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Avatar f tn Also, I figured out I cannot even take some pills like Pepcid for heartburn because they cause hives all over me and are very itchy hives. The hives today were not bad itchy thankfully. Truthfully, I do not what drugs I can take since I can have either no reaction, hives or swelling. Has anyone else had a problem like this? Any suggestions on how to deal with my allergies? I have many allergies but things have been fairly bearable until pollen season. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi, my dermatologist has prescribed me a antihistamine for my itching and wants me to use it for 4-6 weeks. The med is called hydroxzine. I am concerned because i never heard of anyone using antihistamine for that long. Will this severly affect my liver? Please help!
612551 tn?1450025775 I had prior to the vet visit above been given Wilson one half Benedryl 25 mg Antihistamine morning and evening, in the hope it would clear up the paw problem. A couple weeks of this did not produce any improvement. I then checked and saw recommendations to use 1 - 2 mg per pound. As Wilson is j20+ pounds my does level was low. I have decided to continue giving him Benadryl but now one 25 mg capsule morning and night. Hope it keeps his paws and general itch problems under control.
925572 tn?1246543631 I had a reaction after shaving off bead seemed like a few bad pimples got itchy i scractched them a bit wasnt bad but pharmacist after asking said they are hives which made sense they were scratchy not much but anyway he prescribed antihistamines and really strong and said theyll make me sleepy dont drive and thats all good but didnt bring up depression which iv endured in the past and i took them wanting to heal and they did undoubtedly my abrasions healed automatically only thing was i dived i
139792 tn?1498589250 Since long I am taking sleeping pills, xynex 1 mg and Ambien 5 mg. Now i had to add antihistamine Livicitrezine for itching problem. This drug has central action. As i had to go twice or thrice to bath room, my sleep is always distrurbed. I am not having prostate or bladder problem. I am having disturbed sleep and in addition i dream deeply. Many a time it takes a while to know whether it is a dream or it is a reality.
9156053 tn?1406063254 Yeah its an antihistamine, it will make you drowsy. Maybe your Dr can switch you?
483910 tn?1208503717 for about 2 weeks now I have been taking Benadryl Allergy - 2 Pills (50mg) of diphenhydramine, and for the couple first days I was fine, my allergies had completed gone away and I felt great, but a little tired, now its my second week on the medication for allergies and I take it right before school and I had the craziest feeling ever I was extremely sleepy and relaxed it was very difficult to focus a litteraly kept going in and out of consciosness...
Avatar f tn However, if the person has a lactose intolerance (not an allergy), then lactaid pills may help them. If you are truely ALLERGIC to wheat gluten, then these pills you mention will give you no benefit. You are experiencing the placebo effect. However, if you have a gluten intolerance, I can not say for sure that the pills won't help you. There are no pills to help any kind of food allergy. These are scams.
142722 tn?1281537216 I am so use to taking pills everyday that I just feel weird and not normal. I always thought pills make me feel normal. I was taking percocets 5/325 12 a day. Since I am not taking them today, my legs are weak, I am tired, and I don't feel normal. Is this what it feels like???? I feel like I am in my own little world. You know I got 9 pills in my purse but i am not going to take them. I am not sure why I even have them in there.
Avatar f tn Can I take esomeprazole,diazepam,antihistamine( Given by doc to help sleep ). Green tea capsules,cranberry pills,multivitamins and kanna together please? And on days I don't take my diazepam can i take valerian instead with these other supplements? Please advise. Thanks.
599170 tn?1300977493 I take a fair amount of prescriptions for tardive dystonia. Flexaril is one of the medications I take for control of dystonic spasms and that can cause liver damage as a side effect so you should call your doctor immediately and they would do a liver function test and decide what is neccessary to do from there.
1313343 tn?1274836815 The dizziness you are experiencing is probably due to the action of the sedating antihistamine (doxylamine probably). However, if it persists (either the pain or the dizziness) it might be best to go get it checked out by a doctor.
Avatar dr m tn In Search of the Best Sleep Remedy Prescriptions for sleeping pills are at record volumes (56 million in 2008). In times of either emotional or financial stress, symptoms of insomnia rise, and so do prescriptions for sleeping pills. But how effective are they? A recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2005 showed that sleeping pills decreased the time it took to fall asleep by 18 minutes, and increased total sleep time by 28 minutes per night, on average.
Avatar n tn So far they have found a source of thyroxine in capsule form which I can take, but no antihistamine or pain medication that does not contain dairy in some form. Does anyone know of any forms of antihistamine or pain relief that comes in capsule (or other) form which does not contain any trace of dairy? I am trying very hard to control the allergy by dietary means, but am shocked and amaised at how many products do contain some form of dairy - even an Oxo cube for heavens sake!!!
Avatar n tn I took two 25 mg antihistamine pills yesterday. I am scheduled to have a thyroid uptake scan in three days. Will I still be ok, or should I reschedule?
Avatar n tn Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (commonly sold as benedryl) is an antihistamine which makes patients drowsy, so is taken in higher doses at bedtime to make patients sleep. It is sold in 25 mg pills and as extra strength, 50 mg pills. I found a list of drug recommendations on the Janis & Friends site last year and it said that patients were allowed up to 200 mg per night while on IFN/ribivirin therapy and it's what I used for sleep throughout TX.
Avatar m tn You may need a nasal steroid or nasal spray antihistamine (still take an oral antihistamine with these). I find gargling with warm salt water very soothing and healing. Hot tea may also help sooth your throat. You may want to sweeten it with honey which is a natural antibiotic and has other healing properties. Feel better and have a blessed New Year.
Avatar n tn We've tried nasal congestion pills, antihistamine pills, and nasal spray but nothing seems to help. He's having a hard time sleeping because he can't breathe. He's had this nightly congestion now for over a month. What can we do to get rid of this long term congestion?
Avatar f tn Why did you stop taking the antihistamine pills? I would recommend you consult a physician about this before going off to college.
Avatar n tn We went to a local clinic last time, and they gave her antihistamine shots, but they didn't seem to help too much (we went back for shots a total of three times) and they told her to drink lots of water and spray hydrocortizone on her scalp for temporary relief. Is there anything else we can do?! Can we nip it in the bud? Should she shower a few more times just to ensure the stuff is off? If Antihistamine's don't work - is there another helpful solution?? PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!
Avatar n tn I don't know what your other dermatologists suggested, bt the only treatment I know of for your kind of problem is to pretreat with an antihistamine. In other words, 30-60 minutes before shower or exercise, take an antihistamine--Benadryl 25 mg or chlortrimeton 4 mg are over-the-counter, but if these don't work or are too sedating, there are prescription antihistamines like Allegra or Claritin. It's a nuisnace to take these pills, but if they work, it may be worth it.
Avatar n tn they would prescribe me w/ antihistamine. i was taking Claritin then switch to Zyrtec. at present i'm not taking any allergy pills. do u have allergy problem? see if antihistamine will help. you can get it over the counter. if not, just see a doctor if it worries you.
Avatar f tn Her legs were very sweat in the mornig. Could it be an alergic reaction from the pills? She uses Thyrozol, its a Thiamazolum. Please help. photo:
Avatar f tn Just to let anyone know I found out from the pharmacy today that taking certain OTC cold and flu pills especially the night time versions contain chlorpheniramine or antihistamine.. Which should not be combined with meds like xanax because they both contain an ingredient to make you relax and it can effect your breathing by relaxing you essentially too much...
Avatar f tn In the past I have used a scopolamine patch with great success. Because it is an antihistamine I won't be able to use that or any motion sickeness pills. What can I do to safely prevent seasickness. Scuba diving is a passion for me and I really don't want to give it up.
Avatar n tn Hi there I have been using medicine for flu allergy due to pollens may be for 2 months..using bc pills as well.. I got facial skin very dry n feels itchy sometimes as well I feel small pimples in my skin when I touch my skin n gets very rough n bloat like when I use face wash any other cream..
Avatar n tn I was told the 10mg pills are fine to take while pregnant. Apparently it's the same as Claritin. Can someone answer please.
Avatar n tn You are suffering from cold allergy. The treatment as the logic says is to avoid exposure to cold. Certain antihistamine taken before exposure help ward off the symptoms. Cyproheptadine helps treat cold allergy. There are certain pills in homeopathy that can be taken before and after exposure to cold temperature to avoid allergy. You could talk to your doctor to see which treatment will work best for you. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Not really, but did you wean off it, or cold turkey. that could make the difference.