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Avatar n tn had a pap, which is good since its been 5 years since my last one, and talked about getting an IUD again; had Mirena perviously and took it out...happy to get it again as I never had periods with it the last time; just have to wait till I get my period again to have it inserted. Told me I'll get results back within a week. I called my husband after my appointment and he said he was afraid I was pregnant (we don't use contraception) and then he gave me a panic attack!
Avatar n tn While the most commonly used IUD is the copper IUD, it may indeed increase menstrual bleeding or cramps as well as spotting between periods. If these symptoms persist, it is best that you inform your doctor about this for proper management and to rule out possible infection, gynecological issues or bleeding condition present. Further evaluation may need to be done.
Avatar n tn i had my iud inserted in april of 09 and i bled for 3 months straight and then had my periods for 2 weeks every month.... now its been 2 months since i had a period....
Avatar f tn Madam, I got married in 2004 and was blessed with a girl child in April '05. On the advice of a gynaec doctor I started using oral contraceptives (Mala-D) from April '06 on the assurance of the doctor that they are 100% safe. Everything was normal. For the last 6 months I observed a gradual decrease in bleeding during periods. Atlast when 15th June '09 was my actual due date, I did not get my periods till month end.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a complicated question about post-sex bleeding. For some background, I have a Paragard IUD, inserted 1.5 years ago after giving birth. I like the convenience of the IUD, but it hasn't all been smooth. My periods have been much heavier, more painful and seemingly more frequent since getting it. I have also noticed what seems to be swelling and tenderness internally after sex with my husband, frequent dryness and difficulty properly inserting tampons.
Avatar f tn I had the paraguard for 4.5 years. .. I too had severly heavy periods and for the last year they lasted anywhere between 10 and 15 days. Also I cramped horribly worse with it. Literally as soon as they took it out my next period was 5 days with no cramping at all. Now I know it affects every one differently but the dr that took mine out said she removed 80% of them because of the super heavy and extended periods.
Avatar f tn Changes in menstrual bleeding are common. Women may have bleeding and spotting between periods, especially during the first few months. Sometimes the bleeding is heavier than usual, however, the bleeding usually becomes lighter than usual and may become irregular. Mirena makes the lining of the uterus thin, and this thinning causes lighter periods. Twenty percent of women completely stop having periods after using Mirena for a year.
Avatar f tn If it turned out not to be a bleeding disorder/coagulopathy, my next step would be to consider a Mirena IUD. These can work wonderfully to reduce bleeding or sometimes even stop bleeding altogether. Lupron might be another option, because some of your symptoms ( pain ) are suspicious for endometriosis. Well, at least here are some things to consider--hope it helps!
Avatar f tn They are lasting full length between 4-7 days. There is a complete stop between each one as well. I feel dizzy and nauseous all the time. Im getting physically sick, with hot flashes. Also getting really bad cramps, that i cant even get out of bed that also wake me from sleep. Im 20yrs old. My periods have for the most part always been on time and constant. I have been going through alot of stress lately but things were starting to get better when i started for the 3rd time.
Avatar f tn I had periods every month that lasted 3-4 days no heavy bleeding or cramping. My periods were the same as they were prior to the Paragard basically. I would get again but my hubby is getting the big snip so I don't have to.
Avatar n tn t fit so they had to stretch my uterus. Before my IUD I always had light periods with no cramping. While I had my IUD I never had a period (because I had the Mirena) but I had AWFUL cramps. I know the copper one is supposed to make it worse too so I am sure the no kids, bad periods and the copper IUD might be a painful combination. I had to have my IUD removed about six months after getting it because it punctured my uterus, that was PAINFUL!!
Avatar n tn Hello, A detailed medical evaluation may be extremely necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment of your condition. The commonest cause of bleeding between periods or after intercourse is hormonal imbalance. The two hormones regulating a woman’s cycle are estrogen and progesterone. If they get out of balance, one may have spotting.
996919 tn?1249892926 All along i was bleeding ( i figured i was just on my period, after all i did have an IUD in) i continued bleeding until Aug. 5th. (today is the 7th) I thought my period was over because i didn't bleed at all on the 5th.but i did have spotting the 6th & 7th. Heres my question(s) 1-When did i become pregnant? 2- When did i have my miscarriage? 3- After being in the mindset that i was pregnant, I want to try for another one, how soon can i get pregnant?
504000 tn?1242500793 i do not feel like myself since i had my IUD insterted i have also been bleeding prd like for about a week...dr says anything is possible at this point. Can anyone fill me in im very nervous, i just feel like something just isnt right. oh i had my baby a little over 2 months ago so i know my body is still adjusting.
Avatar n tn 50 years old ,spotting between periods, normal fsh test...endometrial lining 6mm on ultrasound...normal ultrasound can I be peri menapausal?
Avatar f tn Copper IUD *****, ive had mien for a year and i bleed after insertion for 2 months. My overall periods suck also heavier bleeding and longer periods.
Avatar m tn I have been using and am in between periods and have been spotting sometimes after sex.Can meth use make you bleed?
Avatar f tn All of the information I can find on periods after IUD removal tell of missed periods or heavy periods etc and mainly concentrate around people who have had their IUD removed in order to get pregnant, which is not the case with me. I am wondering if all this 'normalcy' is normal ?
Avatar f tn well it could be either your normal menstrual bleeding which got screwed up coz of the iud,or ovulation bleeding which means you're ovulating,or implantation bleeding which means you're pregnant.. but the type of bleeding you described sounds like you are undergoing either ovulation or implantation bleeding..coz for these two, the bleeding is spotting or light and can be pink or brown..try and take a pregnancy test to confirm!hope i helped!good luck!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know when I should count/expect my next period cos if its from the first bleed I'm late!!! If the second I'm not!?
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently found out that my mom is bleeding between periods and she hasn't gone to the doctor about it yet. It has been going on for over a year now and it usually lasts up to a few days between her periods. My mom is turning 44 and is generally in good health. I'm worried about her as she refuses to go to the doctor. Please help!!
Avatar n tn I googled what it could mean to be bleeding in between and found that implantation bleeding usually occurs 4 weeks after conception and it's been exactly 4 weeks since I had sex = /