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Avatar n tn For example, some over the counter medications such as Nyquil contain alcohol, but unless you take the whole bottle it will not be sufficient to cause much of a rise in your blood alchol level. There are also medications which can increase your blood alcohol level, so if you had say 2 drinks you might show a higher level than normal.
Avatar n tn Does barretts cause skewed results when patient is given a blood alcohol breathalyzer test?
Avatar n tn A breathalyzer measures the alcohol in your breath and then the reading is an estimate of your blood alcohol content. Having low RBC (from treatment drugs, for example) may raise the result. I'm not aware of liver disease itself causing any variation in readings. My RBCs are low and the last hemoglobin a1c I had done (I'm T1 diabetic) was 0.037 which I can tell you for sure, is EXTREMELY low. However, this measurement is an average of three months.
Avatar m tn I have hemachromatosis (diagnosed in mid-forties), low blood sugar, hepatitis C (1A)(probably related to veteran of foreign wars duties), hay fever, rosacea (adult onset), and spinal stenosis (onset at 52)(surgery incomplete due to excessive bleeding). I started moderate drinking in the service and this lasted until about mid-thirties. I drank more heavily after that and went through 2 treatment programs.
Avatar m tn 21% (permille) or 0.021 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of individual's blood, or 0.21 grams of alcohol per 1000 grams of blood. And, the legal limit in many states is 0.08% or 0.08 g/100 ml. The percentage can be produced from a "breathalyzer" test. A number such as 210 usually represents 210 mmol/L in the United States. This type of number usually comes from a drawing a person's blood and represents the amount alcohol per unit volume in a person's blood. ~•~ Dr.
Avatar n tn Ethanol = alcohol. < 1.0 sounds like a reference range or cut off level for detection. Is this in relation to a urine test?
Avatar n tn Sleep disruption is common amoung those consuming high amounts of alcohol because of the chemical imbalance it creates in ones body. Without blood work, there is no way of knowing if there may be a secondary issue, beyond the typical addiction perspective commonly taken, and if his consumption is a means of self medicating. The human body can not sustain the rate of consumption you've described for a long period of time though and if help is not sought soon the result is inevitiable.
Avatar n tn does hep c affect the results of a blood alcohol test, I mean, does it stay in your system longer?
Avatar m tn alcohol is not detected in urine.......drugs are.Alcohol content in blood is calibrated with a breathalyzer machine and depending on how long you drank for and within a certain time frame it can show up within a 24 hr.period.Alcohol is metabolized in the body in two ways-carbon dioxide......breathing it out of your system when it has gone thru the bloodstream and then the system flushes it in urination.
Avatar f tn does alcohol get into your blood stream faster or stay in your blood longer? I absolutely did not think I was even close to drunk & yet I failed the breathalyzer. my court date is in several days. HELP.
Avatar n tn It would be of interest for you to repeat the test, with the same instrument, with a simultaneous determination of blood alcohol level. Should you again be accused of driving under the influence (DUI), on the basis of a breath test, it would be reasonable for you to demand that a blood alcohol level be obtained, to substantiate or refute the accuracy of the breath test. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have had two doctors run blood tests on me and both times they showed completely negative for alcohol. Does anyone know anything else that could cause a high score for alcohol in the urine test but negative (0)on my blood tests.
Avatar m tn ok i broke this down into US measurement of ounces in a pint and your weight and time frame consumed in....if u'd been driving ur blood alcohol would be in the .12 range which is a good range of being buzzed....someone could've put something in ur drink...its always possible...especially if u went 2 the loo and left the open bottle or glass on the bar!
Avatar f tn BAC would be in hours spent drinking, body weight and number of drinks consumed in a certain timeframe.Your blood alcohol level would've been @ .32!that is triple the legal limit for intoxication!did u drive urself home?
1251333 tn?1445221815 The problem with that is they can't check for drugs via breathalyzer, only alcohol. Law enforcement is moving away from breathalyzer tests until they can come up with drug testing due to the legalization of marijuana. And, having MS, some of use the drug medicinally anyway. We will have rules about that for legal limits etc. as soon as they figure out how to do that to. ...Meanwhile... As I said, long story short... inconvenient and very embarrassing.
Avatar n tn was out and could not sleep) and anyhoo, ended up the next day having a minor collision and the authorities found me to have an .05 alc blood count. That alone would not be a problem but that morning I had to take some bloodpressure meds (Coreg) and an anti anxiety med (Xanax) that would be in my system at the time they were doing a blood test on me. I believe they are going to try and say the combination of these meds and the .
Avatar n tn So this is truly a life journey for him as well as his father and I. He has always done well with maintaining blood sugar levels. HbA1C have been excellent throughout his 14 years of having them done. Now going into his second year of high school, our son is become somewhat angry about his regime and his lot in life. Do you know of any books that would be good for him/us to read as we get through this?
15440293 tn?1440623937 On the first ER visit they did a chest x ray, spirometry test, blood work ( D-Dimer, CBC, CMP, and Venous Blood Gasses which all came back normal, so I was told to follow up with my Primary. Than I saw my primary and he thought maybe it was my GERD since I am not currently on any medicaation for it, and along with the Shortness of BReath I have been having bloating, stomach acid, and tenderness on upper abdomen....
Avatar n tn I went back to Urgent Care and they gave me a couple of breathing treatments, one was a nebulizer, the other was like an alcohol breath test like I see on TV (I had to take a deep breath and blow out for a few seconds). They took an additional set of chest/lung x-rays. A little while later they came to tell me they were sending me to the emergency room because they thought my heart was enlarged (bigger than its normally supposed to be), high blood pressure, and pneumonia.
Avatar n tn The day before my appointment with the family med I had only 1 drink the night before my 10 a.m. visit. She took blood tests said I smelled of alcohol and had a jaundiced look. My comp. metabolic panel test results came up positive for alcohol .104 % with a cutoff at .010 %, serum sodium 128L mmol/L serum chloride 91L mmol/L total serum protein 5.4 L g/dl, serum albumin 3.1 L g/dl total bilirubin 6.
Avatar f tn We married and moved away from friends and family for his work. While away he became depressed and seemed to consume more and more alcohol. He started sneaking and I found out, I went to extremes such as checking bank accounts, bought and used a breathalyzer on him, basically had no life of my own. He finally realized he had a problem and went to AA. This was not enough. In April this year he went to a 3 wk inpatient rehab but they day he got out drank. Since then he had continued to drink.
Avatar f tn Its not true that "going it alone almost always ends in failure". There is compelling evidence which states that "going it alone" can be extremely productive for some people. The NIAAA’s 2001-2002 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions interviewed over 43,000 people.
Avatar n tn Her behavior is clearly driven by the alcohol. Most folks at the event are aware and I begin to get looks from every direction. This is the point where I know that she will not slow the drinking and we are in for a long night. Beyond this point she will drink steadily until it is time to leave. I can’t remember her ever switching to water. It’s hard to generalize her behavior at this point other than to say that she will be the drunkest person at the wedding, dinner party or gathering.