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Avatar f tn Hello, I am experiencing bleeding between periods with cramps similar to menstruation cramps. I am in the middle of my cycle and according to my cycles I am ovulating these couple of days. The bleeding started one day before the day of assumed ovulation and two days after that day I am still bleeding and have cramps. So, could this be associated with the ovulation? I have problems of every kind when it comes to female organs - polycystic ovary, endometriosis...
Avatar f tn I'm 21 and have been experiencing bleeding and mild cramping between periods. It lasts for days at a time, is a dark rusty red in colour with occasional small blood clots, and is not consistent with a certain time in my cycle (e.g. sometimes occurs days before ovulation, sometimes after). It is heavier than the light, brown spotting I have experienced between periods in the past, but not as heavy as a period.
1552510 tn?1294198011 I am so confused on what this bleeding is. Implantation bleeding?...Ovulation bleeding?.....Cysts? so many different things on the web. I usually have a period at the end of every month and it stops at the beggining of the next month. My last period started on the 18th of Dec. of 2010 (which is kinda weird bc thats the middle of the month). I had really bad cramping which i usually don't and was breathing heavy but had a regular period just a little heavier than normal. Well Jan.
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and since the middle of January I have been experiencing irregular spotting between my periods. I am on birth control pills which I take every day at the same time. My spotting ranges from barely noticable when i wipe to period like. I only have the slighted bit of cramping with it, and about a week ago I noticed that when I used a tampon only one side is saturated with blood.
4926212 tn?1361203474 Recently, I have been getting spotting between periods mostly the day after intercourse; lately it's just been happening every now and then, especially if I am even slightly aroused. Today, I am spotting and having steady cramps and I just got my period two weeks ago. What does this mean? Is it time to get the IUD out? What could be the causes?
Avatar n tn My period isn't due for approx 2 weeks. I have never spotted between periods before. for the last two years my periods have been regular to the day. Is this a common after effect of the sponge, is my body just cleansing the spermicide out, or should I be really concerned and get to a hospital? Thank you in advance for any help.
Avatar f tn After May 1st I would experience cramping (felt like menstrual cramping), lots of back pain, weird twinges of pain here and there, and stringy tissue like discharge when I wiped (little light tan bits). With nobody concerned about my previous bleeding, and spotting, and cramping,and with my 1st OB apt. scheduled in June I became proactive again and called my primary care and they said I could come back and get my levels tested again. So on May 9th that's what I did. I tested at 1262.
Avatar f tn Late last night I got some spotting, very light, and that has continued today with light cramping. I never get spotting between periods and it's making me a little nervous... What could this be?! Thanks for any help!!!!
Avatar f tn My periods suppose to start on the 12th but im already bleeding. Im scared beacsue i hope it's not the sign of pregnancy?? can you guys please help me out here???
Avatar f tn Have you ever had painful periods or just cramping pain when this happens?
Avatar n tn I have been living here for 3 months and since I got here I have had breakthrough bleeding between my periods. I have been on the same Ortho-Tricyclen birth control pill for over 5 years. I have had breakthrough bleeding before, but very rarely, now it seems to be happening every month. The bleeding is brown in colour and very light, and sometimes is accompanied with slight cramping.
141601 tn?1264732309 well for the past 3 months i have been bleeding between periods and at first i thought it was because i startede working out in the gym and so my body wasn't use to it so i stopped working out to see what would happen and i am still bleeding inbetween sometimes it's a brownish spotting and others it is very heavy like a period and i never know when it is going to happen i also get mentrual ike cramping when it happens.
Avatar n tn I am just concerned b/c my period isn't due until a week from now and I have never had spotting or in-between bleeding ever. I do have slight cramping but nothing bad. I was hoping it might be implantation bleeding but does this seem too heavy to be that? My flow is normally very heavy days 1-3. As much as I want to be pregnant, it doesn't sound like it this time around. Any advice as to what could be causing this? Thanks!
130265 tn?1450986981 What is the main difference between spotting and light bleeding? I don't know what it is that I'm experiencing, and for me to define the difference would help. I don't have insurance so I can't go to the OB, and it costs $125 for bloodwork. The pink and brown stuff is only there when I wipe. This has been going on for 8 out of the last 9 days. It comes and goes. My period isn't due at least until this friday, and this started last monday. Light cramping, high temps. Coverline is 96.
Avatar f tn Two days later they took more blood, and my hcg levels were 536. After that test, I began cramping badly and still consistent bleeding. I went back to Urgent care and the Doctor said it was a 99.9% I'm having a miscarriage. The doctor has me following up every 2 days for hcg levels to decrease, But mine keep going up slowly. My hcg levels went form a 536 to 566. What does this mean? Why does the doctor want my levels to go down and not up?
473190 tn?1208431587 Sunday when I woke up I noticed I started to bleed a little heavier (This time it's more like a normal period with the cramping except i'm not bleeding as heavy as I would if I was on my period) and the blood is now bright red. I went back in to the er around 3-4pm. They did another blood test and my hcg level only went from a 10 to a 13. Then again it hadn't been a full 48 hours.
53833 tn?1235000229 What you're describing is very similar to what I experienced just prior to my FINAL period three years ago. Yes, periods can come every two weeks. The intervals between periods can be long or short. Basically, the cycle becomes really unpredictable and irregular before it ends completely. Not fun, since it seems like you have to carry tampons or napkins/panty liners with you ALL THE TIME, not knowing when it could sneak up on you again.
Avatar n tn im very young and i dont know the difference between spotting and my period i used to get it just at random and now for two months i have got it on the 5th and my periods used to last 7 days and now they only last 3, they are still heavy and a dark red but i dont know if they are now spotting or if my body is just changing , please help me figure out what it is and find out if im pregnent or not....
Avatar m tn I have been off the depo shot for 4months now without periods. Have any of you experienced implantation bleeding/cramping this early and do you think that is what this could be? I think it would be too soon for AF since I just ovulated a few days ago. Any opinions/info would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am on the pill and had bleeding between my periods. I also occasionally had pain during intercourse, along with other symptoms. Then last week I had an emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, fallopian tube, and an enlarged ovary from my right side. Do you have any other symptoms? Cysts could be a possibility.
Avatar n tn I have a concern with some bleeding and cramping. I am at day 21 and ov around day 14 of a 28 - 31 day cycle. I have had 6 c sec and the last one was a uterine rupture. (so I have a lot of damage in there) I've never had implantation bleeding before but on day 21 now day 22 I do have very light bleeding red to brown. along with that i have had some slight cramping in the evening. never had cramping with cycles before.
Avatar f tn It stopped for two days during which I had intercourse with my boyfriend. Now, after those two days I've started bleeding heavily and cramping again. I've also noticed some clots as well. I don't know if I should go to Dr or just see what happens. I have had light spotting a couple months ago between periods, but not as heavy as this.
Avatar f tn Hi there, Irregular bleeding, fewer and lighter periods, increased spotting and light bleeding between periods are few of the common side effects of Implanon. Bleeding after sex can indicate some serious problem. Pelvic inflammatory disease,STIs,atrophic vaginitis, cervical or endometrial polyps, cervical erosions are few common causes of bleeding after sex.