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Avatar n tn I'm a 35 year old male currently taking 100 mg. of Zoloft/day and 10 mg. of Zyrtec/day. About a year ago I visited a doctor for an upper respiratory infection. I was given an antihistamine cocktail injection along with a ten day supply of antibiotic. A day or two afterwards I began to feel like I wanted to jump out of my skin. To aleviate this anxiety I would try to calm down by taking deep breaths. Within a few days I began to have trouble breathing with a tightness in my chest.
324184 tn?1308079803 I have had experience with Zoloft (100mg). SSRIs like Zoloft tend to affect people in different ways. For me, it was extremely helpful throughout the process of learning to confront anxiety and depression. Some symptoms can definitely be from the medication, especially when your start, stop, and adjust the dose. I also believe that we sometimes tend to overemphasize and catastrophicsize our symptoms and link every little problem to the medication. In my opinion, it can be a little of both.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if 3 months on zoloft started having itchy scalp and skin that's it's allergic to zoloft or need to take a strong antihistamine. I have taken Claritin, benadryl, Zyrtec and still have itchiness, with no rash. Help grrrr. Seeing allergist this afternoon.
Avatar f tn The Zoloft is fine, but use of the antihistamine as an anxyolitic during the day (as well as in the evening) might be more useful for such a young child.
Avatar m tn The most recent medication that I was using was Xanax 1 mg twice a day and Zoloft 100 mg. I was on these medications for years. In the past few months I have noticed that these drugs dont help me with my condition and I decided to go cold turkey. I completely stopped taking these medications and it has already been 2 and half months since I took my last dosage. I am still struggling with anxiety which I presume, is connected to my withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn I take my zoloft and ativan in morning as it me jittery and causes insomnia. I have seasonal allergies and was wondering the best OTC antihistamine would work better. Allegra, Zyrtec or loratadine. I was on 12.5 zoloft for 2 weeks and tapering up to 25 mg (split another 12.5 in half so 3/4 a pill then one whole 25 mg. I have to do this slowly as I am super sensitive to meds. Thanks for any help. Plus I eventually need to taper down my ativan when I level on the zoloft.
Avatar f tn My 17 yr old daughter is slowly coming off of zoloft for the past month and has been sneezing several times a day sometimes 10-12 times in a row. In the past week her eyelids are slightly swollen, skin is red on lids and around eyes, and is peeling and itchy. looks similar to a sunburn yet she has not been in the sun. She does have allergies and they do seem worse than ever this year but I am wondering if this could also be a side effect from coming off of the zoloft?
Avatar f tn What you can do is to talk to your doctor about a soft SSRI like Zoloft. Zoloft in the literature is not linked with a lot of weight gain. One of the few SSRI not linked with weight gain.
Avatar n tn I also take Zoloft. I haven't taken any of them since this morning, but I don't want to have to not take them for the next few days. My ashma and vertigo will be really bad if I don't take them. It is also never good to go off of an antidepressent, especially when you area already feeling pretty bad just from the pain. The problem is, I tend to react strongly to meds. The codein already makes me really tired. More tired than I would have thought.
Avatar f tn Thanks for replying. My M.D. did give me samples of xyzal which work really well, but the Pristiq was another story. Yesterday was my first day on it, and I woke up today gasping for air, and have had shortness of breath off and on since. My doc just told me to stop taking it and go back to sertraline, however I had already taken the pristiq, so we'll see what happens.
Avatar n tn I also feel like my legs hurt and my feet are allnumb and tingly. Doc finally agreed to switch to zoloft or paxil, but she is making me do it over a long period of time, so now I am probably having withdrawl symtoms. Don't know quite what to do. I have been looking for a new doc. Not sure if I need to go to the hospital or not.
Avatar f tn I'm am having winter time bout of Anxiety, this time it seems to be in the form of the shakes and dizziness. I started on Zoloft, 25mg 21 days ago. In the past it worked great to treat my anxiety. Even so my shakes continue, nearly all day. Sometimes I have difficulty writing & talking. I try not to dwell on it or it can make me very anxious, I just keep waiting for it to go away. I have completely quit drinking coffee and cut way back on sugar hoping to remedy this.
Avatar m tn I was put on Zoloft for the panic attacks and stopped having the attacks. However, about a month and a week ago, I stopped taking the Zoloft suddenly because I couldn't get the prescription for 2 weeks, then after those 2 weeks, I felt fine so went another 2 weeks without it. So I went a month without the Zoloft, then one week ago I had bad panic attacks throughout the day. So I got back on the Zoloft, I have been slowly increasing the dosage until I reach the amount we originally settled on.
709686 tn?1277435759 How many milligrams of Lexapro are you on? And how long have you been on it? I take Lexapro.... 5mg.
Avatar n tn it is red,dry,patchy,not spreading,not itchy,not painful,very ugly,It is not poison ivy.I started taking Zoloft about a month ago and after two weeks of it,I had diarrhea,headache and this rash.I stopped taking it cold turkey on advice from the doctor.However,that was two weeks ago and this rash is no better.It may be worse.This morning I see a new patch on my legs.Tried antihistamines,ointments of all kinds,sun exposure,you name it.
250155 tn?1485299539 My dr just prescribed me Effexor for my anxiety and he also gave me a prescription of Hydroxyzine (an antihistamine). Has anyone else taken either or possibly both together? I started the Effexor yesterday, but am reluctant about the antihistamine.
Avatar f tn But i can't remember being in a hot tub or pool or anything like that I personally have this on my arm for about a year an a half i do have a lot of stress i used to be on zoloft and stopped taking zoloft because i thought the rash started from that but apparently i'm off of zoloft for about a year and the rash is still there.. i do have a history and minor cases of psoriasis but my doctor said it's not that!
Avatar n tn I'm afraid to try something else, as SSRI's seem to be pretty bad for me, making me even more suicidal. I tried Zoloft and Celexa. Welbutrin gave me such a headache I couldn't function. From my own research, Effexor seems similar to Serzone in how it works. Is this true? What about a sex drive with it? Also, Serzone helped me lose some weight, so what about weight gain? In addition, I have a hypothyroid condition and have been taking Synthroid, 50 mcg/day.
Avatar f tn I take hydroxyzine for anxiety. Its a antihistamine and also helps with my insomnia. However I only take it when needed because it is unknown how it affects fetal development. I also started seeing a mental health counselor for my PTSD and other anxiety disorders.
Avatar f tn Dear Ryan -- I am unable to take Clonazepam, Valium, or Librium due to allergic reactions to them of severe all over bodily itching. I couldn't do a slow taper off the Lorazepam. I had severe tolerance symptoms and also feared seizures. Shouldn't I avoid all benzos now ? I am addicted to them. I am glad at least that you don't feel I have TD. How long do you feel it may take for my symptoms to improve?
Avatar n tn Told could be BP or size (6'5,275#)and of no concern.Told cause was anxiety.Started 50mg Toprol-XL palps/BP,Zoloft for Anxiety.Sympts cont'd.On BP check told the rn once and a while checking my pulse had a subtle change.30 day event monitor ordered.Started 2/3.On 2/5 was awakened w/the feeling of a rabbit jumping out of my chest. different than anything I had ever had.No chest pain,sob,etc. Recorded and trans and w/in 5 mins cardio called,I was in a-fib. Lasted 30-40 mins and corrected.
Avatar n tn As far as I know there are not structural effects induced by any SSRI medication (Zoloft). This medication effects serotonin levels. Bendadryl acts via an antihistamine effect in both the GI and CNS. The withdrawal from Zoloft has effects that are not related to benadryl and thus it would not help all of your symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am very medicine sensative so new meds are always an issue. I have tried Lexapro,Cymbalta and most recently Zoloft and the Zoloft gave me a very upset stomach and did not get better after 9 weeks so that was stopped. I am getting very discouraged with this medicine problem. I am thinking about asking her about trying Paxil next. Do you have an opinion on this medication? Or what else would you recommend? I have also been on Elavil which caused a great deal of issues.
Avatar n tn I am hypersensitive to so many drugs. I took an antihistamine(claratin) and broke out in hives! I tried zoloft and celexa for anxiety and depression and had horrible reactions. The only thing i've been able to take is prozac, starting out on a tiny drop dosage and working up to 10mg. after being off it for a year, I fell into a terrible depression. I hate taking any meds at all -- i tried exercise, St. John's Wort ( broke out in hives), etc.
Avatar n tn I hope you find something that works. Hydroxine might help. It is an antihistamine but also is given to help with anxiety. Congrats on you Phd.
1175033 tn?1492204828 Examples of grapefruit-medication interactions Type of medication Medication name Anti-anxiety Buspirone (BuSpar) Anti-arrhythmia Amiodarone (Cordarone) Antidepressant Sertraline (Zoloft) Antihistamine Fexofenadine (Allegra) Anti-retroviral Saquinavir (Invirase), indinavir (Crixivan) Anti-seizure Carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Tegretol) Calcium channel blocker Nifedipine (Procardia), nimodipine (Nimotop), nisoldipine (Sular) Immunosuppressant Cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune), tacrolimus (Prograf),
Avatar f tn The last time I sent her a PM she didn't answer. It seems that when she went back on Zoloft, she got a lot better and stopped posting, or so it seems. However, I can tell you that she won't be able to answer this question, as your experience won't be the same as that for someone else. We react to meds differently, we metabolize them differently. You are also taking so many drugs that it might be the combination of so many that slow metabolism that are the problem.
Avatar n tn Males Astemizole Hismanal® Antihistamine / Allergic rhinitis No Longer available in U.S.
1722607 tn?1335751458 One that's been a big help so far is Zofran, in about three more weeks I'll be starting Victrelis and may need something stronger, but who knows, for now I'm doing ok. I also have a script of zoloft waiting in the wings just in case. lol Good luck Charlie What is trazodone? Trazodone is an antidepressant medication. It is thought to increase the activity of one of the brain chemicals (serotonin) which may become unbalanced and cause depression. Trazodone is used to treat depression.
Avatar n tn I was on zoloft for about a yr. i then started only taking every couple of days. I would feel dizzy and nauseated when i didnt take one for a while. I now havent taken any in about 2 months. i feel dizzy, lightheaded and sick to my stomach. Is this from being off of the zoloft or something else. thanks!