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Avatar f tn week 31 and have noticed bloating in my stomach, more so lately. Has anyone experienced this on treatment?
Avatar n tn persistent bloating. Comes on gradually, then it is as something is growing inside. Yogurt, stomach medications offer no relief. Must avoid certain foods at all costs(beer, wheat, nuts) when this comes on, but I have already cut out those altogether anyway. At the height of it, wake up in a sweat, suffer from dizziness and mental cloudiness. Sometimes systemic reactions -- flu-like symptoms (extreme fatigue, pain, intestinal stress).
Avatar n tn I don't eat fast food, fry foods and avoid red meats because they are hard to digest, I have also noticed that lactose is not my best fried. But the gasses, bloating feeling does not goes away, sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night and make it very hard to go back to sleep.
Avatar n tn I been having bloating but in the upper part of my stomach, sometimes it's so bad I cant bend over and it puffs out and makes me look round. I had stomach issues on the past, colonoscopy, two endoscopies and nothing, My stomach stopped working after I have birth 6 years ago and and slow to wake up the end time I gave birth. This is making my crazy... what could it be?
Avatar f tn I've had bloating and nausea for 5 days. On the 4th day I finally saw my doctor, who ordered lab work and xrays. He said everything was normal and diagnosed my problem as a virus and prescribed compazine for the nausea. However, I'm still bloated and the nausea isn't much better. What kind of a virus can this be?
Avatar f tn Well, there are resources online that tell you what not to eat to avoid bloating. But a diet like this will bot perform miracles, this is a normal stage of the pregnancy. It got better for me after the first trimester.
974371 tn?1424656729 I am again having worsening problems with nausea and horrible bloating. Am eating Activia, taking Pepto Bismol and drinking ginger and honey crystals in water. Had an acupuncture treatment the other day. I am getting no relief. Bowers are moving, maybe a bit hard due to the Pepto I was treated fir SIBO a few months ago. I did have two courses of Xifaxin. Unfortunately, lots of meds I can't take. GI dic has about given up on me. I have a very long story, was tested fir motility disorder.
Avatar n tn You can try Symax - antispasm stomach medicine, and diet change, no gassy fruits or vegies, citrus, most dairy except activia yogurt, caffiene, alcohol, fried and fatty foods. I eat lean quisine lunches, oatmeal, berries, rice, applesauce, low sugar, low fat.
Avatar f tn My menstrual cycle is very irregular (don't get it very often, last menstrual cycle was a month ago) and generally only lasts a few light days.) I have considered the bloating as being caused by anxiety/depression, allergies (gluten?), or something else in the GI category. In the past two years (I am 18 and a freshman in college) my eating habits changed purely out of preference. I started eating more vegetables, less meat, less carbs, ect...
Avatar m tn I have a 2 week old puppy I am feeding her a receipe that calls for evaporated milk, plain yogurt, nursery water, and an egg yolk. She's pooping but has a firm tummy, and looks bloated. She's laying on a disposable puppy pad with a heating pad on warm. What could be causing them firmness?
Avatar n tn I eat mostly fruit, fiber vegatbles, and dairy product such as yogurt to help me with my constipation problems. I also avoid bloating related foods such as beans and caffeine. Bloating could be related to constipation, but every since I changed by diet to high fiber, my bloating and hard stomach has not gone away at all. After I eat, my stomach hurts and extends. Even when I don;t eat, my bloating stomach sticks out and looks preganant, which I am not.
Avatar f tn It bothered me the entire time I took it. I gradually had bloating, distention of the stomach and tingling, numbness and a 'cold' sensation started later on. This hasn't gone away and has only improved about 30% since taking probiotics and eating a lot of fermented foods and coconut yogurt with live cultures. The Kevita probiotic drinks help the most. I have a 'lazy colon' and it's usually challenging to get the urge to have a bowel movement but now it's even worse!
Avatar n tn Hi. I'm a 31 yr old woman suffering from chronic bloating. It started about 6 yrs ago, I noticed that after eating my stomach would bulge out, making me look pregnant. I had a gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and xray of the small intestine, all normal. My doctor said I have IBS and must be stressed at work or at home. We tried medication such as Motilium, Zelnorm, and anti-depressants, but nothing really worked.
429700 tn?1308011423 It goes into spasms and will not let the liver and pancreas fluid flow like they should which in turn cause bloating and pain. They did surgery to cut that muscle. No more bloating and within two week weight back to normal. Corrected the problem, but now I wonder if this could be related to MS. Another muscle problem?? Just a thought for you.
173975 tn?1216261375 Another new SX. Bloating between the 'girls' and bellybutton. Not below, but above. Looks like a wrap-around-about-to-burst ballooon. It's not painful or too uncomfortable but it sure looks awful! Anyone else get this inflated appearance in that region while on TX? Wyntre Oh, G1A, 32 weeks of 72 week TX.
605458 tn?1265086851 Well eat yogurt with probiotics tonight, continue with same meds because if I don't I get the opposite - constipation
Avatar n tn The easiest thing to do is test your foods and avoid the ones that make you gassy and bloated. I would also try and eat yogurt. It helps conteract the bad bacteria in your bowls.
Avatar m tn I realize that abdominal bloating and gas are very common complaints. But am very concerned, somewhat anxious and getting depressed, so am seeking any guidance or information that anyone in this forum has to offer. Developed abdominal bloating, gas, and burning sensation in the navel area about 3.5 weeks ago. No nausea, fever, vomiting, but constipation. Went to ER a few days later. Abdominal and chest xrays, urinalysis, blood work, abdominal ultrasound were all normal at that time.
6543835 tn?1468847635 Hi, in general, too much fat or sugar-like substances and insufficient fiber aggravate symptoms of bloating. Intolerance to milk products is also known with bloating. The increased bloating could also occur due to functional disorders of the colon. It could also be due to malabsorption syndromes. Try to include yogurt in your diet as it is a probiotic which replaces lactobacillus acidophilus (good bacteria) that helps with digestion.
Avatar m tn You can buy the lactase enzyme tablets for about 10 cents each. They help, but I feel best if I just avoid milk and cream. I hope this helps someone with a similar problem. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Digestive-Disorders---Gastroenterology/Gas-bloating-and-breathing/show/232199">Gas,bloating and breathing</a>.
Avatar n tn I have had excess bloating and gas for the last month and is really uncomfortable and embarassing. I don't know what is causing it because I never had this before. I have an appt with Gastro doc in a couple of weeks but is there something that will help ini the meantime? I try Gas-X and seems to help a bit but I am dreading to find out that it might be something worse. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I found something last night, my mom told me to eat Activia yogurt. I ate one last night and then went on a walk for about 20 min. Everything started working a lot better! So I'm going to stick to it. Eat one everyday, until I can't anymore!! My stomach felt like a huge balloon for the past 4 days also. I do understand! But it's slowly going down!
Avatar m tn I have been having greasy stools, with bloating for about a year now. Sometimes I notice mucous in them as well along with undigested food particles. I have had diarrhea that I have been able to somewhat control with imodium, dicyclomine, and and cloythomine powder. This has also slowed down the frequency of bowl movements per day, but the bloating and greasiness continues. I have no pain other than bloating and have not lost any weight. I noticed blood in my stool one time.
Avatar n tn you could check into a health food store and get some probiotics or pick up some yogurt with at least 5 live cultures. if you get yogurt eat some twice daily for two weeks and see if that helps. and here's a link to yoga poses ----- some of them are to relieve and reduce gas. other than that I'm not sure of what might be causing it =(.
Avatar f tn What can I do to find the right help for abdominal bloating and pretty regular irregular bowel movement consisting of what looks like a pile of (usually) normal color rocks? I have not had my normal healthy bowel movements since experiencing what I perceived to be pain in the uterus (I'm 59 going on 39 and had no problem whatsoever with periods or menopause) last November.
Avatar n tn Water should be 1 glass more that the daily recommended eight 8oz cups. Yogurt is a good source of probiotic enzymes. You may need more that just yogurt, but practice protions and watch your food combinations, keep a journal. Also increase your daily calcium to 100 mg and magnesium to 500 mg.
Avatar n tn Hi. I'm a 31 yr old woman suffering from chronic bloating. I'll start with the history of the problem and then give you my current status. History: It started about 6 yrs ago, I noticed that after eating my stomach would bulge out, making me look pregnant. There was also pain associated with the trapped gas, and no effective way to release the gas. At the time, I went for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy, as well as an xray of the small intestine. Everything was normal.
Avatar n tn simple test would be eat yogurt which has that lact------ bacteria and see if it will restore the flora in your system. there are also tablets you can buy .
Avatar f tn You can keep up with the enemas at home, you can get a kit that has a long tube, so it will reach farther up than just the little kind. BUT IF you feel pressure to go but it won't come out, then you can use "Baby Lax," put a couple little tubes of ointment, and it will come out, you might have to repeat. Or you can put KY Jelly in the area, to ease the hard constipated matter's exit.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering with trapped wind and bloating of the stomach for the past 18 months. I have had an endescopy that showed a slight inflammation of the stomach lining. I was not prescribed with any treatment and i am wondering what is the best step to take next. I am 37 years old and in good health apart from this problem which is stopping me from enjoying my life. Can you help?