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Avatar n tn I had to have a physical from my own doctor who had to sign some paper work from GHI and I had to have a blood test as specified from GHI Medical. I followed the 500 calorie diet religiously. I had plenty of energy to exercise which I did 5 - 6 aerobic work outs and 3 weight training work outs. I am a personal trainer and I was having an extremely frustrating time loosing weight after the birth of my 3rd child. Yes, I washed my hair and conditioned it.
Avatar f tn I'm also blood group O positive, haha. I find a big difference in my mood when I stick to my gluten free diet, i have more energy, no bloatedness etc etc. I do believe that the food we eat plays a big part in our general well-being but I'm not convinced it's to do with blood groups to be honest.
Avatar m tn 160. But again, have read that this is not actually a positive result. Derm just told me to talk to my gp, which I see next week, but I'd like input to know if I should ask her to f/u and if so, with what. Please let me know your thoughts and what my next steps should be. Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn o Makes you hungry o Makes food taste better. o Converts glucose in your blood to fat. Insulin is very powerful hormone that can trickle down and affect nearly everything. See: "The Carbohydate Addicts Healthy Heart Diet" by Dr. Heller and Dr. Heller. It was on the NY Best Sellers list for a long time.
Avatar f tn in fact, i will soon not even be taking thyroid meds and managing the disease by diet. Get a T3 blood test. Get tested for gluten intolerence. Do some research on Hashimoto and you will find this is nothing like any other type of thyroid disease. it is more of an auto immune disease. Hope this helps. Believe it or not Hashimoto is the most misdiagnosed thyroid disease and MOST medical doctors (even your endocrenoligist may not know how to properly deal with this disease.
Avatar n tn Hi! Is anyone starting the HCG diet on Black Friday? I will be doing it 4 weeks thanksgiving to christmas? Do you want to start a support group?
Avatar f tn ANA positive , speckled titer 1 : 160. RF neg. Severe joint pain in multiple sites, muscle weakness and constant spasms. Extreme fatigue, hair loss, sores on my scalp, stiffness throughout the day but severe in the AM. My doctors never told me my results till I finally asked last week. ( the labs were done June 2009) Can anyone tell me where to go from here and what to do next. Looks like I am going to have to figure this out w/o my doctors help.
947843 tn?1255192936 Hi, Just wanted to make a quick note to you girls. I was initially diagnosed w/ HSV 2 & have recent tested positive for both 1 & 2. I used to take Lysine along with 400mg of acyclovir just once a day. Contrary to an earlier statement i did find the Lysine to have beneficial results. Also, and this will sound crazy to some, I believe that getting chiropractic care helps also.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. I started the HCG shots today (late afternoon) The doc put me on the "Soup Diet" Can someone please share with me their prescribed diet plan? Im not crazy about the soup diet and I wanted to know if there is a different prescribed 500 cal diet out there, Thanks all.
Avatar f tn I used to take Prevacid every day to avoid terrible reflux and even with Actos+Metformin my morning fasting blood sugar was never lower than 165 and my scrip-happy doctor at the time was about to put me on Insulin. Within 2 days of starting the diet I was below 120 blood sugar and I have not taken any med whatsoever in 7 months. My reflux is gone and my blood sugar is completely normal - 90ish when not cheating; 110ish when I am.
368646 tn?1208397487 Is it imperative that docs have a positive ANA result for MS diagnosis? I have two leisons near the brainstem (two seperate 'incidents'), ataxia, tremors and double-vision.These symptoms, plus others such as now incontinance has progressively gotten worse for six years ( i am a F, 39.) I have been tested twice for ANA and the results were negative. At this point, should I ask for an LP to look for O-bands? After six years, should I have more than two lesions in my brain and c-spine?
Avatar f tn I am a vegetarian on the diet for 10 days(injections) and 7 days 500 cals. So far have lost 8 lbs. I am a 41 y/o mom of two and have tried unsucessfully to lose wt for 2 + yrs. I am a vegetarian and am looking for options ...otherwise might need to learn to eat fish. Glad to know that there is a support group out there..
Avatar m tn Recently I have been suffering from a rapid heart rate in general, as well as what appears to be a sudden onset of rapid heart rate and rise in blood pressure (for short periods of time 5-20 minutes.. I'm not sure if it's called PSVT?). Three months ago I was 73kg, regularly exercises, eating whatever I liked and enjoying life. Now I'm 59kg, can barely exercise and have broken sleep and feel very tired.
778803 tn?1244643952 I do get lots of back pain and always have blood in my urine (not visible to the eye thought). I have no idea how mm are measure or look like but I thought it is small because I have a 5mm tumor in my pituitary and the doctor said it was small so 2mm must be at least twice as small...LOL Wow! I guess 9mm is fairly visible and bothersome. Did they remove it or did you pass it? Ouch... Either good luck and feel well...
877337 tn?1249848050 The uptake results were high too. My general practitioner ran a thyroid blood test but I don't know what kind. The results of it showed overactive as well. She suggested Hashimoto but isn't that more towards hypo than hyper? She also said not to diet but watch what I eat. I'm not really having the skin trouble on my shins (just more oily than normal, especially on the face) but I am having some puffiness around my eyes. I don't suspect any bulging.
Avatar f tn ANA positive (for last 3 years), RNP Antibodies high, Complement Total CH50 high, Vitamin D low (20) Symptoms (for the last 3 years - get worse during fall and summer time): Extreme fatigue, weakness, numbness only on left side (face, arms and legs), concentration problems, loss of short term memory (at office work), enlarged lymph node on left side of neck, urinary urgency (every 30 minutes), sexual dysfunction, pain (lower back, hands, shoulders), nervousness (palpitations, shaking sensation
Avatar m tn I try very hard to stay positive around my family because it affects them greatly if I don't, so I end up keeping any bad thoughts I have bottled up. I was diagnosed with HCV in 1998 after donating blood. (scary thought since I had been a regular blood donor prior to that). I have no idea how I was infected, or how long I had it. Over then next few years I had three biopsies and did try treatment with non-peg interferon and ribavirin, but did not respond.
8683847 tn?1410760916 In the process they can also destroy good blood cells because they really can't differ between good and bad. That is why you have to get weekly blood tests to check your blood platelets. You will go UND (undetectable) during treatment hopefully leading to a status of SVR. So I vision the sovaldi and O as the seperator and the riba as the destroyer. Have to separate the HCV cells to make them vulnerable.
Avatar f tn So do you know if an ana positive has anything to do with having my blood test for lyme to come back positive? Im loosing a lot of my hair and my hands and arm get numb a lot, Im just tired of going threw all this..
Avatar m tn // And conversely, whenever I went off the diet my enzymes became out of range. This article should be of interest to anyone either watching and waiting or post treatment -- especially any of you little mice out there. :) During tx, I've been on a relatively high fat diet because of serious weight loss (30 lbs), bizarre appetite alteration and riba absorption issues. Once tx is over I plan on going back to a lower fat diet if I can get my old pre-tx taste buds back.
483733 tn?1326802046 I am a type o, which according to Peter D Adamo writer of the Blood Type Diet, means I do better with meat, and do not tolerate gluten so well. I found this to be true for might help to check this book out. I do think that there were some good points made in the Lupus diet. Sugar for instance should not be eaten in excess, or processed foods, and cleansing is very important. Cleansing should be the first step.
Avatar f tn I am assuming that your cat has never been vaccinated for FIV, which will cause false positive FIV blood test results. Unlike feline leukemia, cats with FIV often live mostly normal, happy lifespans, although they are more susceptible to other infections and cancers. The glaucoma may be related to structural disease, a tumor in the eye, or to inflammation inside the eye, induced by FIV or one of the other infectious diseases (toxoplasmosis, bartonella, fungal diseases, etc).
Avatar f tn He's always been a dog who pants a lot so we did not notice anything abnormal until he started urinating blood on Monday. We immediately took him to the vet who ran different blood test but there was nothing at that time to indicate kidney failure. Although we did alert the vet about the walk in the park, the initial thoughts were urine tract infection or some other infection that might have damaged the bladder.
694979 tn?1232316978 ive been to many doctors had countless tests done, and still have no answers. the only thing the blood tests showed is i have a homogenous ANA titer of 1:160, and am slightly anemic in that my red blood cells are bigger than they should be. they said i dont have lupus, and it cant be arthritis because of how long ive had it, that my joints arent deformed and that i dont have any inflammation or swelling.
9662954 tn?1405609759 It helps to start the three months on a positive note. However, I know we need to work on stress, health and diet to hopefully stay in remission. I was told to not give up even if I bounce back as there are new combinations of the drugs we just finished available right when I think we both are at the "magic" 3-month marker. To be honest, I do not even think I want another viral load test until then. Only if I feel really worse. I was kind of freaked about just waiting two weeks.
405614 tn?1329147714 I saw my new rheumy yesterday, had some blood drawn, and was already e-mailed most of the results. The ANA, ENA, and Hep C must take longer. The reference ranges are a little different than i'm used to, and it doesn't have the telltale H for high or L for low, or C for critical. The ones that are out of range are: Platelet count 425 150-400 Kcu mm Neutrophil % 79 50-70% Lymphocyte % 17 18-42% Neutrophil # 8.4 1.8-7.
1230912 tn?1273496370 You gave your son an A- ABO copy and your husband gave your son a O+ ABO copy so yes he did test positive for the A blood group he actually is A-/O+. I hope that helps? Sorry for your loss also.