Blood alcohol dissipation

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Avatar f tn This has evolved into severe fatigue. His many blood tests have all been within normal limits or only slightly elevated. No neurologic component has been found. He has now had an echocardiogram, angiogram, electrical physiology study, and tilt-table test. He wore a 24 hour monitor and now has a 30 day monitor. The cardiologist has gone from over-medication with blood pressure medications to "wrong medication" to bradycardia with missed beats to orthostatic hypotension.
170935 tn?1225374676 If anemia is the exciting cause, our attention is directed to furnishing a better quality and quantity of blood. If alcohol, tea, coffee, or tobacco are responsible, they are to be absolutely prohibited. Where due to rectal irritation, or ovarian or uterine trouble, these wrongs must be corrected before a cure can be effected. Regular habits should be enjoined, all forms of dissipation corrected, and for persons of sedentary habits an out-of-door life advised.
Avatar n tn You need to get evaluated by a neurologist and get investigated. Have you checked your blood sugar and blood pressure? Even an EMG study would be helpful. Taking too many medicines also is not advisable so seek medical advise by a neurologist. Try to go for a morning-evening walk or regular stretches and body massages occasionally. Take warm shower and sleep early. Listening to your favorite music or reading book in a comforting room can put you to sleep.