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Avatar f tn I have been having anxiety attacks with horrible nausea. It lasts often for hours. I don't actually vomit, but feel like I am going to. It also hits my bowels, so am running to the bathroom. I am taking Prozac and Clonazepam and have been for a few years. Nothing different is happening in my life. These attacks come out of nowhere. Any suggestions? The nausea is the worst!
Avatar f tn am an a student nurse and a vomit of HIV positiv patient falls on my leg and i was having simple scratch on my leg and there were no pain at all when i press the scratch also its been healed and it was so small and i did blood test of elisa after 35 days and it was negative thank god and just i want to mention that the patient first vomit in a bowel and later on after 2 seconds its falls on me so just i want to know that is there any risk and do i need another test after 3 month ?
Avatar n tn This is not to say that anxiety is absent from them. In fact, separation anxiety is at the heart of many sorts of bedtime or nighttime problems. Your description indicates that, for the most part, your daughter is reacting to things she does not like, and in that sense the matter is pretty behavioral in nature. It makes sense to respond to it be letting her calm down and then proceeding with whatever has to happen (e.g., going to bed, having a bath, using sunscreen).
Avatar n tn Untill one day in class i got these symptoms again and i run away from the class very fast because i thought i thought i was going to vomit any minute... i went home and collapsed... and desided to go to the psychitrist... I was diagnosed with panic attacks... and I was prescriped with Zoloft... 25mg to begin with... and an other pill called "akamon" to help me sleep at night....
Avatar n tn Hello, I recently have had some severe anxiety symptoms/attacks. I just all the sudden get a real nervous pit in my stomach and then the body burning starts! Which is absolutly a dreadful feeling. Sometimes they'll come and go every 10 mins for an hour or so. Then sometimes I feel it start lightly and it goes away. Thismorning upon waking up I could tell I was a nervous wreck! Fluttery belly, then my face, arms, head, chest feel tight and I get a burning sensation that is extremely intense.
Avatar f tn so me and my bf just had sex, i was a little nauseas before but as soon as we finished i started getting this burning flush feeling in my face, and feeling dizzy and that i was gonna vomit, short of breath and not even a min later my whole body began to shake and my jaw clenches tight. i took a 1mg of klonopin right away, im starting to calm down now but does this sound like a panic attack? to me i think something else is wrong and everyone else keeps telling me its anxiety.
Avatar n tn At first, I was strangely detached from the experience and had none of the depression or anxiety that often comes with bad trips. Every night since the first, however, I have been woken up by increasingly strong terror, confusion, shaking, rapid heartbeat, vertigo and nausea 2 to 4 hours after going to sleep. Last night I awoke to one of these attacks, almost vomited from fear and, after calming down and getting back to sleep, awoke to another one, somewhat less potent.
Avatar m tn I dont want to offend you but i think you need to hear this maybe it will open a few doors for you to explore. First of all i have dealt with panic attacks and anxiety before. I am happy to say that i am completely fine now. I do keep a xanax around just in case and that is almost a cure in itself! Other than that, you are on or have been on wayy to much medication! You mentioned going to the doctor wayyy to many times in your post. You are going into the doctor for congestion and an ear ache?
Avatar n tn I get another spasm so severe that I feel like I’m going to be sick. I can feel the vomit rising up my body and then I vomit really badly and at exactly the same time Diarrhea decides to come out at the same time (very problematic as you can imagine) Then that spasm ends I can sit for anything up to 20mins before the next spasm This continues for up to 2 ½ hours when it finally ends I feel weak and exhausted I go to bed with a hot water bottle on my tummy.
Avatar f tn Then, a few months ago, I started feeling like this during the day all the time -very anxious and like I needed to vomit, but this never happens at night anymore. I do not have any other symptoms of anxiety attacks like chest pains or feeling faint, which seems odd because that seems to be most people's anxiety symptoms. Does anyone else with a panic disorder, which I believe I have, only have anxiety during the day but not at night?
Avatar n tn I would always want to vomit because of severe social anxiety. I would also want to vomit because of anticipatory anxiety as well. These feelings came to me before major events and dating. They have subsided because I have slowly trained myself to relax. I rarely get these feelings. Probably the last time was a year ago before a date. When I would meet a woman for the first time on a date or before we would kiss, I would get very nauseous. I would have to leave the room.
Avatar n tn But I can tell you that I totally know what it is like to suffer daily from unbelievable anxiety, panic attacks, and everything else under the sun related to anxiety disorders. I know how difficult and exhausting it is. I suppose the only way I could possibly help you though, is to just mention that maybe you should consider everything you are taking.
Avatar n tn With regard to my fathers attitude towards all this, he suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for a while but a lot later on in his life. He was in his forties. He completely overcame it himself without any help from phyciatrists or medication. He wants me to do the same. The thing is Ryan, i still haven`t even accepted that all this is anxiety. I still believe that i have a terminal illness.
Avatar n tn I have this same problem every single morning I wake up with massive anxiety attacks, excessive coughing leading to me gagging. I have diarrea every morning. Also have diarrea 4-5 times a day. I can't even hold a job right now cause the anxiety has taken over my life. I wish there was a cure cause for me its really bad right now. I've been struggling with this for the last 5 years. I went though some major sorrow in my life about 6 years ago and since then this has been happening.
Avatar n tn I believe I have been experiencing severe panic attacks/ anxiety as a result of a combination of antibiotics I was on for an UTI. I have stopped the antibiotics, abou 36 hours ago, and am wondering how long before they are out of my system? and when they are out, will the anxiety go away? My GP prescribed a mild anti-anxiety drug and it has helped but not completely.. My heart is pounding and anytime I think of leaving the house I get sick to my stomach...
Avatar m tn "Do you think the 'what iffs' are just plain insecurity rather than something that the subconscious mind is aware of which I am not? " The "what ifs" are solely a symptom of anxiety....and a VERY common one. Pretty much anyone who suffers from ANY form of anxiety experiences that. Just to give you an example....if a person has extreme anxiety and panic attacks, they will constantly "what if"...."What if I have a panic attack in the grocery store?"....
Avatar m tn I get anxiety in the car too, but probably not for the same reasons as you. I get it because I am leaving my safe zone (home). And i'm not sure if I would be able to make it back in time. Goes hand in hand with my agoraphobia. I'm not afraid of the driving bit at all.
Avatar n tn I am 29 years old. I started getting panic attacks about 6 years or so ago. I haven't exercised in a few years because I have a sedentary job and I had pneumonia 2 years back and I had to stop my regular 3 times a week exercise to recover from pneumonia and was told not to exercise for about 4 months. After that I found it hard to get back into it.
1133912 tn?1260479613 Though when I found out the second time that she was still in contact with the guy I walked out of the house and went through with a divorce. I cry everyday and throw up from the anxiety attacks. It's horrible, however they won't kill you even though you feel like you will die. -If your taking any new vitamins you could be having an allergic reaction to Niacin, as that drug killed me when my DR put me on B-Complex prior to tapering.
Avatar m tn i have had acid reflux and anxiety for 2 months now and i am so sick of it. I keep feeling dizzy and have headaches. this might sound crazy but i am so scared that i will vomit. i havent vomited but it feels like it. I have had panic attacks and it is so annoying. I have been on zoton fast tabs for my acid reflux and that helps but when i eat fatty or fizzy drinks or food it stats again. what should i do????
Avatar n tn I have some muscle pain in legs, a few twitchings now and then, lost 10 lbs in one month (I don't eat right when I'm stressed because I feel like I'm going to vomit), and most recently and after reading lots and lots of info re: onset of ALS, my right shoulder/back, arm, wrist and hand have been very painful with burning and pins and needles with some "shaking" in my thumb and first finger. My left arm has some of the same sensations. I have no weakness anywhere, just pain.
Avatar m tn Actually anxiety can cause your esophagus to feel tight, or choked, thus you gag. Sometimes even you get this feeling that something Is on the backside of your tounge (In the throat area) and you try to find It with your fingers and fail. This Is all normal. If the problem persists for more than 3 months Or eating actually becomes hard, seek medical help.
Avatar f tn Last month I was unwell which made me vomit, I was on the contraceptive pill at the time. I suffer severe panic disorder and anxiety and take citlopram (40mg daily) and diazepam (5-10mg as needed) Me and my partner did have unprotected sex throughout this last month, I was worried about pregnancy and cut my citlopram down to 10mg and stopped diazepam completely. I carried on taking the contraceptive pill though.
Avatar f tn Ever since then I've noticed a small bit of anxiety in my day to day routines. Not enough to slow me down or anything but just enough to notice. It was mostly me thinking that I was going to have a stroke at some point as well. About 4 days ago I was riiding in the car with my boyfriend and all of a sudden WHAM! I was hit by the most sudden and strongest lightheadedness I have EVER had. I started to panic. All through my mind went bad thoughts that something terminal was wrong with me..
Avatar m tn hi i am suffering from serious attacks of anxiety the reason is on night i went out with some of people who are not very close friend but they work there i work. i know them they said me that we are going in soth hall for dinner but they went in next town to my town.actually i had already had taken my dinner from my home but i didn't deny them so i went them just for their insisting.
6539069 tn?1383243807 Last 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder accompanied with panic attacks which I first thought I had some serious heart disease because of the symptoms that could be similar to heart attack. I've been rushed to the ER for as many times as i can remember, had few blood test and EKG, but the doctor said that i'm just a little overweight but i'm perfectly ok and according to the doctor, i just need to lose some weight and seek a psychological advice.