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Avatar m tn I had my first full blown panic attack on NYE and never had any type of anxiety before. I usually handle stress like a champ but something just changed out of nowhere and I thought I was going to die. Now I'm just on constant edge and waiting to see my PCP to hopefully get some answers. Again, just curious for an update in your situation.
Avatar f tn The thing is, they seem to just come out of nowhere. My heart will just start racing out of nowhere and ill get shortness of breath and shaky and dizzy. Anyone know why this is happening or anyways to help it?
1491640 tn?1291238459 And, I am not thinking about death or any bad thoughts before it happens, It kind of just comes out of nowhere. Can you tell me why this might happen, maybe I have too much time on my hands for that hour? Please help?? Thanks.
1194973 tn?1385507504 Is it possible to just get a anxiety attack out of nowhere? It's weird what I get and I'm not even sure if they are anxiety attacks. My chest starts to hurt really bad and it's like a stabbing pain, and I feel like I can't breathe. Whenever I try to it feels like there's huge bands around my chest that prevent me from taking in a breath. I also start to hyperventilate and shake and just overall feel weak--like I'm getting over a flu.
1448936 tn?1363209946 Yes, that's happened to me. No reason, just out of nowhere. My psych told me that's how anxiety works. Sometimes it doesn't need a trigger, it just happens. Hang in there ( I KNOW it's much easier said than done) and remember- nobody has died or gone mad from anxiety. Good luck, Erin. You can always message me, if you need someone to talk to.
Avatar f tn Just curious if this has happened to anyone else before. I am currently on 150mg of Sertaline a day. I went back on it almost a year ago. All of a sudden about 4 days ago my anxiety came back out of nowhere, I feel "cloudy" in the head and am super sleepy. All of my symptoms are like the side effects when I first went back on the medicine last year. I haven't missed any doses or anything. Any idea why I would be feeling like this all of a sudden?
Avatar f tn It is starting to take a toll on my relationship. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere but sometimes I get anxious over the silliest things like walking into work and getting fired or sometimes I can't leave my house for fear of when I go outside that people are thinking bad things about me. I can't sleep at night when it happens at all and stay up all night or I wake up from a deep sleep terrified. I've tried everything to take care of it. For instance, at home remedies.
Avatar m tn All of the sudden out of nowhere I started having these burning sensations throughout my whole entire body. It felt as if the inside of my body was set on fire. This feeling was followed with a pins-and-needles effect while the burning continued. On top of this, I would all of the sudden become EXTREMELY (and I cannot express the EXTREME enough) weak and tired.
Avatar m tn I've recently made a big move to another State and I've had a second trip to the ER. I woke up with a out-of-nowhere onset of fear, numbness in both legs and arms and neck, weakness in legs, trembling, an out-of-body experience, racing heart, dry mouth, trouble breathing, and a racing mind. They also ruled out any heart problems after giving me the usual blood work, chest x-ray.
Avatar m tn im 17 and just trying to find any form of answers. for the past 9 months ive been having these "attacks" where my fingers have a tingling sensation then go numb. My entire body shuts down and then i have violent muscle contractions/spasms. My fingers, arms, stomach, feet, and legs become stiff and painful and it feels like each nerve its being twisted and pulled in all different directions. My eyes and vision during this shake uncontrollably.
Avatar n tn org/wiki/Irritable_bowel_syndrome The numbness in the hands and the rest of the body is another characteristic of acute anxiety. You will benefit from an anti-anxiety agent. Have you tried any of the anti-anxiety drugs? You seem to have lost confidence. I understand this is can be difficult, but you will have to find out your anxiety provoking things, events, situations, etc. This can be achieved by brief psychotherapy sessions.
Avatar n tn I had a panic attack back in Oct of this year and it came out of nowhere! Wow..what an experience...I got really hot, my heart was racing and I felt really weird. Anyway, got over there and now I seem to have anxiety about having another one. This is all really a weird feeling for me. I have always been in control of things. I am a very controlling person and to know that you can not control anxiety is even more stressful. I am not sure what to do because I do not take pills at all.
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety attacks since my early 20's, so I understand where you are coming from. My anxiety attacks come out from nowhere too. I have no idea what triggers them. I seem to have most of them while driving,not a good thing. I almost stopped driving because of that. But a friend helped me to start back driving one mile at a time. Now they happen at any time, I have learned a few breathing excercises to help until my meds kick in.
746230 tn?1232925447 One minute I'm looking at a cucumber, the next thing I know is that my vision goes haywire and I start hyperventilating. It's very freaky when it just starts out of nowhere because you think something's seriously physically wrong with you, like you're about to have a heart attack. Anyway, I avoided the produce section for 3 months(I could walk everywhere else in the stupid store) and I finally ventured back in that area when I wasn't thinking about it.
Avatar n tn I never had a problem before that. It comes out of nowhere. I have a friend who has let it cripple her. Dont let it cripple you. Just get on and stay in the first lane. Pray too that helps and breathing deep breaths.
1705773 tn?1326483874 I will try ask doctor if there's anything else I could try because it does get very over whelming and comes out of nowhere ....
Avatar n tn Thats another thing they don't take into consideration over here, culture! they think that if you are over here then you are the same range as everyone else that lives here. I lived in America for 30 years, I had an American diet and that is what matters to me and my health.
Avatar f tn I tried coping with it and smoking smaller amounts but I started having severe anxiety and panic attacks out of nowhere. I thought it was from smoking too much so I stopped for a little, but this attacks didn't go away and they still won't. I was perscibed .25 Xanax and took it for about a week because I literally couldn't sit still in my college classes and needed to pace and I constantly yawned when these attacks occurred.
Avatar f tn But then again, my panic attacks come out of nowhere too. Maybe there is some problem in the back of your mind that you have not confronted yet? As for the symptoms, like the nausea and feeling like you are going to get sick, that is usually from hyperventilation. Do you have irregular breathing? Maybe you could just use some fresh air or take a walk around the block. Also, in opposite of that, is to take a paper bag, or just cup your hands over your mouth and nose and take a few deep breaths.
633284 tn?1271718018 I just want to know is it weird or uncommon to have panic attacks I mean out of now where and constantly feel droozy dizzy and or feel like your going to pass out??? all th time I have a baby to take care of and I am not that stressed I stay home for goodness sake...other than my husband returning in two weeks I just have the fear of dying or him dying and I wont get to see him.....anyways please give me your advice!!
Avatar m tn However, I keep getting these very short anxiety/panic attacks from nowhere, probably about once a day. Rest of the day I am fine. There are no triggers, they just kind of happen. Basically I feel like everything kind of slows down around me like I 'm dissassociated from teh world, my whole body and especially chest kind of tingles or has a sensation, and I feel very lightheaded and uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn I started having panic attacks a few months ago. They just came out of the blue. I have anxiety, but I have never had panic attacks before then. I was just wondering if panic attacks can be a sign of a more serious issue.
Avatar f tn It's a flight or fight response to a perceived threat. Panic attacks are your mind and bodies way of trying to run from something. Of course when your mind attempts to run, it has nowhere to go but in circles, after all, it's your mind and it can't possibly leave. That's why acceptance is often taught as a method of behavioral therapy to treat anxiety. The more you try to fight the anxiety and control it, the stronger it gets.
Avatar m tn If you're getting symptoms with nothing in your life facing you that's become hard for you to do, and it's happening every day, the first thing I'd do is see my doctor and get a very very thorough check-up to see if this is something physiological rather than anxiety attacks. After all, if they're not anxiety attacks but something else, neither therapy nor medication for anxiety is going to help much. Peace.
Avatar m tn I would have to agree. My anxiety sometimes seems to come out of nowhere but quite often is related to the amount of stress or the events going on in my life. I also believe that is what can make anxiety so stressful when everything seems to be going fine and then it hits you out of nowhere. For me, counseling was the best choice I made in dealing with it.
628714 tn?1268241796 You have to find ways to feel ok because even though you may take xanax, benzos it doesnt always stop how you are feeling thats what stinks. Sometimes out of nowhere I will have a feeling of something bad is going to happen i hate it! I feel abnormal but obviously i just found this site and many people have problems like this because of life and past things that happened in your life so remember your not alone. Im so glad i found this.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Before I was treated/diagnosed with Graves', I'd have several panic attacks out of nowhere a day. Even when hypo, I have them. Something about being in the car makes it worse, too. There was a time my husband and I were riding around, and halfway through the ride, I starting flipping out and my husband drove straight to the hospital because I was convinced I was having a heart attack.