How to overcome anxiety during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn I've been told medication is harmful to the unborn child but I really don't know how to overcome this .. I am scared for when my child actually arrives. What if I struggle to take care of her? To love her? I'm freaking out and don't know where to run too. My anxiety has me keeping to myself completely .. Thank you all in advance.
Avatar f tn I have a great book that teaches the brain how to overcome anxiety and panic attacks that I can email to you.
Avatar n tn I try to tell them I have great anxiety about visiting a doctor; I dread an appointment a week in advance. I don't want to start blood pressure medication because I am afraid it would harm me if I really don't need it. Every experience at a doctor's office is a bad one for me which just reinforces the fear. Also, I fear that my blood pressure will be high during the examination which it naturally is. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.How do I overcome this?
358304 tn?1409713092 How is that possible? How come the anxiety and depression both can take us to the opposite extreme? To answer these questions, we have to look at anxiety and depression a little more closely. Many times, depression is mixed with anxiety. Studies show that depression and anxiety go hand in hand in about sixty percent of cases. Some depressed individuals feel restless and agitated.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years. We were so happy to have a positive pregnancy test and now I'm experiecing bleeding.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if it is possible for severe financial Anxiety to cause ED? The past several months I have felt a great deal of Anxiety over the fact that my wife is trying to get pregnant, even though Im not sure we are really financially ready to start a family, and I am unsure whether or not to persue treatment or medication. Im 31 years old and Ive been married for almost 3 years to a beautiful, sweet 24 year old girl who I feel lucky to call my wife.
Avatar f tn There are many folks on this forum dealing with hypochondria and you should be receiving a great deal of advice and ideas on how to deal with it. I again urge you to go back in your life and try to pinpoint an event, or series of events that lead you to become overly concerned with your health. My guess is that you will find something there. Mine came about when my sister died of leukemia and my mother was so terribly freaked out that I would die too, she took me to the doctor for everything.
Avatar f tn I quit them cold turkey but I was told by the doc they were still safe to take during pregnancy. I didn't go back on them because I didn't want to be taking anything like that while being pregnant and I still suffer with anxiety and depression but I just cope with it. It is safe to take airing pregnancy if recommended though.
1450627 tn?1296620193 What was the biggest change you went through personally, during your pregnancy? 3. Did anyone have any kid of big obstacle to overcome that affected you a large amount mentally/physically? (Family issues, health issues, mental issues..) 4. Did anyone have any addictions/compulsions they had to stop once you got pregnant? (Drugs, obesity, habits that would affect baby in a negative way..) 5. What ‘outs’ helped you get through the tough times/days while you were pregnant?
Avatar m tn My anxiety is centered around driving. In fact, most of my time/anxiety is spent trying to figire out ways to NOT to drive, i.e., stay at my mom's, lots of things. I definately spend more time driving than others because I take side streets and avoid major roads and freeways. It ***** and my anxiety spikes really high in the morning thinking about the day ahead. Trouble is, I drive for a living inspecting houses so I kind of have to!
3060903 tn?1398568723 Expectant mothers should avoid anti-anxiety drugs. Since these anxiety medications cross the placenta, their use during pregnancy can lead to dependence in the baby. Following birth, the baby will then go through withdrawal, with symptoms such as muscle weakness, irritability, sleep and breathing problems, and trembling. These anxiety drugs are excreted in breast milk, so they should be avoided while breastfeeding, too. People with a history of substance abuse.
Avatar f tn I'm new to this forum, but not new to my anxiety. Anyway... I'm 10 months pregnant and due to deliver anyday, if not by induction next week. I've had anxiety regarding a ton of things throughout my life. Germaphobia has been plaging me more than anything over the last few years. I've gotten better, but still over react to many things. Today is one of those days. A lady with a coldsore spit on my lip and I therefore lost it because I figured I would now get a cold sore from her spit on my lip.
Avatar f tn Go to your dr and seek support from your family. Anxiety and depression will not effelt the babies health directly unless You're not taking care of yourself (eating enough and getting enough fluids). You could try mindfulness to help with the anxiety and depression (Google it or download a mindfulness app). Look at the website for self help workbooks in managing anxiety and depression. If you feel help straight away.
1335749 tn?1277373021 What can you do if hormone-related anxiety affects you? Here's some great news! The same tools that you can use to overcome anxiety due to other reasons can help you to conquer anxiety related to hormonal changes too. Research shows that cognitive-behavioral techniques that help you change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, and nutritional strategies (all found in our Conquer Anxiety Success Program) can help women dealing with hormonal changes.
Avatar n tn ) In other words, you need to overcome the apprehension or fear of that person or thing, as well as overcome the FEAR OF PANIC! However, it takes time, unfortunately, to condition yourself and your mind to overcome that anxiety. :( I have been suffering from panic attacks and problems for MONTHS now, and am still trying my best to fight it. It is hard...I am still struggling with my problems every day.
Avatar f tn this is not the time to self medicate PLZ talk to the doctor about the pain med and the panic attacks Lorazepam is in the FDA pregnancy category D. This means that lorazepam is known to be harmful to an unborn baby.
311051 tn?1193419806 I am the same way with my partner, I just try to go and do things with him to overcome my anxiety. Sometimes Im okay, but other times I have an attack. You just have to try to go places and tell yourself your okay and work through it, thats what I do. Hope this helps your not alone in this.
6539069 tn?1383243807 and is it really necessary for me to take the therapy again since i'm kinda reluctant into taking anti-depressant medicine and sleeping pills cause i don't want to be drug dependent, all i want is to be back into my normal self again free from anxiety. Thanks..
Avatar n tn sounds like you are taking the correct approuch by trying to talk to him. How long have you been together, if not very long maybe it is a confidence thing. My exboyfriend had a similar problem but after about 6 months he pulled right out of it. I know it would be difficult but did you ever thing of a male enhancing product?
Avatar n tn After feeling pretty crappy about everything I decided to quit. Knowing I quit brought on some anxiety/depression, but around the 4th day, it really started. Even if I was not thinking about anything/stressing, I would feel uncontrolable anxiety like I'm constantly racing. I'm on day 13 right now and the last 2 days have felt better and I'm doing lots of things to relieive anxiety. These symptoms are worst in the morning when I wake up. I also have some depression feelings.
Avatar n tn She prays a lot and God has helped her. She's learned how to recognize when she is starting to feel stressed and take steps to deal with it then rather than letting it build up. For instance, she will write down on paper the things that are troubling her mind. (Which is a great idea at night when things are swirling in your head and you can't sleep. You can just write them down and deal with them tomorrow!
Avatar f tn On the 11th of October I was taken into Emergency Dep ( the critical assesment team spoke to me over the phone, as I had a gag reflex going on due to Anxiety, and I'm an emotophobic, so it was really freaking me out). Headed into the hospital, and after a bit of a wait :P I was seen by a psych. During the wait, one of the nurses gave me a Valium tablet.
Avatar n tn If you wont try any of your Med's how about speaking to someone about your anxiety. Talk therapy combined with Cognitive therapy can do wonders for you. ALso just a suggestion, how about trying one med at a time. When I had my 1st bout of panic attacks at 19 I too was afraid to take a thing. My mother convinced me to take the benzo ( CLONZAZEPAM) and I have to say I felt almost immediate relief at that time. It gave me the courage to say ok. now I will try the antidespressant.
Avatar f tn I feel really agitated and don't know how to make it go away. I hate feeling like this. Hope it passes soon. Can anxiety harm a person?
Avatar n tn Everything O.K. I was prescribed with xanax by two different doctors, but I didn't take it (completely against medicine). I kept having the symptoms and started to have new symptoms: palpitations, like I couldn't swallow (or a feeling tha i would swallow my own tongue), dry eyes, etc. Kept going to the ER and they kept sending me back. I must say that in all these episodes, I woulkd always feel better, actually symptoms free, the minute I got to the hopsital.
Avatar f tn I never fear about my husband, just my parents, and younger brother. It seems to start off with anxiety and then it turns to horrible thoughts. Am I losing it? Is this hormones? Has anyone else experienced this?
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Avatar f tn I have to go through some kind of W/D through the day if I want to get down to two. Is that Ok? how long should I go through the W/Ds in the day to not take that third pill? I also have my orignal pain that goes along with the W/D pain, what do I do with that? I'm frustrated , ashamed, I feel selfish taking these, it seems like a hopeless battle, I will feel so guilt if I cant get off these before I have her and she is born addicted. I'm 24 weeks and I feel like I'm running out of time.
Avatar f tn I've had various arrhythmias all my life including PSVT. My tachy times were pretty frequent, several times a week and lasting as long as 45 minutes. I went through 3 successful pregnancies and delivered all 3 with no problems. Yes, the hormonal shifts may increase the frequency of PSVT but I didn't notice any trouble with it during labor and delivery. I was probably a bit distracted. LOL I've had 3 ablations since my kids became adults and am doing pretty good now.