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1082336 tn?1286318595 one drop of blood today not getting hopes up though
432779 tn?1364494875 drop of blood last night when I wiped
598319 tn?1282102140 Lunar fertility days: August 7, 8, 9, 10 for a BOY
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1419717 tn?1419339982 tiny drop of pink in my cm check yesterday. Any day, AF!
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1550139 tn?1294124696 pink mucous and tiny blood.
Avatar f tn After 4 days of a, (mostly), Fuhrman diet my blood pressure has dropped dramatically. I took it twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Also I forgot to take my Amlodipine yesterday evening. It is now early morning. I will be doing a late shift today. If my blood pressure remains low I am not going to take my pill today.
1210901 tn?1334403731 One little drop of blood on TP
4055773 tn?1357290230 Blood sugar dropped to 60 after breakfast. Took 1 tube of Insta-Glucose to raise it back up. Recorded on the Food Log for lunch.
Avatar f tn Can someone be bleeding after missed period. Blood drop for 1week after missed period and the pregnant test shows positive. Whats the blood for?
483814 tn?1214311480 blood draw praying for a major drop in VL
1846163 tn?1331048748 Excited to see viral load
Avatar n tn it sounds like it is good hopefully im not miscarrying, and its dropping, does,anyone know how soon they drop after a miscarriage i had brown discharge or spotting and so the dr felt, he would do it today, so these levels looked good he said. i think im exactly 5 weeks today.
415867 tn?1323365503 cramps most of the day but not a drop of blood.
Avatar f tn Around dinner time, I noticed I got a little of blood smear on my underwear. Then throughout the night, not even a drop of blood. No pain, was just normal.
1054761 tn?1255517551 Last night and this morning had the most blood so far sill not enough to fill the pad.Worried bout the bbt drop in the last two days. Was very nauseated this morning. Afraid to take preg. test. Scared:( 9.00 p.m. It happened: painful and crampy and A LOT of clots and tissue.
Avatar m tn Every time I right click to post a picture, the picture pasting feature is grayed out. I tried posting my picture as a jpeg and gif, but past feature did not work.
Avatar f tn I literally left a drop of blood on the bathroom floor just from standing in place.