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Avatar f tn Here's some more info on Yaz. It looks like breast pain is a common symptom.
Avatar n tn im currently taking yaz birth control. lately iv been getting real sick and hungry like crazy could it be my pill or something else. im trying to get pregnant but trying to regulate my periods too.
Avatar f tn I too have been taking Yaz for 5 cycles now and I have experienced the same bloating you are talking about. I am a very athletic person and I run almost 70 miles a week. Before Yaz I was skinny 5'3 110lbs and I didn't have much of a tummy at all.I am still the same weight but now I look almost pregnant, and i am positive i am not, but my stomach sticks out so much from bloating and it is making me miserable as well. I just want it to go away.
Avatar n tn was on leveln for 5 months swapped to yaz due to bad mood chnges been takeing yaz for just 12 days now and have had thrush and extreme bloating been bloated for 4 days now feel pregnant and fat?
Avatar f tn A couple of weeks ago I decided to go off the pill (Yaz) because I was wondering if it was making me feel sick (I've been taking the pill for over a year now). I was just wondering a) if anybody else has felt sick on Yaz; b) if going off it helped; and c) how long it took for the pill to get out of your system? Thanks for any help. (I'm 18).
Avatar n tn I get ready for work and then I pop my YAZ BC pill before I leave the house. All within an hour. My thyroid just went out of whack again and the Dr. just up me to 125 mcg. (originally started at .88 and then 100) I was thinking that BC probably has Iron in it and I shouldnt be taking it in the Am and maybe in the PM? Is there any truth to this? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hey all! I am on day 4 of Yaz and I'm hoping this pill works. I'm a woman of faith and I do believe God will see me through this time. It's a temporary and humbling experience. I was recently diagnosed with PMDD. My doc gave me two options. (1) birth control or (2) an antidepressant. I chose option 1 of course. Yaz and I are up and down. So far, I've had some down moments, nausea, bloating, mild headaches, and sweating at night. I have been sleeping well, which is a blessing.
Avatar f tn I would like to hear your opinions about Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control. Have you had any side effects? Has this pill been helpful to you? I have dedicated a support group website for women and girls who have previously or currently taking Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control. Please take a moment to view webiste, YazForum and post your experience while taking this medication. We need to hear your stories to make others aware of this birth control.
154765 tn?1237251544 Frequent urination does not cause abdominal bloating. Many women report bloating in the second half of the cycle (i.e., the 2 weeks before your period). This may be related to the progesterone which your ovary makes during this period. Some women get relief from a birth control pill like Yaz, which is supposed to help manage water retention. You may want to take this up with Dr. downing in the gynecology forum. Dr.
Avatar f tn While I was on it, i had light periods and hardly any bloating. But now the 4 months are up, and im back to pain and major bloating. Am I suppose to continue on the birth control for the rest of my life even thou my tubes are tied? All the females on my moms side (including my mom, her 4 sisters and grandma) have had female issues which resulted in hystro's. My moms uterus was enlarged to the size of a nurf football. And she had fibriods all over it. Im going back to the Dr's next week.
Avatar m tn I do not know what to post this under, but I figured this was the best category. I am eighteen years old and have been taking Yaz for almost two years because I had severe acne. For a while now I get incredibly bloated as the day goes on. I have very irregular bowel movements, but even when they are regular I still get bloated. I thought I was fat for a while but generally when the day begins I am much thinner than when it ends.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking yaz after only 2 months on and had my withdrawal bleed. four weeks after that I had another "period" since then I have been having a period every two weeks... I have never had an irregular was always 28 days before taking the pill...what could be wrong?
405998 tn?1222399817 I had a ultra sound recently which showed no cyst but the pain perists. My GYN wants me to try Yaz instead but I have read some pretty bad things about it online. Does anyone here take it and have an opinion?
Avatar n tn I eat a healthy and walk ad run a lot. I just went off of Yaz ysterday. How lnog does it take for the bloating to go away and will my cup size ever go back to a C? Also, how long does it take for spotting to stop?
Avatar f tn I have also had a lot of cramping but its not that painful, head aches and yesterday i fell right a sleep and had to take a nap to day because i was so tired.My breast are a little sore, also i have exsperinced a lot of bloating. Since i dont no for sure when i may have become pregnant i don't know when i should take another test. 12 days ago i was negative. Might i be pregnat?
Avatar f tn Abdominal cramps, lower back pain that worsens with stress but has put me in the ER twice, feeling very depressed and disconnected in spurts of a few hours, extreme bloating usually after eating (even if only a small amount) to the point of looking 5-6 months pregnant sometimes accompanied with a slight fever, constant nausea, always cold, always get the chills, constantly belching, frequent white vaginal discharge, and vivid dreams that have me waking up anxious and sometimes in a sweat and I'
Avatar n tn I also have this problem, though not as many pounds of water. Have often wondered if i was merely imagining it and it was really fat because it seems to hang around for a long time even after the period. Sometimes, i only seem to get back to normal just before my period. I'm 50 and notice this more with age, but maybe I just never paid much attention before.
1447404 tn?1284607828 I haven't done much research on Yaz myself but from what I've read, weight gain, bloating and fatigue are common symptoms with Yaz. HTH!
Avatar n tn I started taking Yaz a year ago. It has always made my periods really irregular, light and short. I told my dr about it awhile ago and he switched me to ortho which made matters worse so he switched me back and that was that. The last few months it has been pretty much non existant. Last month I waited an extra day before starting my pills (and used back up!) to see if I would get my period and I did for a day, as soon as I took the pill it stopped.
Avatar f tn I have been on the birth control pill YAZ for about a year now and have had no problems ... until this past cycle. Right before my period started I become extremely bloated with severe gas. When I actually got my period it was black (old blood) and last about a day + 1/2. And the bloating continued. I was also feeling constipated so I took a laxative and some gas X in hopes it would help. It helped slightly, but the moment I ate something the bloating came right back.
519035 tn?1348279373 Yaz interacts with thyroid function - bloating is common
681562 tn?1226597451 Are there any other people who have had mood swings, depression, spotting or anything else since starting to take Yasmin Birth Control Pill (YAZ) ? I have heard of some pretty bad stuff. Feel free to leave comments or share your story in the forum. I'll try to find some more information to put here soon. Here is the site address: http://yasmin-side-effects.ning.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have had the following symptoms: bloating,frequency to urinate, feeling of fullness after eating, extreme fatigue. Went to my gyno first and found out I have a simple cyst on my left ovary and a slightly enlarged uterus and thickened endometrium. She wasn't concerned about those, but I am tired of the bloating and frequency to go problem, so I pressed her. She is treating me for cystitis and I had a CA125 and CAE blood test (no results back yet).
1252901 tn?1271135468 -Light-headedness, close to fainting upon standing (occurs very often. has been happening for months) -loss of appetite -bloating and gas. I always feel a gas bubble in my stomach that won't come out either end. A lot of flatulance too. -irregular periods -most worrisome: i'm lactating. breasts slightly swollen. I shouldn't be pregnant. Taking yaz birth control as directed. other prescriptions: Effexor XR, clonazipam, lamictal I'm pretty sure this isn't related to my regular prescriptions.
Avatar n tn I also have extremely severe mentrual cramps,along with PMDD for which I just started taking YAZ for. I am wondering if there could be a connection? If so, please provide me or direct me where I could get more info so that I can take this to my doctor and hopefully get some relief. By the way, I am 28 years old, never been preganant--if that helps...
Avatar f tn She believes that I had been a little stressed this past month because we had a pet emergency, plus my job (I am a petshop associate and I am on my feet a lot) and now being off the YAZ. She said the lateness is most likely the YAZ having finally been cleared of my system. Is that true, does it take 2-3 months for a birth control pill to leave the system? Am I just being overly worried and that combined with everything else causing the lateness?
Avatar f tn Usually the pain is so severe from the cysts that I end up in the hospital. For the last 2 months, my OB-GYN has me on birth control pills (Yaz) to help shrink the cysts. I am still having the Ovarian cyst pain. All this being said, here is my question: Could there be a correlation between these new symptoms and my Ovarian cysts? Either way, could you give me your insight into my symptoms. Thanks very much!
Avatar n tn I'm 40 with a history of ovarian cysts (large, exploding ones) and am really distended right now. What confuses me though, is that I started taking Yaz (birth control) 2 months ago (almost 3) to reduce the cyst situation and lessen the bloating. I was just starting to notice my belly going down the other day, but now . . . it's huge . .. like get in the way when I tie my shoes huge. And, if it is a cyst it hasn't exploded yet. My question is, should I consult my MD?
Avatar n tn It seems like your period never goes away or your just waiting to get it. I was put on YAZ birth control to help regulate and that seemed to help a lot. Also keeping hydrated helps with the pain.
Avatar f tn I am starting a new birth control...I was on Yaz, but it had me feeling extra odd. I am now on Microgestin 1/20 Fe generic version of Loestrin. Anyway what does anyone know about this? Any major side effects I should be worried about...I was reading that it causes bigger breast, weight gain, and low sex that true for anyone else who has taken it?