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351317 tn?1204755471 I have had depression on and off for a good part of my life and I am afraid it will hurt my performance at this new job. I had a dead end job as a dishwasher before this and I just recently quit because I just couldn't take it anymore. Now I have some how got myself a decent paying job with benefits and I am already getting the jitters. The problem is I hate confrontation and as a security officer that is basically my job description.
947216 tn?1246409327 Health anxiety can really get in the mind and take over in my experience. My original source of anxiety came from concerns dealing with my heart. I did not believe the doctors and knew they must be missing something. I had chest pains, aches, name it I had it. With health anxiety, we often tend to become oversensitized and search/scan for symptoms that link us to our concerns.
549197 tn?1214793876 Ive seen the phycologist atleast 4 times and each time i really got helpful tips to cope with my anxiety. For some odd reason my anxiety will stay with me for about a week then leave and i feel normal for a week, then it will start up again, then leave. When i do have a panic attack because of anxiety i don't hyperventilate anymore but now its always a pain in my chest area and a fast heart beat. Sometimes it get so scary i feel like im about to die or something.
Avatar f tn I was thinking the same thing that I shouldn't take the antianxiety because I just need my thyroid meds ajusted, but I also agree that what ever helps us through our days a little more normal and comfortable. I just quit my full time job due to the anxiety and panic attacks and would quit school if I didn't have so much money and blood and tears and sweat tied up in it. I would shut myself in my house too if it were left up to me. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have a choice.
Avatar f tn While I have some PVC questions myself, I don't ask very often and I have used the search and almost always found the answers there. There are also alot of anxiety forums out there for people who have anxiety related issues. Google… Google… Google… We should all try to use this board for its purpose. It can really help newly diagnosed people.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me an RX for Welbutrin, but he's an internist, and I don't think he knows much about anxiety disorders, and I keep reading that WB doesn't really work for anxiety. For some weird reason, even with all my anxiety and panic, I love public speaking! Can't drive on the freeway, but can talk for an hour in front of 400 people--this disease is just strange and disconcerting.
Avatar m tn Ok I have constant chest pains. I went to the ER and they said I had anxiety. Thats was two years ago. I have been put on Lexapro and Ativan and still have constant pains. I have been treated with previcid also no help. I had an echo and my left vent was slightly enlarged but doctor said it was due to patient habitus? They also gave me a stress test on the treadmill that i finsihed with no problem and reach 100% of max heart rate. I wore a holter moniter and it said no problems.
398624 tn?1266273049 Xanax is designed for occasional use only and will cause the rebound anxiety that you're feeling which can be worse than the anxiety itself. I am locked in to taking Xanax at night, but if I have to take it during the day for some reason, when it wears off, the heart pounding comes back with a vengence.
947967 tn?1325349853 5 mg of Xanax twice a day was all I needed for anxiety. Shrink said the anxiety was manifested because of feeling guilty for not working. Also if you have Chronic Major Depression that qualifies you for Social. Hopefully you will be SVR and over the Sxs in no time and back to normal.
550027 tn?1215770864 So I had a job interview today, and now I feel sick and anxious. not nearly as bad as an anxiety attack so to speak, but not great. I liked the people but i don't know if the job is for me. Its a nanny position. I dont know what I want to do with my life. I've been a teacher for so long. But I dont feel successful at it. Now I need to find something. DO I want to be a nanny . I dont know the answer to that either. I just want a job and security. Im nauseuous too but that could be my migraine.
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2129446 tn?1335476318 I worked for a few months on a an awful workplace where I got bullied and since that I'm nonstop unemployed and have really panic because of job search. Because I fear me that the same could happen again (I don't want to have such a panic because of work again that I have the whole time nightmares and go with a sick stomach to work everyday and must take care that I don't start to cry there) and I so or so don't know how I should explain during a interview this giant gaps in my resume.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year old teacher and have been on a job search for a full-time teaching position for a year now. I am struggling with anxiety caused by the stress of the interviews. FIrst I will set up the scenario. These are panel interviews from 5-12 people on the panel. The ask you questions that you need to give concrete examples of related to to teaching, like, strategies, classroom management, philosophy and some question are pretty random, ie.
9070037 tn?1414636566 I had to understand that the pain was for a purpose and was my body working to bring my baby out. I also learned that stress and anxiety produce adrenaline which can delay, lengthen or even stop labor.
Avatar m tn I finally get around to seeing a DR on Monday, tell em everything that's going on. They think it's anxiety. Perscribe medication but i can't take it with my job. I call a dr (sort of a second opinion) and he aggrees.... anxiety.. Tell's me not to take Meds, set up a counselor and get a book (the anxiety and phobia workbook...ej borne) I get it. Classic signs of what I'm going through. Described me to a T, even said you will search for a medical cause. i did,,thought it was the BP.
Avatar n tn But when I'm in work I'm just freaking out because time goes so slow and I'm just waiting to get out. ^^^This anxiety/panic from my job is driving me crazy and I've had anxiety before but never constant like this. I'm freaking out please somebody help me just say something ;( I feel like an idiot I just want to act/feel/be NORMAL!!
Avatar f tn I think I have always had a problem with anxiety, but was always able to deal with it. I have always had really bad nightmares or night terrors where I would have dreams of snakes trying to get me which would make me dart out of bed and run thru the house in complete panic. One time I woke up jumping on my bed and banging on the wall trying to get out of my room. (this started in my teens, I am now 28).
Avatar f tn As I've watched my net worth plummet, I've become intensely anxious about my future, and there are times when the anxiety is so severe, it is almost impossible for me to think clearly. In addition, the job search process seems absolutely overwhelming, and with the current economic climate, I don't expect to find a job, either full-time or part-time, for at least 12-18 months.
Avatar n tn I have been known to have trouble sleeping as my thoughts are racing once my head hits the pillow and have had difficult falling asleep this past week. This chronic/anxiety, social/anxiety has made me so miserable, it has kept me from contacting friends, partaking in events and has stunted my career path. I feel anxious all the time, it is the "norm" for me. It is affecting my job performance. I can't even speak to someone without feeling extreme anxiety.
4626633 tn?1382600722 And highly suicidal. I'm better now, as far as the actute wds, but still have the anxiety and panic attacks which put me on them to begin with. Not sure I want to find a new dr to start again. I want to try natural. Anyone with severe anxiety find anything OTC or herbal that truly helps? Or is it a lost cause? I would strongly suggest never using benzo's to help get off opiates. Not what I used them for, but I see people do.
Avatar m tn that you somehow contracted the virus, but rather seeking help for your anxiety before it spirals out of control even more. HIV Anxiety left untreated can lead to a phobia where, before you know are fearing the virus in all aspects of your life...and that can seriously be debilitating. Therefore, it is best if you try to get a handle on it as early as possible. Hang in there...and feel free to post as often as you want.
Avatar m tn Last year when my PATM was worse If I was short of breath, I went to the doctor and I found anxiety-stress, according to the doctor the cause was anxiety-stress, this year I started to lose anxiety and along with it decreased the lack of air I felt from time to time, mostly when my nose is too stuffy. Only that. Are you sensitive to odors? (Do you smell easily?
Avatar n tn In the meantime, every little bump or lump or cough makes you search for that particular symptom, for weeks, months on end giving you intense anxiety! And when your partner coughs - well, your stomach just drops and you start looking at them for more symptoms like a crazyman and start searching the net even more. I've posted this - as I think, that if I searched and found this posting - it would have relaxed me a bit. And Im hoping it does so for others who find it.
Avatar f tn Trust what your doctor is doing for you. Zoloft can take a while to kick in. If you're not sure about that, search the rest of the forums. It may seem hard to believe now, but it really will get better. When I started taking it, everything was significantly worse for the first week and then it started doing its job. In fact, I'm 4 months in and still getting better. Doses can continue to be effective even through 6 months. Don't give up on it yet. See it through!
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year old teacher and have been on a job search for a full-time teaching position for a year now. I am struggling with anxiety caused by the stress of the interviews. FIrst I will set up the scenario. These are panel interviews from 5-12 people on the panel. The ask you questions that you need to give concrete examples of related to to teaching, like, strategies, classroom management, philosophy and some question are pretty random, ie.
Avatar m tn I'm currently on 112 of synthroid. I've been dealing with panic attacks and anxiety for...huh...20 years now. It recently has gotten very bad and I assumed that it was due to a job change but I'm starting to think it might be more. I was doing a google search this morning because on top of the panic attacks I've been having insomnia/racing thoughts. About 2 in the morning...for weeks I keep thinking wtf is wrong with me. The doctor has loaded me up with prescriptions: paxil, ambien, lorazepam.
Avatar f tn I have a date that I can look forward to and it's kind of exciting moving from job to job. It really helps me. The only thing is that it's unstable since you have to learn to line up jobs so that you don't have dry spells in between work and go broke. Anyway, good luck. Maybe register with a temp agency.
1035252 tn?1427231433 m having a really bad day and it was sorta the last straw if you will. I started my nannying job this week, and it's been...rough, we'll just say. I need some advice. But first I need to give you guys an idea of why I'm so uber stressed so it makes a little more sense and I don't seem like a crybaby LOL. First of all, we got a puppy and a kitten this last weekend. Stressful. And then I started my nannying job.
798555 tn?1292791151 Lemon juice of all things, before bed seems to help some times. Having a good job would help, but America is so messed up now , don't get me on that subject! These companies sending jobs over seas for short term greed are shooting themselves in the foot long term. Wake up corporate America! Being greedy is not Patriotic - (had to say it, because I'm right).