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7458937 tn?1391882099 What needs to be done differently with pregnant women with O- blood. The father still needs to be tested for his blood type, but I know if his is positive then there's something I need to do.. Haven't been to the doctor quite yet and just curious. Thanks ladies.
Avatar n tn When you have RH negative you will need to get a shot for each pregnancy and after a baby is born, they test their blood type, if they are positive, they give you another shot. For my pregnancy after my miscarriage and my miscarriage, I had spotting and they brought me in for a shot right away instead of waiting for the 'standard 28 weeks'.
Avatar f tn I have been looking into this blood type diet myself being a blood type O but recently I have become concerned if I suffer manic episodes or am bipolar. Certain periods in my life become notably amazing. Usually when Im relatively lean I find myself with too much energy than I know what to do with! My social life improves dramatically! I quit 2 different jobs during these periods of "high". I almost become contagious during these periods wishing I could feel like this forever!
1204700 tn?1271948852 I'm also 0-, it ***** as you can only get 0- blood, yet you can donate your blood to anyone. As for the pregnancy thing, if you have any spotting before you get your Rogam shot you need to see the dr with in 72 hours and get a shot (I learned this with my miscarriage last pregnancy). They give you a shot at the 23 weeks to help so there are no issues with birth, then when you deliver if your baby has positive blood you need another shot with in 72 hours of labor.
Avatar n tn  The heart size is increased due to (high) blood volume. But when the blood volume is lowered to the average point – exercising at this time creates maximum performance in exercising: running, sports etc (along with increased red blood cells through cold temperatures, etc.). o Could sex/masturbation actually be a cause/trigger of stress/anger management issues, (high) testosterone/pms, puberty (depth in voice, boost in muscle strength, pubes, lengthened genitals, different body odour etc.
538330 tn?1232023960 It can also be that one of your parents is O-positive and the other is negative. For example, if your mother is O-positive and your father is A-negative, than you can be O-positive, O-negative, A-positive or A-negative. So you can get the type ( O, A, B, or AB) from one parent and the Rh factor (positive or negative) from the other parent. It is also possible to have the exact same blood type as one of your parents.
5889951 tn?1380316047 Neither of my parents are o and I am o positive, and my grandfather was o negative. It's called genetics lol recessive and dominate trates all depends.
212161 tn?1599427282 I am O- blood group, I have had 4 healthy babies, and am almost 21 weeks pregnant with my 5th. They usually give you a blood test to see if you have any antibodies in your blood stream. Even if you don't they give you what is called an Anti D injection. I have had one of these injections for every baby and miscarriage I have had. I have to have Anti D in my 28th week. This matter really needs to be addressed before you plan to conceive. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn hi all mummies to be, I'm concerned for my blood type and others with the same. This is my second pregnancy but unfortunately my first ended in miscarriage and my gp stated something to do with my blood type fighting against the baby's blood cells because my partners blood is positive. I'm scared it's going to end the same way does anyone else know anything about o neg blood in pregnancy a bit concerned !!
Avatar f tn They only give you O type blood if they have to because its a neutral blood type and your body wont reject it.
Avatar f tn ) ut im conserned on the fact that i have O- blood type and My OBGYN did say that on the 2nd time expecting it was more risking... Does any one know more info about this? I realldy didnt get much just the part that my body attacks the baby... So HELP!
Avatar n tn G2 has sucralose in it, and I immediately cut it out of my diet. Symptoms started tapering off after about 24 hours, and went away completely after a week. I'd recommend that if you are drinking/eating anything with sucralose and/or aspartame in it, that you do some research on the side effects of both of these products. You may also want to consult a dietician.
Avatar f tn Either B+ or O+, three times more likely to be B+ though
Avatar f tn Because our blood is rare and we can only receive blood that is o-, if our baby has a different blood type it can poison our blood and make us ill. The shot is to make you immune to your child's blood type while in utero.
Avatar f tn I had it before and will need it again with this little one. I'm not gonna lie the shot hurt a lot lol. Other than that your baby will be fine.
Avatar f tn Reason why, the only reason why having o- blood type is a problem is if your baby has a different blood type then you and for some reason your blood is mixed during pregnancy then your body will not recognize it and try to fight it off like an infection. It will create antibodies but those antibodies only happen in second, third, or any other pregnancy in the future.Your body won't make them during your first.
Avatar f tn What I was refering to was does the statement no O banding mean none in the spinal fluid or in the blood, or does it mean that there is not more in the spinal fluid than the blood? And does everyone have O banding in the blood even if they don't have any disease like this?
Avatar n tn t have a positive pregnancy test being on the hcg diet. I was on it off and on for almoat 2 years and never had a positive pregnancy test. I could be wrong though...go get blood work or an ultrasound to really find out.
Avatar f tn If your body senses babies blood and they have a positive blood type your body will try to get rid off the foreign body, the shot prevents this from happening. You and baby are fine now just be careful and they usually give the shot at 28 weeks. Luckily both my husband and I are positive. My mom was negative so she had to go through this with me.
Avatar f tn Also from my experience clomid made me ovulate a few days later. Good luck.
8274643 tn?1406141596 Well the father is O+ so would it affect the baby that much if we're both an O blood type?
Avatar n tn me and my husband blood type is A positive why my son blood type is B positive is it possible?
Avatar f tn my blood type is o+ and my husband believes his is o-. i am 24 weeks and see my dr on the 14th... im just wondering would i have to take the shots like someone with rh- blood bc the fact im a pos blood type and if he is a neg type??
Avatar f tn im 24 weeks and just wondering how many of you ladies have a nagtive blood type while your babies father has a positive blood type.. im A- and my bf is B+.. and what does the Anti D shot do??