-week wait that she was not pregnant, and she says she and her husband did not then have sex, and two weeks later, there was an embryo. The doctors who wrote up the story apparently believed the woman about not having sex.
Avatar f tn I am convinced its carcinoid because the flush is exactly as described and looks like computer animation. Dr Warner has never seen it but if he did he would agree it's carcinoid. I've had about 20 tests including blood, urine (even 24 hr urine serotinin 5-HTP) and all were normal until this CgA today. I'm so scared. No other condition fits my symptoms. Please let me hear from all of you as to your latest situation.
Avatar m tn You may be feeling a PVC, in which an earlier than usual beat fires off in the left ventricle (the biggest pumping chamber). The ventricle hasn't had a chance to get a full load of blood with one of these, so most people do not even feel this tiny contraction, because very little force is required.
Avatar f tn And in summer 2015 I was accepted to animation programs at art college last summer, and animation was my life, so shaking hands is something I definitely didn't want. Because it was effecting my art. But when I stopped Abilify, hell broke loose. I got so sick with sinus infections, strep throat, kidney infections, bladder infections, UTI, headaches, and the flu. And that lasted until November, and I took lots of antibiotics. but that was just the beginning of hell.
Avatar n tn I have had something in my vision for 6 months. I had it checked out by the optometrist the first time I noticed it and he didnt find anything wrong. When I blink in a lit room, i usually see it. If i move the edge of my eyelid, or a dark object in that area of my vision, it's momentarily visible. It looks like an afterimage of a bright light, but its always there in the same exact place. Doesnt move around like a floater.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed last summer with bipolar type II and I began to doubt the diagnosis and I realized that my psych had me overmedicated...there was literally no animation in my face so I gradually (over six weeks got off the meds.) I also believe that I don't suffer from BP and PTST but a sleep disorder. Even though I have serious insomnia, I'm staying in bed for 8 to 9 hours and probably getting more than the 4-6 I was getting at the time of my diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Besides my right part of head seems to had grown more and also left eye seem to drop below the line of the other one, causing more facial asymmetry. Also one one started to point in it's own direction a bit. What could be wrong?I visited my GP and he doesn't take my problem seriously. We discussed acromegaly and gigantism, yet he didn't want to appoint me to specialist. P.s.
Avatar m tn Some notes : - It only appears in my left eye, if I close it the spot disappears - It always appears at the same place and it doesn't move (unlike floaters) - It's related to the amount of light my eye receive. If I can see the spot and put sunglasses on, it disappears - It's also related to my focus distance.
Avatar f tn Anyone had a major red blood cell drop and had to reduce the ribavirin to 4 pill instead of 6?
212161 tn?1599427282 what makes your blood planets drop , last year for the first time ever they drop to 140 th, this year they are 128th.
Avatar m tn I do my own custom scripts (relating to my intentions and needs), create mind-movies with sound, smell, colors,animation etc, rehearse till learnt well and then play them back (in my mind), adding brain waves from the brain wave generator software. If you need more details, let me know. Cheers!
Avatar n tn Fast heart rates, tachycardias, can also cause syncope/nearsyncope because the heart is unable to fill adequately with blood to pump to the brain. Orthostatic hypotension (blood vessels cannot constrict when standing up, therefore causing pooling of blood in the legs-->not enough blood to the brain). Another cause can be a seizure, in which you lose all muscle tone. This is usually due to too much electrical activity in a certain area in the brain.
Avatar m tn shrimp tail Punctured my fingers skin , my wound a drop of blood to flow out.After 20 seconds a woman nosebleeds, her blood directly touching my finger wound. This is an open wound?I will be contagious?
Avatar f tn No they don't usually do a vaginal ultrasound that late, they can see how long your cervix is the regular way.
Avatar f tn Let’s say that a patient has a dangerous diseases and is supposed to be put in suspended animation we don’t know what the disease is, so I just want to know how likely for the patient to survive the hypernation based on how the disease is spreading. My question is if it is a dangerous disease is it more likely to spread fast ina away that cannot allow the patient to be put in the sleep chamber ? And how fast is likely to spread? And are there dangerous diseases that can spread slowly ?