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331213 tn?1217164831 i used to have them almost everyday at work but since i took my maternity leave i have only had them everytime i think about going back to work (work was very stressfull because i worked for a bunch of perverted railroad men) it is normal for a lot of women to experience anxiety during pregnancy, just relax and try to enjoy as much as you can!
652671 tn?1353712165 I know you aren't doctors, but my OB GYN is just not helping me with this. I don't have a general practitioner (he retired and they pretty much told me to go elsewhere) I did go to see a psychiatrist at the free clinic, but the man hardly spoke english and in my opinion was an hour wasted. I see a counselor for generalized anxiety disorder (we think that's what i have - i'm not so sure anymore ...
6229533 tn?1383271177 Clonopin isnt supposed to be taken during pregnancy. There are other anxiety meds safer she can prescribe you. anxiety meds that are safer are ssri such as prozac zoloft and paxil tricyclic antidepressant or buspirone.
Avatar f tn I also suffer from anxiety and depression and am now off of my medications because of this pregnancy. You're well-being is super important and women on anti-depressants deliver healthy babies all the time. Before i got pregnant, i talked with my psychiatrist about which meds i absolutely needed to get off of (the anti-anxiety meds are a big no-no) if i was thinking about conceiving, and most of mine would technically be fine to take through the whole pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I am 20+4 and on Zoloft. I was on something much stronger before pregnancy for my anxiety n depression. I made it thru the first trimester and had to go back on something. I talked with my ob, her partnering ob and a perinatal Dr. All agreed it was much safer to be on a low dose (50mg daily) than to continue with the panic attacks n depression.
Avatar n tn t been as fully tested as Prozac, the other med that is ok to take during pregnancy. However, the side effects are rare to get and with my belief in God nothing bad is going to happen to our baby. But the Zoloft i am on is 50 mg. Ask your doc if Prozac or Zoloft would be ideal for you.
Avatar f tn Has anyone bn on antidepressants during pregnancy? I'm seeing a phycologist for different situation and she told me I'm depressed and hv anxiety and I shud tell my ob right away to give me a smal dose of medication. Otherwise I will not get postpartum but go into a deep depression.
Avatar m tn t have to take anything during pregnancy. The reality is that many people suffer from issues like yours and mine, and other things that can even require narcotics, etc. When taken properly and under physician care, it is usually just fine. Your not abusing this and your Dr. knows, so try not to worry about it. They wouldn't have prescribed it if not necessary.
Avatar f tn I took it as a precausion to make sure that if my hormones dropped after the delivery I would already have something working to help with the anxiety and depression. I know zoloft in the right dose is fine during pregnancy and bf but in my experience it does not work as fast for anxiety and you have to be taking it for at least 2 weeks, building up the dosage for it to become effective.
Avatar f tn I had it prescribed by a Maternal Fetal Medicine Expert (a guy who really knows his medicine and the safety of it during pregnancy!) when I was pregnant with my son who was born completely healthy and full-term on July 14th. Don't worry about it whatsoever!
541196 tn?1293552936 Ok I just googled "Anti-depressants during pregnancy" and here are two addresses for you with some interesting discussion: http://www.****.*** and http://www.****.***. Hope this gives you the info you need, but I would be talking to your GP about it.
Avatar f tn Before my first pregnancy, I suffered from anxiety in the 1st trimester. I also suffered from post partum depression after his birth for several months. As soon as I got pregnant with this baby, I began having anxiety attacks again. Hormones are crazy!!!!
Avatar m tn Women can become very emotional during pregnancy, but nothing like what your wife is displaying, and she is no longer pregnant. Her reasoning for stopping her medication may have been due to paranoia. Your wife needs help and you DO need to keep your daughter's safety in mind. Know that your wife cannot help herself, and it's not intentional, she is sick and needs professional help. But still your daughter's safety is an issue here and you're right in being concerned.
Avatar f tn what are some safe anxiety meds and depression meds to take during pregnancy? I just found out i am 8 wks pregnant with my first child. I have been on seroquel (3X/day) for the past 5 yrs, I detoxed from and 8 yr bout w/ xanax and klonopin 5 months ago. I am trying to find something thats safe for me and my baby for mostly anxiety. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I am not doing very well without it. However, I know there still is a divided opinion among professionals about taking SSRIs during pregnancy. I also know a fairly recent study showed an increased risk in breathing problems after birth in women who took SSRIs in the 3rd trimester. My question is, can I take it for the next month or so and then wean off it by 28 weeks and would this avoid problems?