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Avatar f tn I had periods every month that lasted 3-4 days no heavy bleeding or cramping. My periods were the same as they were prior to the Paragard basically. I would get again but my hubby is getting the big snip so I don't have to.
Avatar n tn had a pap, which is good since its been 5 years since my last one, and talked about getting an IUD again; had Mirena perviously and took it out...happy to get it again as I never had periods with it the last time; just have to wait till I get my period again to have it inserted. Told me I'll get results back within a week. I called my husband after my appointment and he said he was afraid I was pregnant (we don't use contraception) and then he gave me a panic attack!
4926212 tn?1361203474 Recently, I have been getting spotting between periods mostly the day after intercourse; lately it's just been happening every now and then, especially if I am even slightly aroused. Today, I am spotting and having steady cramps and I just got my period two weeks ago. What does this mean? Is it time to get the IUD out? What could be the causes?
Avatar n tn Hello, A detailed medical evaluation may be extremely necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment of your condition. The commonest cause of bleeding between periods or after intercourse is hormonal imbalance. The two hormones regulating a woman’s cycle are estrogen and progesterone. If they get out of balance, one may have spotting.
Avatar f tn Ive had my mire a or over a year and haven't had any issues past the first 6 months. Now, however, I started bleeding in between periods and still am for the first time in my life. It's on the third day and it's light now but these three days I've had horrible nausea, back pain, random headaches and cramps. I don't know what's going on...any help?
Avatar f tn I had the paraguard for 4.5 years. .. I too had severly heavy periods and for the last year they lasted anywhere between 10 and 15 days. Also I cramped horribly worse with it. Literally as soon as they took it out my next period was 5 days with no cramping at all. Now I know it affects every one differently but the dr that took mine out said she removed 80% of them because of the super heavy and extended periods.
Avatar n tn While the most commonly used IUD is the copper IUD, it may indeed increase menstrual bleeding or cramps as well as spotting between periods. If these symptoms persist, it is best that you inform your doctor about this for proper management and to rule out possible infection, gynecological issues or bleeding condition present. Further evaluation may need to be done.
Avatar n tn i had my iud inserted in april of 09 and i bled for 3 months straight and then had my periods for 2 weeks every month.... now its been 2 months since i had a period....
223520 tn?1221443883 I did have spotting/bleeding for about three months afterward, and then occassional spotting between periods. I removed it after eight months, though, due to weight gain and acne. It wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Then had 2 m/c's in a row, can't help but think there was a connection between messing with my hormones with the IUD or the lining and those m/c's--had had 2 pregnancies no problems before. I could never find studies either that linked IUD with post-IUD success at carrying pregnancies--don't think they want to know. Good luck!
Avatar n tn A large number of of women that I have spoken to on this subject have experienced heavier bleeding and severve cramping before and during their periods which if this is already a problem for you could make it worse ... luckily this wasnt an issue for me. Usually you do have some cramping after insertion for a couple of days but this settles quickly, if it doesnt I strongly suggest that you have it removed straight away. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Avatar n tn For the last 6-8 months or so, I've had bleeding/spotting/cramps in between periods. It's very annoying, since I feel like I'm dealing with a light period on days when I should be free of all that hassle! Anyone had similar side effects with the paraguard?
Avatar n tn Hi there, Mirena can cause A few side effects like discomfort, abdominal pain and irregular periods. There may also be bleeding and spotting between menstrual periods during the first 3 to 6 months. There may be expulsion of Mirena which may cause bleeding, pain and an increase in menstrual flow. You have already started birth control pills so you are adequately protected against pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I missed a period and went to the doctors who told me I wasn't pregnant and was sent for an ultra sound to make sure the IUD was still in the right position. Results came back fine. Now mths later I am experiencing bleeding between my periods. Its crazy! I have read some things on the the copper IUD and have found alot of woman say that after having this put in that sometimes the body rejects it and causes problems.
Avatar f tn Bleeding in between periods can happen as you adjust to a new birth control, but to me, this sounds like a bigger issue then that- since you are on the third pack and you had the same issue with another hormonal birth control option. Have you called your doctor to let them know the abnormal bleeding is still going on? There are other non-hormonal options or light hormone options that you and your doctor could discuss trying instead- to see if that helps.
Avatar n tn IUD's can also cause ectopic pregnancies and sometimes infection - infection can lead to PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause infertility if left untreated. There are other side effects you might want to consider too, such as spotting between periods, heavier bleeding... Google it and have a look.
504000 tn?1242504393 i do not feel like myself since i had my IUD insterted i have also been bleeding prd like for about a week...dr says anything is possible at this point. Can anyone fill me in im very nervous, i just feel like something just isnt right. oh i had my baby a little over 2 months ago so i know my body is still adjusting.
Avatar f tn but its been i week and a day since it was removed and i dont know if this is my period? scraping from the iud? spotting from the b/c pills? dr did say i might have spotting between periods. does anyone have any info for me on this?
Avatar f tn Also, I have had to urinate more urgently and experience some clear discharge between periods. I have considered removing the IUD, but I've hesitated because other birth control options don't seem that great. Here's where my question gets complicated: after more than a decade of being monogamous with my husband, I recently cheated with another man (please, no lectures) and made the completely idiotic and irresponsible decision to have unprotected sex with him twice.
296076 tn?1371338074 Mirena- has hormones and only last for 5 years, most people have less bleeding or no period Copper- has no hormones, lasts for 10 years and most people have more bleeding during periods. I have the Mirena and have no complaints. I love not having to think about my birth control except check for the strings once a month.
Avatar f tn I frequently feel severe cramping and bleeding in between periods and oftentimes I feel pain during intercourse thats why I had to visit a doctor last november. I found out that I already had a mild pelvic inflammatory disease. There was medication and after that I asked the doctor if its still good to have my iud still inserted. she said its ok but I doubt if it is so.. coz im afraid I could have that infection again. so i am trying to ask if its still advisable to keep my iud inserted?
Avatar n tn in the begening i had some bleeding [spots] for 2 months and then after that itstoped and there were no periods untill now .but my concern is [ if i remove the iud how long will it take me to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn This is a great way to know that it is where it should be. Heavier periods are normal with this IUD. Mine are very heavy also. IMO, this is a "side effect" that is very easy to deal with instead of dealing with artificial hormones to control my cycle. I love that I still ovulate and have a regular, normal, hormone free cycle. What other side effects do you have?
145992 tn?1341348674 My period was not bad at all when I had my copper IUD. I did not have heavy bleeding just regular period bleeding also I had very little cramping. I have had my IUD out for 2 months now and my periods have been HORRIBLE, very heavy with lots of cramping. I am glad I am still pumping for DD because I dont believe I am ovulating yet and my and DH have not been "careful".
Avatar n tn I had my iud in for 3 years, and I just got it taken out a while now. I did have a lot of spotting in the first wk, But after that I havent had a period since then. I am very depressed that I am not pg yet I dont know what to do at this point.It was very easy for me 2 get pgnt with my 2 sons, they are 8 and 3.I want a little girl, is there any pointers out there?I hope I will get pg soon.
Avatar n tn It is common for women to stop having their periods after a little while on the Mirena IUD, especially if you had light periods prior to having the IUD. I have had my Mirena in for 14 months. I had it inserted after the birth of my second child. My periods started to come every other month, and now they have stopped completely.
Avatar n tn I had problems with a previous hormonal IUD before, I had heavy bleeding for about 20 days aout of the month and extreme migraines. After 6 months they finally took it out. After they took it out we used condoms since I did not want to go in the pill (I got pregnant while on them with my first one) and guess what - - - condom broke = second baby. I asked my doc for a solution since I want a third baby sometime in the far future, they told me Merina is the best (ha...