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1194973 tn?1385507504 It's weird what I get and I'm not even sure if they are anxiety attacks. My chest starts to hurt really bad and it's like a stabbing pain, and I feel like I can't breathe. Whenever I try to it feels like there's huge bands around my chest that prevent me from taking in a breath. I also start to hyperventilate and shake and just overall feel weak--like I'm getting over a flu. Normally they only happen when I'm upset, but lately they've just been happening out of nowhere.
144210 tn?1273092382 scroll down to: Interferon and Anxiety Attacks - ADKmtnMan: 11/02/2006
Avatar f tn It does sound like classic anxiety and panic attacks. What's funny about anxiety is that you really have no idea when it will strike and it is usually when you feel everything is fine. It sounds like you have had everything checked out thoroughly so have you thought about asking to speak to a therapist? I know it stinks being on meds, but if you need them now, it doesn't mean you will need them forever. My anxiety started after the birth of my 2nd daughter.
780253 tn?1237559519 Have had anxiety attacks and panic attacks ever since. If my dose is right I have less anxiety, and if my thyroid goes down I have more, which lets me know I need bloodwork and possibly a tweak in my dose. No one told me at first what a lifelong and stressful illness this would be. I keep having these anxiety attacks and it has crippled my confidence and limited my ambition in some ways.
1553083 tn?1296235921 Sometimes there are days in a row or even a week or two where every day is filled with anxiety attacks, all of different severity but several of them per day. I'm easily set off, jumpy, startle easily during these times. Then I'll have a couple days or week where I maybe only have one minor one a day. But it definitely ebbs and flows. My psychiatrist once told me that anxiety begots anxiety and that's why it's so easy to get into a cycle of perpetual anxiety.
Avatar m tn However, I keep getting these very short anxiety/panic attacks from nowhere, probably about once a day. Rest of the day I am fine. There are no triggers, they just kind of happen. Basically I feel like everything kind of slows down around me like I 'm dissassociated from teh world, my whole body and especially chest kind of tingles or has a sensation, and I feel very lightheaded and uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn They don't understand that I can't control it and they get furious at me every time it happens and claim that there are other natural ways to make it stop but I don't believe it. Are there any natural ways to reduce anxiety problems like mine? I don't know/haven't heard of anyone whose joints freeze like mine do during an attack. I guess I just need some advice..
Avatar n tn Any drug use can increase one's anxiety. The best thing you could is stop. Marijuana can increase your long term anxiety exponentially in my opinion. Have you ever thought of getting counseling for your anxiety/drug use? They often go hand in hand...let us know how it goes!
Avatar f tn I took .25 mg of xanax to help me sleep, but why doesn't .25 mg stop my panic attack during the day. It wore off in 1 1/2 hours and I felt worse. I'm so scared of taking medication that why I weaned off. But now having trouble sleeping all night.
Avatar n tn Hi Ive been living with anxiety and panic attacks for about 5 years and im only 15 ive really just learned to deal with it what ive done is tricked myself ive told myself that like i dunno a bad habit is making me have the anxiety and panic attacks ans so if i quit the habit i tell myself i cant have the panic attack ive found that this works very well believe me they used to get to me a lot but now that ive kind of learned to control them they happen less often i just want to say i know how yo
1244180 tn?1325902711 I'm just crazy lol so i get the anxiety attacks every day all day. I have just bought a natural pill which I will start taking tomorrow to help relieve it.
Avatar m tn Hello to everyone,i'm on cipralex several years diagnose with Ocd and anxiety disorder my dosage was initially 30mg now dicrease dosage 20mg,but these days are very bad i have again panic attacks every morning when wake up and i.m afraid that have some heart issue ,cause heart goes like crazy and start to shake and feel i will die ,and for this i take some xanax that distress me but i'm afraid if this happens again...
2107676 tn?1388977459 I practice every day and in the past 6 months of sobriety I have eliminated my panic attacks and learned to work through my anxiety, drug free. Be gentle with yourself darlin', treat yourself with love, and take lots of those deep deep breaths. Sending support...
Avatar f tn For the Klonopin, I agree it's more easy to stop it cause of the longer half-life, but I had a hard time to stop it back in 2007 when my anxiety was under control and when I didn't had an active panic disorder problem...
Avatar f tn It can take awhile for these meds to start working so you have to be patient. I know it's so hard when you have anxiety and need relief right now. How often are you taking the Klonopin?
1694901 tn?1317009564 but to be honest with you, I have found a good psychologist for therapy (which almost immediately made me feel better, like I was finally making a step in progression- and a psychiatrist to handle the drug part. He put me on a benzo to quickly counteract the anxiety, which helped TREMENDOUSLY, and hes then going to put me on cymbalta for the long run. I dont want to be on meds either but hey- you have a headache youre going to take advil right?
1539037 tn?1294322228 During that time I decided to exercise and learn to meditate and read up on anxiety, mindfulness and more. I slowly started to feel alot better, the attacks became less and less. I had a surgery in March and in October of last year and that made my anxiety get bad afterwards. But eventually I would feel better once I could get back to exercising etc. I started a job and was working with my husband and oldest daughter(summer time) I was doing awesome. No attacks!!!!
Avatar f tn Ive been reading all of the threads which has put my mind at ease a little but would like to know if any of you have had the same symptoms as Im having, and how long has your anxiety attacks been going on for. Do they last as long as mine, a few weeks??? I have been really frightened and have been having lots of various symptoms for about 2/3 weeks now, almost constantly.
Avatar f tn I actually asked for it as I believe that my symptoms may be increased due to the anxiety. I have had panic attacks in the past and have had tingling in my face, but it was confined to around my lips. What dosage are you on? Is your neuro having you titrate up to the full dosage? My neuro started me with 5 mg for two weeks, then up to the 10 mg dosage. I haven't had any real side effects from the med, and certainly none like you've mentioned. I do find it works very well for me.
Avatar n tn I know it can be very distressing to feel like something is wrong, but the doctor tell you that you are just fine. Sounds like your symptoms are from anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety for a long time ( I am 34 years old) and over time it has gotten better and then sometimes it gets worse during stressful times in life. What I can recommend is a book that I bought recently. It is called "Hope and Help for your nerves" by Claire Weekes. You can buy it at for $ 6.
Avatar m tn Ryan either left under pressure or was asked to leave quite a while ago, years ago I think. As for your problem, if you only had one anxiety attack then you don't have an anxiety problem as of now -- almost everyone has a phobia to something. Drugs are only necessary for chronic problems that don't respond to therapy or natural treatments, as drugs are serious business with serious problems.
Avatar f tn He also says he just wants his eye to stop blinking. He has lost of appetite. I'm wondering if this anxiety??
212161 tn?1537898045 I suffer from panic disorder! My anxiety attacks can very minor to over the top, oh my God i can't breathe feeling! My first sign of a bad one coming on is i get this burning sensation up and down my arms. That follows to a rapid heart rate, shaking, using the restroom a lot, sometimes i will throw up and use the bathroom over and over again! I have tried many antidepressants but I've had a reaction to everyone. So they only medicine i can take is ativan.
200220 tn?1361955154 I have just talked to my family doctor and she is telling me that the anxiety is not from my thyroid as it is hypothyroid and that doesn't cause anxiety and that I should see a pychiartrist and be treated that way. Has anyone else had this happen. I was fine before my thyroid went hyper and they after the radiation idione went hypo. I don't know who to believe or what to do. please help.
Avatar f tn ) All of the sudden, 3 or 4 weeks later and after using no XTC (still smokin my weed), one night I was watching t.v. and then knot/butterflies in my stomach started, then the hot flash, then the lightheadedness, then the feeling of dread and panic, then I have to use the bathroom, then I am shaking and cold, and it is gone.
Avatar f tn There are also other heart forums out there who have boards just for PVC's, just for angina, just for heart failure, just for heart attacks etc etvc. and the list goes on concerning the heart whether its benign or not. The PVC board is with the "Heart board", and not the anxiety board, and nobody attacks other people's concern because they "only" have "benign" PVC's.
333612 tn?1302886990 I now have a new, lovely WD symptom that I've NEVER had to deal with before.. The anxiety attacks from heck.........I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin-and it gets worse with every day that goes by. I'm used to the 5-7 days of feeling like **** physically, but I've never had this longstanding anxiety.
Avatar m tn I also started havng a dull ache in my chest around the left pectoralmsucle. My ex girlfriend said it sounded like i was having anxiety attacks. I check my blood pressure on the normal and it is always good and my heart rate is always around 70-95. Most days my chest dont ache at all but still feels like im out of breath a little easier than normal? What could possible this be from?
Avatar m tn Dew *cry *throwfit *repeat). So if you are reading this looking for how to stop anxiety and panic attacks after a night of drinking, the simple answer is to STOP drinking. If you want an alternative solution, one that doesn't involve alcohol abstinence or mind-enslaving medications, continue to read about how I am going to try combating this terrible, terrible condition.