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Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
1394262 tn?1369628792 Hi anyone taking anxiety medication & trying to conceive? I am trying to conceive & am dealing with my anxiety issue at the same time. I am thinking if I should see a psychiatrist for help. I will appreciate it if you could share with me if you are suffering from any side effect from anxiety medication or not. Thanks.
Avatar f tn So before I was pregnant I had extreme anxiety, and was on and off medication. Didnt really like the effects - I was either a mindless zombie, or super nice and happy. And for the first 2 trimesters my anxiety had been pretty low. But, now I'm 35 weeks and the anxiety is so bad. I get it for big things, small things, or i'll even just be sitting watching tv and get hit with a huge wave of anxiety for no reason. I've started scratching my self..
Avatar f tn Im on medication for depression and anxiety. Also occasionally I have a sedative in case I go bizzercerz. Would that hurt my child more than stress would?
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn So I am 15 wks and 2 days and I have always had anxiety bit since I got pregnant it got worse and it seems the further get a long in my pregnancy the worse my anxiety gets and I told my Dr about and she prescribed me Zoloft. I've always been very cautious about pills and I don't want anything to happen to my baby but the Dr said everything will be fine.. but other people are telling me it can cause birth defects and such.. have any of you taken Zoloft while pregnant? Or know anybody that has?
4182046 tn?1355823639 I gor diagnosed with depression and anxiety and age 16, three years later here I am and pregnant! I stopped my medication as soon as I found out (20 mg citalopram) but my anxiety and depression are so bad, I really feel like I need my medication. Has anyone taken citalopram or another antidepressent while pregnant? pros and cons?
Avatar n tn If you don't mind me asking, what medication are you using? I've had a prior history of anxiety and have talked to my OB, but anxiety "attacks" have become more frequent since my last appointment. I want to stay as natural as possible, but some medicine may be a last resort. Thanks everyone for the support!
94902 tn?1330483267 I took 20mg of Paxil throughout my pregnancy and all went well. For me, with severe anxiety, the benefit of the SSRI outweighed any risk. Not all anxiety meds have the same safety profile - for example you should definitely avoid Xanax during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor, because even among the SSRIs some are safer during pregnancy than others.
1268578 tn?1274887817 Im scared but I have no other choice as I have major insomnia and anxiety problems without the medication, and have already attempted to stop, causing several withdrawal problems. I am looking for anybody who has shared a similar experience and can relate to me, and help me through my pregnancy. Thank you , I am only 5 weeks.
541196 tn?1293556536 Namaste, SSRI antidepressants(such as Lexapro) may cause serious or life-threatening lung problems in newborn babies whose mothers take the medication during pregnancy. However, you may have a relapse of depression if you stop taking your antidepressant during pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, or if you become pregnant while taking Lexapro, do not stop taking the medication without first talking to your doctor.
Avatar f tn Yep pregnancy anxiety. Was diagnosed with it I guess it is an actual thing. I had anxiety about a year before I got pregnant and had it fully managed without meds. Pm me if you would like some tricks.
Avatar f tn I have had problems with anxiety for most of my life it started with bad separation anxiety when I started school, and seemed to get worse from their. I took medication for many years to treat it and have been off of the medication for about 4 years now. I have been fine; I have been doing well without it.
Avatar f tn I understand where you are coming from, anxiety is difficult to deal with and pregnancy can make it worse. First thing taking any medication that is not prescribed to you, pregnant or not, is not a smart idea. Second xanax is a narcotic so it's a risky medication for anybody to take. Also said talk to your doctor, there are medications considered safe for pregnant woman with anxiety. Please also let your doctor know that you have taken the xanax in case something happens do to it.
Avatar n tn Any mommies deal with anxiety during pregnancy? I'm 29 weeks pregnant. I usually take medication but now I don't since I got pregnant. What are your ways of dealing with it? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Doctor isn't sure if it's anxiety making my bp go up, or high bp making me feel anxious. Monitoring it this week then back to doc Friday. Have you had anxiety in the past or just with pregnancy? I'm starting to wonder if hormones are playing a part for me.