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Avatar f tn women usually dont start showing till about 12 weeks, and even then it would still be a lot of bloating, a lump to me is more like a cyst type of thing not like a baby bump... so in order for anyone to try to help you we need a little more information... like how big is hte lump or bump, how long ago did you notice it, have you missed a period yet...
Avatar n tn I'm 24 y/o with bilateral ovarian cysts (not big, only 3cm each) but having a lot of pain & bloating for 2 months now. A scan showed the one of the side where I have my pain has a septation and free fluid in the pelvis. A lot of literature makes these septations sound concerning, but can it be normal? My doctor thinks I have endometriosis as well since I have posterior pain on palpation. He wants to do a laparoscopy (during which I believe he will drain the cysts).
Avatar m tn about 2 years ago I noticed slight bloating in the low er part of the abdoman. it became about a size 34 that I had to wear. this was not any sort of "fat accummulation". it was like pressure built inside the lowest part of the abdoman near the groin and a bit aobve it. then it slowly over the coarse of 2 years got more and more till my size became a 38. The bloating was always present. 24 hrs a day. II must emphisaize that there was NO PAIN or discomfort during all this.
Avatar f tn Not sure if u ladies have experienced this but how have you dealt with constipation/bloating? I have tried colace, prune juice, now adding mucilax(spelling wrong) seems to not help. I have heard most laxatives aren't safe since it can cause miscarriage or pre term labor. Can you give yourself an enema or is that not good either? Very uncomfortable feeling. Any advice???
Avatar f tn I read somewhere (sorry I don't have the reference) that when taking opiates, you build up extra waste in your intestines and it causing bloating. I don't know how true it is. Stomach bloating is also a common symptom with constipation which we all know is common when using pain meds. If you are seeing actual instestinal distention (stomach is swollen and hard) get yourself to the dr. immediately.
Avatar f tn Transfer was on Sunday 10-11-09 in which 5 where transfered. On Monday 10-12-09 I still feel cramping and bloating, is this still normal and will this effect my uterus or the embryos.
Avatar n tn my systoms are very bloated , expanded stomach most of the time most foods cause this I had my galbladder out 15 years ago and I have suffered since. The extreme bloating is causing a lot of pain I need to know what I can do about it. I do have extremes in the bowel area also mostly loose. after a meal I need to be close to a restroom within 10 min. but not always. I use gas x works for a while then It's back again and swollen like I am 11 months preg.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER 2 days ago with severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with a ovarian cyst. I was not given much info other than that. Is there anything I can do about the bloating I now have? The pain is not near as severe now, but it is still there and constant. Is there anything other than a surgery that will help (even the vicodin doesn't help that much) Can I have sex? Is there less of a chance that I will be able to have children- I'm about 30. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I am Pitta person, meaning my fire is overtaking on the other two elements thats I was feeling so much heat and dry mouth. I should cool myself with cold nature food to keep the balance and harmony. Zucchini, cabbage, white rice, Broccoli, Potato, Coriander (seeds and herb) , Cocao, Coffee, Okra, Banna, Apple, mango, Coconut, Pomegranate etc. are having cooling effect on the body and should be consumed by Pitta (Fire) people.
Avatar n tn My symptoms which occur daily feels like a sudden hollow kind of hungry feeling in my stomach which develops into quite severe nausea and bloating within usually 30 minutes of my first sign of feeling unwell. I don't suffer a lot of pain, but uncomfortable pressure over my abdomen with frequent belching that eases the nausea. If I am able to eat at the first signs, which is not always possible, the nausea symptoms are only mild and will subside.
Avatar f tn Also, when I feel bowel movements the abdominal pain is stronger. I bought the Deep Heat rub and it helped, meaning that I did not get up with a terrible pain the next morning. It is mornings though that the pain is worst and then throughout the day it is constant. It doesnt hurt when Im in the toilet and I have not noticed blood or anything like that.
Avatar m tn Now after meal, I experience bloating and sometimes I have defecation attacks once or twice a day usually after waking up. Most times after defecation, I feel uncomfortable. So now am I with IBS? or what am I having. I have irregularities but what is it? Usually most of the times bloating and constipation occurs when after I masturbate and ejaculate. I also did the Candida spit test at home and resulted positive. Could Candida do this to me? Please help me out.
Avatar n tn Just curious how the ovarian cysts are related to back pain, bloating and the lack of appetite. I have been going thru this since late July early August 2005. Plus I have several fibroid tumors in my uterus. The symptoms are erractic. Meaning I may have them for weeks at a time and then get a couple of weeks virtually pain free. Has anyone else gone thru this? What is your advise? Your comments will be greatlly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Is there something I can do to take away the symptoms of bloating? I should not be looking pregnant yet at all--it is too early (even if it is my 5th pregnancy) right? (I also had two m/c last year so I don't know if that factors in at all). Am I correct that this is not normal? Any advice to help me get rid of the bloating would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I had a 10 centimeter "para" ovarian cyst removed on Friday, 7/24, so 3 days ago. No organ removal. I was aware going into the surgery that I would have some issues with gas pains, but was told that the bloating should subside within 2-3 days. My concern is that two of my three invisions don't hurt at all, and are pretty flat.
Avatar m tn Im just going to jump into my symptoms. I have a constant feeling of bloating or fullness in my lower abdomen and SOME pain if i press on it but its like the pain you get when you press on a gassy tummy, especially after eating food or the following day after i have had a drink the night before. I belch and fart a lot after meals and throughout the day. I went to a GI specialist a few months ago and he said i definitely have an acid problem and told me to get on prilosec.
624829 tn?1240759271 - 1. What is pyoderma gangrenosum in simple language ? 2. Can it come back again ? 3. What can be done to prevent this from reoccuring again ? 4. Is it cancerous ? Your detailed views on the above will be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless.
Avatar m tn In the morning the pain is minor and as the day progresses bloating and discomfort increases, by bedtime it's quite uncomfortable... The area of concern is my lower left abdomen and occasionally reaches up my left side of my back. Towards the end of the day that area is "boiling" with gas and makes a lot of creeks and grunts.
Avatar n tn Then undigested food lays in the stomach fermenting and is not being able to be broke down due to the lack of bile. Burping is the first thing to happen, then possible bloating followed by diarrhea and some times vomiting. However stones may be present for years and never cause any symptoms at all.
Avatar n tn You may be allergic to one of the ingredients you use all the time. What are you symptoms? Do you have nausea, pain, bloating, cramps, diarrhea or what?
Avatar f tn No it's pretty well impossible because baby's about the size of a pea it's probably bloating
Avatar m tn what is the meaning of h. pylori antig? the symptoms and causes... This discussion is related to Helicobacter Pylori.
Avatar n tn Mass contains eccentric solid peripheral nodule and thickened septations. I want to know about the meaning of serous or mucinous tumor of the ovary or variant epithelium neoplasm. I have no pain know, slight bleeding and bloating of the stomach, 52 years of age, no female problems before. No free fluid in the pelvis. I have had ct scans. what would be my next step, these tumors are cancer?
Avatar f tn Its going to be 2years that I had colon cancer surgery with 2ft of intestine removed and wonder if and when your digestive system ever goes back to normal? Meaning, regular bowel movements no bloating and sometimes stomachaches after I have a bowel movement. I eat healthy and love vegtables and fruits, but its hit and miss. My Dr. (oncologist) whom I see every 6mos has no answer, except Take GAS X. I want to feel normal again.
210951 tn?1203145344 The side effects for that was mostly bloating. I don't remember if there was much more. Bloating was the main thing. My bbs were tender but I was pg so I don't now if the progesterone contributed to that or not. If you took clomid, that usually made my nipples very sensitive after ovulation. My early pg symptoms (before missed AF) were mild heart burn (it was mild but consistent), increased thirst, and sore bbs (around the edges).
Avatar f tn Ive also done a colonoscopy and ct. Ive been given Omeprazole which helps me sleep since it stops the bloating. The doctor doeant know what caused the gastritis (not taking pills /alcohol). I have a few questions: Does the gastritis itself cause bloating, or high levels of acid which cause gastritis(Im trying to understand if what caused the gastritis is still there since I dont know what that is). Secondly, a few days after taking the Omeprazole I started having a feaver and acute diahrea.
Avatar f tn I feel it was because they made no profit off of the yogurt and lysine, but would have made some money from the tonsil removal. This is not meant bad against doctors, just meaning I want to fix my problem without surgery if possible. I am almost done here...I am not a burping person, but I notice that when I have these pains in my chest I just want to burp all the time and it seems that if I burp I would feel better. Burping doesn't make me feel better, but I still have burping feelings.
Avatar n tn Sometimes there will be little symptoms before but they can also be similar to AF symptoms, bloating, cramping, etc. It's really just hard to know until after AF is due and a test is positive. Good luck.