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Avatar n tn i hawe found virus can live up to 7 days in dried drop of blood.we were in hotel and 2 hours after arrival i found blood on blanket and towels - like if the cleaning lady had little cut on finger. small red spots,only few but certainly blood.our little son has abrasions everywhere like every kid and did use the towels he keeps touching his eyes etc i am afraid..thanks a lot!
Avatar n tn However, the place she took me to was not the cleanest and when I got home I noticed what looked like a blood stain on my sock, and possibly some semen stains. I have some seriously abraded/torn skin from old blisters on the soles of my feet (but not bleeding) as I do a lot of hiking .. So I am worried what if blood/semen from her or from another person who had used the room beforehand, got in contact with the abraded/torn skin ?.
Avatar n tn I'm now worried out of my mind that it was someone else's blood that somehow got onto a doorknob or something. It that were the case, there was sufficient blood to leave a noticeable stain on my hands. I had no cuts or anything but scratched the surface a little bit out of curiosity to find out what it was. Odds are, my OCD is getting the better of me again, and the blood was probably mine from a paper-cut earlier in the day (though I don't recall injuring myself).
Avatar m tn I never did need Neupogen the last time around but my ANC did drop to around 510 several times. It bounced up and down, but never got above an ANC of 800. I hope this helps Blessings in your day................
Avatar n tn Then a couple days after I stopped spotting we had sex and ended up with a huge blood stain on my sheets. The sudden rush of blood just seemed out of place to me, and I actually started to worry. After the next sex experience became painful, I googled the symptoms, and saw the comments about a stuck tampon causing similar symptoms. I "looked" for it last night with no luck. But tonight I relaxed myself, tried again, and sure as hell I felt a sideways tampon very deep up inside me.
Avatar n tn Recently, I had a spell of cold and my nose was completely blocked, I snored all night and nect morning i found a drop of blood during brushing (first time i had a drop come out). I have been to ENT once that performed a videostroboscopy on my throat and found everything normal. I sometimes feel burning sensation at the back of my thorat and sometimes, itchy, ticklish ears, sometimes pain in my upper jaw. But, I have not taken tests for sinus.
Avatar n tn After my first quick sip on the second soft drink (not much alcohol in it), I noticed a small red stain (like a tear drop) still looking fresh on the fold of the yellow straw that came with the drink. I checked the glass, the barmen's hands and the straw but I found nothing more except the aforementioned stain. I spread the stain on the white side of the receipt and indeed it was looking like blood in texture.
Avatar n tn Hep-C is a human transmitted blood to blood virus and the addition of a cat in the route provides another degree of separation, so to speak. The most common ways of getting the virus are shared IV needles and blood transfusions. There are a number of other documented transmission sources, such as tattoos, body piercings, manicures, air-guns.
Avatar f tn A week ago at lunch I noticed I had a small light stain of blood on my finger by my nail. I automatically licked this but didn’t notice a cut. A minute later my husbands father said his finger was bleeding. Though I have never heard of him having hiv I also doubt he has tested and has had a few girlfriends. I also had an ulcer in my mouth at the time and I am worried about the risk of even a small amount (it wasn’t an actual drop of blood) .
Avatar n tn If after withrawing from her vagina with my condomed-penis covered in blood and then her removing the condom, I inspected the opening of the urethra and there was no blood, is that conclusive that no blood entered the urethra (after all, wouldn't some drop of blood be at the opening of the urethra if the condom did not protect?)? Comment: I want to thank you on behalf of the many that you have helped on here.
Avatar n tn As I said, I did not notice any clear fluid stains on my hand whether blood or any thing else. But suppose, assume that there was small blood stain got contacted my fingers and got dried. and after i came home after 45 minutes and washed my penis with out washing hands, will there be any risk?
Avatar n tn i had sexual intercourse about 7 or 8 times before seeing a doctor. the same occurred except for 2 times, in which no blood appeared. but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old.
Avatar n tn We have been trying for pregnancy since then but on 1.10.2011 I had experienced blood stain (just a drop). Is it safe for my baby? plz help as I am very tensed and worried.
Avatar m tn I'm ready worried because i found like some blood stain on my ketchup bottle and juice bottle aswell , so i was wondering if any blood did drop into any of these two am i at any risk of being infected ?
Avatar n tn the biopsy shows no increase in stainable iron but the trichrome stain shows portal fibrosis without periportal fibrosis or other more severe fibrosis. Fatty change is present as is individual cell drop out, patchy portal inflamation and mild sinusodial dilatation. The diagnostic features of steatohepatitis are not seen. Bile ducts are intact. A drug effect is favored. end. My ocologist is statisfied that liver inflamaiton is from med's I was taking.
Avatar n tn All was going pretty normal until pinkish colored blood left a small drop on the test. The test came out negative AGAIN and I've been spotting light, light, light pinkish off and on all day but it's not enough to where I have to wear a pad. This is not normal for me. Usually the day before I start I usually have more reddish colored blood and more blood period than this and have to where a pad even if it's not much so as to not stain my jeans.
Avatar n tn hi everyone, i was 11 wks preg when i had a scan they told me there was no sign of life and the baby had died at 8 wks i had a d&c 12 days ago and 6 days later i started to bleed then stain from then. preg test still positive.
Avatar n tn After examining my eye he said der's nothing to worry der was blood stain in my white eyeball which cleared soon after few days.but after some days i started observing some kind of floaters in front of my eye and they move where ever i move my eye.initially it was like just 2 dots n a transparent line in between(in the shape of two eyes and a smile).
Avatar f tn A week ago at lunch I noticed I had a small light stain of blood on my finger by my nail. I automatically licked this but didn’t notice a cut. A minute later my husbands father said his finger was bleeding. Though I have never heard of him having hiv I also doubt he has tested and has had a few girlfriends. I also had an ulcer in my mouth at the time and I am worried about the risk of even a small amount (it wasn’t an actual drop of blood) .
Avatar f tn On the last of those times my member touched the outside of her vagina and had a little stain of blood on the head of my penis, less than a drop. Anyway we always used condom while penetrating sex, but the lubricating of the condom made the little stain of blood on my pwnis move around, I'm not sure if it actually reached the uretra since i washed after.
Avatar f tn 5days later after the expected date ,this time it delayed by 20days got my pregnency test done twice its negative,yesterday there was a drop of blood stain .
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, the common causes of such discoloration would be Infectious keratitis, Bacterial keratitis, Viral keratitis, Iritis and Subconjunctival hemorrhage. It can start with the red eye and later due to blood pigment changes it can stain brown. It can be seen in allergic conditions. It can occur spontaneously or with Valsalva associated with coughing, sneezing, straining, or vomiting. Vexol helps to reduce the inflammation.
Avatar n tn This year I had a liver biopsy and the Fibrosure blood test 6 weeks later. They match on stage (F3), but are a bit different on grade ("Mild to moderate" vs. "Severe"). BIOPSY ------ Sections of the liver biopsy demonstrate a sample of liver tissue with approximately 10 intact portal tracts. There are normal appearing interlobular bile ducts in most portal tracts. Chronic inflammation is present in most portal tracts, with predominantly lymphocytes in the infiltrate.
Avatar m tn If my assumption is correct, and there was a very small drop of blood from one of the dancers on my clothes, and it came into contact with my penis while covered with the shirt. Could I be infected in any way with anything ? Please, let me know your take on this and if I should visit my doctor to confirm before I proceed any sexual activities with my wife. Your answers are greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have been leaking since week 20. Its sticky and leaves a stain. Once I saw a tiny red spot like blood stain too. But normally its just the sticky liquid. I am going to discuss this with my doctor this Wednesday in my monthly appointment.
Avatar f tn I am in my 3rd month in my second pregnancy, my first I spotted in the first trimester and with this one two weeks ago and two days later. If you want a definitive answer get your blood HCG levels tested at your Doctor, that way the answer will be definitive or as mentioned above, wait a few more days and take another pregnancy test. Good luck!
Avatar f tn i happen to have sex with my husband on 24 dec using condoms was due to get periods by 25dec (usually get periods always 5days later the expected date) now it has been delayed by 20days i got my pregency test done almost 2times its negative & yesterday i got a drop of blood stain i m worried & confused i need to suggestion i dont wana get pregnent as if now.
Avatar m tn After washing my underwear a stain has shown up and im not sure if its blood or not . I'm very paranoid and cant even talk to my fiance because im ashamed that i might have contracted a STD or even worst HIV . I don't want to put my fiance's health at risk so im considering coming clean and just ending our relationship cause im not sure exactly what my HIV status is anymore .
Avatar f tn Then for the next 4 days only mild cramping on and off and only spotting when I wipe and pee only had been enough for me to use a pantry liner just so the drop or two doesn’t stain. I’ve been looking it up and keep getting that it could be implantation bleeding.. now today which is the 6th day of spotting only brown and very very little looking like it’s about to be over with the spotting. Any ideas what’s going on???