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1427124 tn?1284247534 Hi there Jangela, My symptoms did get worse and when to the bathroom and I'm not trying to be gross, I'm freaking out because the color of my stool is like a light yellow color with mucus do you know what that could be?
Avatar n tn Gas is very common in any type of surgery in the adomen. area. Just had a hyster. last Thursday. Walking helps, but if you have any problems or question you should call your dr. right away, don't wait.
297280 tn?1226710005 I am trying to drink more water and that might be helping a little. Anyway, this is just one of those lovely symptoms that go along with it, and I realize it could be much worse so I am grateful. Just venting. Sometimes I've thought, wouldn't it be neat if you had a vent you could open up when you need to and let off the steam!!! haha (aside from the natural one, of course!) I know, it's a crazy thought!!
Avatar n tn I have been feeling very bloated and full of gas. Had my gall baldder removed 6 years ago and still get pain in that area once in awhile. Went to the gastro doctor and he doesn't want to send me for test because I was diagnost with Post traumatic stress disorder getting better but my stomach is a mess what shall I do.
Avatar n tn I am a 33 yr old female suffering from constant gas, bloating for about a year now, it is sometimes accompined with a pinching sensation under my right rib cage, and that area is extremely sensitive. I have seen my doctor on many different occasions and have had a number of tests from Ultrasound of the gallbladder, blood work and gastroscopy, which was done most recently in May. All tests come back normal...I know something is not right.
Avatar n tn I have the bloated stomach(top portion) right after eating, Asthma-like symptoms (shortness of breath and extremely tight chest), and lots of gas. I also have other problems as well such as a mild prickly burning sensation across my chest and nausea. Periodically I will experience an extremely painful burning sensation behind my sternum which will incapacitate me for 10-15 minutes. However, my main concern is the Asthma-like symptoms and stomach nausea/bloating.
Avatar n tn I did not. However my constipation, gas and bloating continues in spite that I am taking Ex Lax, and Metalusil. I have severy pain in my stomach and beg pressure. I look preganat. The doctor did not seem to concerned and told me to take Milk of Magnesia, which I did with no results. Any suggestiosn?
Avatar n tn If the wrap is just a bit too tight, you can't belch, so all that gas has to go the other way, which means bloating and lots of pain. Another consideration is scar tissue essentially accomplishing the same result as a too-tight wrap. If this problem has come on gradually since you had the surgery in 2004, I'd consider the scar tissue as a possible culprit. I assume you're avoiding any carbonated beverages, and most gas producing foods?
Avatar n tn Recently I have been getting really bloated and have pain in my lower right side. Are these possible symptoms of menopause? Has anyone else hat these symptoms?
Avatar f tn My body functions are normal for most part. (Btw, I am 41, and weigh 110 lbs). I want to know what could be behind this bloating?
Avatar m tn I also was taking TUMS when I was more acidic, but instead it made me nauseous and gave me stomach pains. In searching, I found that the symptoms of high acidity and low acidity are the same. Depends on your age .. As people age, everything gets lowered. The advise I got was to take Magnesium Chloride two tabs with each meal. My acidity was much better although I still have to manage gas with anti gas enzymes before or after meals. And yes, I did stop taking my prescription.
Avatar n tn Now this is just what I've learned from the last fews days of researching this site, and it's only what I found that was relevant for me, so there may be other things relevant for you.
Avatar n tn Bloating,Pain and gas was what brought me to see the doctor back in April. I was on 40mg. of Nexium each morning. After the EGD in May, 2002 (had the first one in 2000) she has now added another Nexium for the nightime. This makes 2 a day now. (40mg x 2) WELL, I cannot belive this gastro doc cannot or will not recognize that i may indeed be suffering side effects of the NEXIUM and no more needed another EGD than my dog. She wants me on this stuff indefinately.
Avatar f tn If you have stomach cramps, gas, diarrhea and bloating after consuming ice cream, milk or other kinds of dairy products then these are all signs of someone who is lactose intolerant. Even if you are not suffering from that condition you still may find that dairy products can cause your stomach to bloat more than other foods. Again, drinking water after consuming dairy foods can help with the bloating effect.
Avatar f tn With IC they say to increase calcium and Tums are good for calcium and indegestion/bloating. After I started managing that and watching what I ate the symptoms just went away. This time I haven't been so lucky. I do have a theory that there is an overgrowth of yeast in the body when I have severe IC symptoms and I have just started a dose of diflucan to see if it works. Yeast seems to make me bloated also, but I don't know if it will do the same for you.
Avatar n tn And now I am sure taking an Original Alka Seltzer, perhaps near bedtime, will help keep that acid down and also release gas, which generally causes bloating. The SOURCE of all this is the problem, and what a doc really should stay on top of until something makes it stop. If perchance you eat a lot of take-out and drink a lot of sodas, those things can make a person gassy.
Avatar m tn Hi I have chronic constipation, bloating, gas, right side discomfort and gurgling, the discomfort is sometimes on the left, sometime in middle, but mostly on the right. The discomfort is better when exercising or moving. I also some time have headaches mostly right side. this has been happening for the past 3 years. I have had blood work, colonoscopy, CT scan all negative.
Avatar f tn Hi I have been on a celiac's diet for about 12 years but I seem to be experiences a lot of bloating and gas for some time and the only help is to not eat. I have tried almost everything from yeast treatments for doctor's fluconazole or diflucan and non doctor prescription of yeast gone which is a yeast cleanse. I have through the years avoided sugar products, bread products, grain products and milk products, but it doesn't seem to matter what I still have lots of bloating. Need help.
Avatar m tn I am a 65 yr old white male with bloating for about 3 months but do not pass a lot of gas rectally but burp quite a bit I have had bloodwork with normal liver enzymes normal lipase but just slightly elevated amylase( 130 with the labs reference point of 128 Ultrasound showed nothing but some fatty deposits in Liver Cholesterol was elevated and put on Crestor EGD showed some erosion I can't relate the bloating to what or when I eat It seems worse when I lift ot strain I also take Metamucil for
Avatar f tn Hi, im 39 yo,,ttc for 12 yrs,,these past few weeks i feel bloated and i gained weight of 3kls,,i reduced my rice from 1cup to 1/2 cup,,no snacks,,no chocolates,,or any sweets,,,but still im bloated lunch to dinner,,,when i wake up my tummy was flat and i do regular exersice,,i took preganncy twice yhey are negative,,,my breasts are full but not sore,,,pls enlighten me,,,am i pregnant?
Avatar f tn Can anyone help me with bloating and gas its been nearly two years since a full hysterectomy and my tummy just seems to be getting bigger,any thoughts on excerise too.
Avatar n tn Many with symptoms that resemble a variety of GI problem end up finding out that they're experiencing problems with foods they've eaten all of their lives. Try keeping a food diary and tracking what you eat in terms of food groups. Two of the bigger culprits in the 'foods' category are dairy and gluten (wheat, rye, barley and possibly oats). If you're going to try self-experimentation, take out only one food group at a time and try it for a couple of weeks. Don't eliminate both at once.
Avatar f tn I know people with early HIV can experience gas and bloating as a result of the malabsorption of fat in their intestines. I'm wondering how soon can this symptom occur? I'm experiencing unusual gas and bloating and mild constipation for the last three days, this comes 22 days after what my doctor suspects could be ARS symptoms (fever, night sweats, oral sores, swollen lymphs, etc.
Avatar f tn For the past several years, I have continued to get more and more gassy and have diarrhea more and more frequently. It's gotten to the point that now I have diarrhea pretty much every day and pass gas very often. I also feel really bloated and often have to massage my abdomen to eliminate all the diarrhea and/or gas from my body completely. I don't understand why this is happening. I haven't changed anything that significant in my day to day life.
Avatar f tn Included with the nausea I have lost my appetite and also I have excessive belching with gas. I feel uncomfortable everyday now and have not changed my diet. So I was seeking some sort of advise & see if I can avoid another unnecessary bill.
Avatar m tn My lower abdomen is upset and mildly cramping most of the time. The evening before these symptoms showed up, I ate a Kobe Beef Burger from a restaurant and it was cooked medium (I don't know if that has anything to do with it) I am very uncomfortable most of the time now. I saw a physician and he sent me for an X-ray and CBC lab. My xray showed no obstructions, no kidney or gallbladder stones and my CBC labs came back normal.
Avatar n tn What is more concerning to me is that for at least the last year I have had a lot of issues with gas, bloating, upset stomach and constant loose stools. Not necessarily diarrhea, but not formed. I also have cramping similar to menstrual cramps most days of the week, with some days being much worse to the point of needing to lay down. I have constant dull pain in my lower left pelvis. My regular doctor said "IBS" the gyno said "I don't know".
Avatar m tn For the last several weeks, I have been experiencing rather severe, smelly flatulence, extreme abdominal bloating (so much so that it is quite noticeable - I'm a relatively skinny guy, at 5'8" and 130LBS, and I look like an example of a distended gut due to malnourishment with the severity of the bloating) and irregularity, ranging between constipation and diarrhea at times.
Avatar f tn Extra gas is normal from what I have read. It was actually one of my first pregnancy symptoms. It may ease up soon, mine did. I am almost 15 weeks now.