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Avatar m tn An eye splash would only be a risk if you were splashed in the eyes with copious amounts of fresh blood, not even a drop or two of JUST blood would create a risk, so certainly urine with trace amounts of blood that aren't even visible would not be a risk.
Avatar f tn Can someone be bleeding after missed period. Blood drop for 1week after missed period and the pregnant test shows positive. Whats the blood for?
Avatar f tn For those of you that have been thru the semen analysis where did DH make the "deposit"? At home? the dr said he could do it in the BR at the hospital lab or at we if we live close enough he could do it at home (but didn't eplain what's close enough). just wondering what anybody else did.
Avatar m tn To confirm this, third day morning i mastrubated, everything gone well, but after 1 or 2 minutes i found 1 or 2 drop sof that mesterious substance (may be semen with blood. this exactly looks and behaves like honey). Any advice on this is highly appreciated and many thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Even a small amount of sperm can be tested - only a drop under the microscope is all that is required. If the test comes back normal, and you know that he normally makes more, then I think you can be reassured. If the test is abnormal, that probably best to do another sperm count, but try to figure out what can be done to minimize the stress and get a good collection. You should abstain for 48h, but at the same time make sure he ejaculates at least 48h-72h before the test.
Avatar m tn 5 yrs of brain stroke they suffered with eyelid drop problem. i consult many doctors some of them saying its myasthenia Gravis & some gives another reason for it.
Avatar f tn Today I had doctor appointment and the doctor told me about my glucose blood test It was 180 and since he told me about that I am so sad . He gave me a middes medicine called gloufags I think. I decided with my self that I am not ganna take it. I am worry if will effect on the I will start daite no chocolate no sugar no sweet. Who had this problem in her pregnancy. And how you deal with it ..
Avatar m tn t achieve a one-log drop in that period you may eventually be a non-responder. (I had close to a two-log drop at week 1 and my NP told me I was probably very close to UND at the 24-hour mark). Frankly, Im surprised more study hasn't been done with these early viral kinetics to spare non-responders all that time in treatment, but at least more and more docs are looking at the four-week PCR a lot more seriously, as opposed to waiting until week 12 or even beyond.
Avatar m tn t see the blood in my urine anymore but after 15 days i did another urine analysis and there was microscopic blood in my urine. Everytime i drink alcohol i see blood clot in my blood too, so I stopped drinking alcohol completely. To test if it was tanbaco that really irritated my bladder, i used some tanbaco after 3 weeks and the night after that there it was again I saw the blood again in my urine. After that It's been around 3 weeks that i avoided anything that could irritate my bladder.
3093770 tn?1389739126 Hemoglobin dropped to 88, I am actually on 1000mg per day, what is the standard drop in Riba? Going down to 800 or straight to 600? Funny enough, I feel better than I did last week, today after long time I eaced up the stairs. Quite reluctant dropping it to 600, especially that I do not feel so bad !!!!!! Platelets dropped to 39 and neutrophils to 0.56 so interferon still at 135 for now.
Avatar n tn ve been feeling dizzy a few times but my training is vigorous at times, so I thought it might had been related to that. Just in case I had a blood work done Weds. Everything in my blood was great except for my AST levels which where high at 437 and the ALT where also high at 171. I called my primary care physician on Thursday morning and I told him that I was feeling a little dizzy again and he told me to go to the ER.
Avatar f tn My dog had a strange blood looking drop in her chin, after having played with my human hiv positive friend. When she came to me, I noticed the drop, but didnĀ“t think much of it. However, she always kisses me and gets her face all over mine. I am scared that the fresh drop in her chin could have been blood and it could have gotten inside my eye when she came greet me.
Avatar f tn Hi I m 6 weeks pregnant and this morning I woke up and found out a drop of blood in my underwear looks pink or brownish. I wiped myself no more blood and i have no pain but i just felt very tired which i think is normal when someone is pregnant. I m just worried it is my 3 rd pregnancy I never had that experience before. Have anyone ever experienced that before, is dangerous and does that mean it is a threat to a miscarriage?
1832002 tn?1325543365 ve become slightly frightened that it may have been blood, through the lack other possibilities. I left the bathroom rather quickly so I can not be certain he wasn't bleeding from, say, his hands. Would blood contact with the eye cause such an irritation? Could blood, given its colour, have caused the pinkness/redness I experienced and noticed in my eye? Do you think I was at risk of HIV infection?
Avatar n tn ro345 what the heck did you just TRY to say??? geeeeeeez nothing that you described put you at risk for hiv.
Avatar m tn Many but not all people with MS have O-Bands in their central nervous system that has not crossed the blood brain barrier. O Bands are one of the things that help in the diagnosis. Have you called your doctor?
359321 tn?1278268890 with hcg i got sore boobs - which i only get when pg, and i got them way after the shot. at least a week. it was as if they got really sore just as the last drop of HCG was being processed. and clomid too. anything i felt was not in close proximity to the day i took it. this month is the first month i feel like i am "pure" and that i will not get a false positive. good luck.
Avatar f tn My results were: HSV 2 IgG, Type Spec: 1.13 H (normal: <.91). The date of my last possible exposure would have been 6 months ago. At the time of testing, the doctor said I had a bacterial infection "down there" for which she prescribed Metronidazole and I had not taken it yet when the blood was drawn. I've never had a history of outbreaks (the one time I was freaked out, the doctor said it was an ingrown hair follicle).
640719 tn?1277140030 Blood analysis is much much more reliable than hair. Hair concentrations are highly variable due to hair type, colour, race, and contamination etc and can not be used to give an accurate indication of your body calcium. It is not possible to diagnose a person based on hair mineral analysis. Simply - do not trust the hair analysis..... If you are worried, get your blood analysed somewhere else. Any one telling you to buy something probably has a financial motive.
Avatar m tn You should see a urologist. They can order a semen analysis or analize it at their office. All you have to do is follow a couple instructions and drop off a sample. Pretty simple.
Avatar f tn What do u do if your dating a older man and he has no kids and wants to have one? But when he was younger his scrotum didn't drop and he had surgery on them. Do u think he can even have kids?