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Avatar m tn I am trying to understand a toxicolgy report of blood samples taken and it seems conflicting to me. The following are the results: 1. ethyl alcohol - none detected 2. benzodiazepines cross reactivew - positive 3. alprazolam - 100 nanog/ml - (prescribed drug taken as directed) 4. cocaine cross-reactives - positive 5. cocaine - none detected 6. cocaethylene - none detected 7. benzoylecgonine - 860 nanog/ml 8. diphenhydramine - -35 nanog/ml 9.
Avatar n tn In order to get his one year sobriety wait time started, he requires blood test to detect any alcohol levels or not in his blood. We need the specific name of the blood test, the procedure and/or the substances that the blood is tested for, whichever applies. This information will allow the free clinic to request the test for him and a transplant center to acknowlege the test. Hope to hear from someone soon so that we can move forward.
Avatar n tn ) plus they caused a delayed but significant rise in blood sugars. *Except* erythritol which does not seem to effect my blood sugar and doesn't cause GI problems for me, and bakes well, but it's a bit tricky to substitute for sugar because it's SO sweet and you need so little you have to figure out what to substitute for volume. Stevia: mixed results. Powder (white) forms are heat stable but tend to have a bitter after-taste in flour-based baked goods.
1530342 tn?1405020090 After an autopsy and toxicology reports were conducted, it was concluded that Dunn had the legal alcohol limit nearly doubled. His blood alcohol level was .196 while the legal limit in Pennsylvania is .08, according to TMZ. Dunn reportedly consumed at least three beers and a number of shots -- one round of drinks which he documented in a photo he posted to his Tumblr account just hours before his death.
Avatar f tn The coroner has ruled it heart disease pending toxicology reports. There is no history of heart disease on his maternal side, but his father was adopted, so there is no medical history from his paternal side. My dad is also adopted, and we dont have a medical history on that side either. So my questions are will I ever know what exactly happened, meaning will I ever know the type (if you will) of heart disease.
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Avatar f tn I thought that was due to his brain injury but am now wondering if it had to do with him abusing his medications and alcohol. We constantly warned him about what could happen and begged him not to. When we could prevent it, we did. He did not seem one bit suicidal. We knew he needed someone to be there and look after him and keep him safe since he couldn't always make good decisions for himself but he refused to have a caretaker or a nurse to come and help him.
518117 tn?1429279873 That really threw me to be honest. The coroner weeks earlier had told me that the blood from Todd's ears and nose were part of the death process. I don't agree with that. I have never seen anyone die. But, just minutes after dying, I saw my Dad who died with bladder cancer, my grandfather who died with pancreatic cancer, my other grandfather who died with lung cancer and also had brain tumors the size of walnuts that you could see under his scalp.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry for your loss...I know that the toxicology report can sometimes take up to 8 weeks to get back,perhaps they will give you some answers....God bless you and your family during this sorrowful time....Peace...
315996 tn?1429057829 what a funny but absolutely fiction concept. good grief blood letting? I read the page and there were no numbers given as to how much...I mean do you just drain dry and eat some jello and orange juice>>>>lol sorry but blood letting went out with king henry. All I see is phlebotomy the "word" it is a term for a profession, no information on the dosage and calculation as to how much, how often, I mean is it P.O.D.
684676 tn?1503190263 you know, I personally don't have a problem with them taking my blood in an event like yours. A toxicology report rules out the possibility of drugs and alcohol and then I could not be held accountable on those "causes". And to me, that is a big deal! Rumors can say anything about your wreck... "he was wasted on pain pills and Jack Daniels" . The toxicology report puts all rumors to sleep... the proof is in the pudding.
Avatar f tn So i am dealing with alcohol, halogen, organic chemicals, inorganic chems etc... I've refer to the MSDS but there only stated the stability, toxicology. What is the term that show it is dangerous for baby? I din't see any doctor since the pregnancy test as i face no problem during the time. Should i just enter the clinic and ask for medicine? or go to pharmacy to uy the supplements? I have appointment with doctor only next month but that time i will be 15weeks already..
Avatar n tn How does the blood testing work while pregnant? what will it show and for how long? will they be testing for drugs regularly or is that just to create a worry and scare woman out of using? I need all the info that you can give me so i can let her know what she is up against....
Avatar f tn So please discuss all these possibilities with your doctor. Tremors or jerks are often associated with drugs, alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, poor sleep patterns, stress and fatigue. They can be seen in peripheral neuropathies of diabetes, hyper and hypothyroidism, lupus, and Lyme’s. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, TIAs or transient ischemic attacks or mini strokes, hypoglycemia, low vitamin B12 or low vitamin D, disorders of calcium metabolism, hyperparathyroidism etc.
1310633 tn?1430227691 I'll always have an issue when it comes to alcohol. My dad was an alcoholic. The addiction part is in my blood. What I've learned to do is arrest my addiction -- arrest it myself, so I don't get arrested." In 2008, King appeared on the VH1 reality show "Celebrity Rehab." He also released a memoir, "The Riot Within," in which he describes his difficult upbringing and his reflections on the beating and its aftermath.
Avatar f tn Difficult to say and prove. You can consider a urine and blood toxicology screen to see if there was anything overt that may have been in the drinks. Testing specifically for flunitrazepam (Rohypnol, the "date rape drug") and gamma-hydroxy butyrate (GHB) can also be considered. You can also consider basic blood tests to ensure there is no metabolic disease present. A CBC, metabolic panel and liver function tests can be considered as a starting point.
Avatar m tn I am mostly sober but mildly intoxicated at moment from moderate alcohol consumption. While I am drawn to alcohol, I do not believe it is out of control and I plan to discontinue even moderate usage for a while, its not healthy. If you are interested, I am on a Disability payment and have not been working in recent years, but I do live with (and I am very supportive towards) two young women, aged 21 and 23, that comes from very disadvantage backgrounds.
Avatar n tn I think his doctor is the best one to take the lead, after some information from your family. The doctor can do some blood work and find out what his levels of pain medication are. If he is injecting it into his veins, the doctor's can also find this out. I am so sorry that your family is going through this. There is an addiction forum on MedHelp that you may also find helpful, as well as this one. Please keep us informed and let us know if there is any other way we can help you.
Avatar n tn I agree check for auto immune, go to an endorcrinolgist and get blood work done up again. Sometimes endo doctors order more than one blood test for each organ function. regualr practioners just might do a regular CBC, but lets just say for kidneys or thryoid there can be mutlitple blood tests to check for full functioning of the organ. So the endo might be more thoro.
Avatar f tn After being very sick for almost 3 months( See my 1st post) and taking the following steps,seeing my primary care doctor, 3 trips to the emergency room, 2 neurologists, a cardiologist, 2 ENTs, MRI, MRA, CT, CTA, EEG, EKG, BALANCE TESTING AND BLOOD WORK. Thousands of dollars later, I found out that I have aspartame poisoning from drinking diet soda and using artificial sweetners in my coffee. I AM ASTOUNDED that this POISON is considered safe by the FDA. Children are drinking this POISON.
Avatar m tn Louis suburb of Ferguson in August touched off weeks of racially-charged rioting, had marijuana in his system and was shot at close range, according to the official autopsy and toxicology report. The documents, obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and analyzed by two experts not directly involved in the case, appears to contradict witness accounts that claimed Brown was running away from Police Officer Darren Wilson when he was killed on Aug. 9.
Avatar n tn Government List of Cancer-Causing Agents Grows Libraries Science News Keywords REPORT ON CARCINOGENS NATIONAL TOXICOLOGY PROGRAM NIEHS ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH HEPATITIS PAPILLOMAVIRUSNIH Contact Information Available for logged-in reporters only Description The Department of Health and Human Services released the Report on Carcinogens today, adding 17 substances to the growing list of cancer-causing agents. For the first time ever, viruses are listed in the report.
Avatar m tn What is the barium level? Next you need to have your white and red blood cell levels checked. Is there a toxicology department in the hospital near you? Find an occupational doctor and ask if they can run environmental toxin exposure tests. Find a holistic doctor that specializes in detoxification procedures. I have a 37 year old son that was a pipe fitter with more heavy metal exposure that I care to mention. He became sick 8 years ago--it was more of a slow progression than yours.
Avatar m tn A new study by US researchers has revealed that caffeine can respond with the painkillers to triple the levels of noxious toxins in your blood and give rise to liver damage. And, in large quantity, the effects could be lethal for people who are already suffering from liver problems. Study’s lead researcher, Dr Sidney Nelson of the University of Washington in Seattle, said, “People should be informed about this potentially harmful interaction.
Avatar n tn There is no data on the cardiac activity of cipro but it does inhibit the metabolism of some other drugs that can affect the heart. Regarding the alcohol -- I don't think that was it either but it sounds like you had fun in Asia. I have never heard of theory of PVCs caused by infection. The eletrolyte changes from diarrhea may affect them. I don't have any clarity for you -- PVCs stump us as much as they stump you sometimes. Good luck and thanks for posting.
Avatar f tn He had a blood alcohol of 0.344, high levels of both fentanyl and cocaine in his system also. He was just 36 years old. He left behind a 9 year old son. He had been really struggling with our fathers death 6 months earlier. My dad was a raging alcoholic. He was only 57 when I found him dead in his apartment. This disease of addiction is ravenous, I am also an addict and it scares me to think I could end up like them. Cant tell you how many times I mixed xanax and alcohol (like Whitney).
Avatar n tn If the change in alcohol habits was extreme and recent - that would offer some hope that things might improve some. The out-of-mind stuff is probably encephalopathy (sp?). A diet that restricts animal protien can help. So can a medication called lactulose, and also probiotics. Diet is a big factor in liver disease, and a very regemented diet might help alot. Low salt, low or no refined sugar, very restricted carbs like pasta and potatoes.
Avatar m tn I decided to go to the emergency room where they gave me a EKG and did some blood and urine work. They said the EKG showed an abnormal rhythm with my heart. The blood and urine work actually showed up negative for cocaine and everything else just 4 days after having used. I left the emergency room with a diagnosis from the ER doctor. He said I have heart palpitations.
86075 tn?1238118691 I think what they've really discovered it that short stubby/stocky people are more likely to become obese in our modern world and therefore are more likely to suffer from the usual maladies of obesity (like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc).
Avatar n tn You were on week 20 and had had no blood work and no PCR done. You lived in New Orleans and are now looking for someplace in Baton Rouge to get your labs drawn, right? I would say you have a lot of reasons for depression outside of your tx. It seems that your life has been thrown into - I don't know - but it has got to be hard.