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565430 tn?1272699420 from everything I have read about those you should not take it for more then 3 weeks without a break. a lil vics would help with the sinuses.. as for sleep maybe a nice warm bath and good book with some sleepy-time tea.. Congrats on 557 days !!
Avatar f tn They weren't itchy, but I could feel my sinuses swell a bit along with my tear ducts swelling. I took an antihistamine, which I haven't taken in a long while. The antihistamine alone was okay, but combine it with using my contacts, and my eyes swell. I don't know if it's the saline or contact solution. So, I stopped the meds, and it went away. My contacts alone are fine. No issues. Last week, I took an antihistamine before getting my allergy injection, and I was fine.
192055 tn?1263559137 4 Fluid in the sinuses causes pressure, pain, and provides a place for bacteria or fungi to multiply. Sinusitis can be acute, lasting 3 to 8 weeks, or chronic, lasting more than 8 weeks.3 A chronic infection is more common and more severe in people with a weak immune system or who suffer from fungal infections."
Avatar n tn Obtain needed out-of-door exercise, sunbaths, and swimming. It can also be treated using an antihistamine nasal spray. Antihistamine works by blocking your immune system's response to the allergen. Severe and chronic cases may require sinus drainage. These remedies should work for you. If the symptoms still persist then pls consult an ENT specialist. Take care and do keep us posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn It turns out the Moraxella catarrhalis bacteria which turned up in two cultures of the mucus coming out of my sinuses (done by an ENT with an instrument deep up my nose) colonizes infants. This got me wondering. A friend also commented that his sinus trouble has been worse after having a kid. I can only attribute two instances to the kids picking up a virus which I may not have otherwise gotten - the one episode 2.5 years ago, then another cold last week.
Avatar m tn -) If you've never tried these things, and you have sinus issues (on treatment or off) give it a shot. It really helped me.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am currently undergoing immunotherapy for 13 months now (d. pteronyssinus, penicillium mix 5 grass sublingual) but I haven't really seen any benefits as yet for chronic Sinusitis and Polyps however have had improvement in my asthma. I have nasal polyps which were mostly all removed but of cause have returned. I use nasonex (am/pm) and antihistamine daily and of cause constant short causes of Prednisolone and antibiotics which only seem to last a short while.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am currently undergoing immunotherapy for 13 months now (d. pteronyssinus, penicillium mix 5 grass sublingual) but I haven't really seen any benefits as yet for chronic Sinusitis and Polyps however have had improvement in my asthma. I have nasal polyps which were mostly all removed but of cause have returned. I use nasonex (am/pm) and antihistamine daily and of cause constant short causes of Prednisolone and antibiotics which only seem to last a short while.
674555 tn?1272603976 m 26 and i have had this strange pressure on and off every hour or so for the last 3weeks (its not painful) just pressure behind my nose temples and forehead and it feels like the pressure moves around, like its never exactly the same pressure twice and it will last for 10-45mins its also been giving me a light lethargic cloudy head feeling (i only take 80mgs of diovan for BP (which is under control 120/78) ive had bad sinus infections before that inflamed and blocked up my Eustachian tubes and
Avatar f tn l nasal irrigate once a day and use nasonex spray once a day as well, can't stand it right now so have taken an antihistamine which has not done anything!!!! l am allergic to oral cortisone and sudafed makes me really jumpy inside my body' l am also very allergic to raw carrots, celery and kiwi fruit.....
Avatar m tn The next was on Sunday and was a major outbreak, all over my body. Steroids and antihistamine cleared it up however, but I had another small outbreak on Wednesday. I took more medicine and was fine. Friday I had a few hives on my legs and feet but it never spread until that evening. Once again medicine cleared it up. I went two days and thought that maybe it was the end, but had another outbreak last night around 3 am. They are the worst around my scalp and neck, but i have no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn I take oral decongestants, ibuprofen, antihistamine and saline sprays daily and Im still so congested in my facial sinuses and can feel the swelling each night. I have thick clear mucus and have been put on antibiotics a number of times with a suspected sinus infection but it never helps. I need some advice as its such an antisocial problem and Im finding it very depressing.
Avatar n tn I have had an ongoing sinus infections for the last 3 months. I have had 5 rounds of antibiotics, which have helped while I am taking them - just as soon as I get off of them I am miserable again. I use flonase, zyrtec, nasalcrom and allegra d and a prescription decongestant to relieve the extreme congestion in my neck. I also do nasal washes every other day. I should add to this that I have an immune deficiency - CVID. I cannot kick this sinus trouble.
Avatar n tn I've had a chronic cough for 6 months now. It started the 3rd week of January when I had the flu very bad. In fact, I'd say it was the worst I ever had the flu. Well, the flu cleared up within a few days and I had sinusitis for about two weeks but the cough stayed on and on. At first it was very, very thick, to the point that is was difficult to even cough up anything if possible. After two months of this I decided to have a doctor visit who put me on antibiotics of course.
Avatar f tn Due to a recent oral sex encounter, I got tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia in the throat. Those swabs were done with the Aptima Combo 2 Assay and came back negative. I took azithromycin and rocephin injection as a precaution (before the swab results came back), and am currently taking Augmentin to get rid of the strep. I was feeling fine and healed until yesterday when my throat started to hurt again.
Avatar n tn First off I'm a 20 year old male. I lived in Florida for 19 years and moved to Nebraska in June of 2007. In August, two months later, one morning I woke up with a stuffy nose. Now 16 weeks or 4 months later, its still here. It's always in just one nostril, never both. It's also rarely 100% stuffed. I can usually blow a little air through the most stuffy nostril.
Avatar f tn Freeze dried nettle root is the only form that really works as an antihistamine. Chinese skullcap, or scutellaria, is a good antihistamine. Quercitin doesn't really work well by itself, but does when combined with bromelain and Vitamin C. There are many formulas with this combination at your local health food store.
Avatar n tn if they already took his adnoids and put tubes in his ears then i would suggest when he does get a cold to ask the doctor for permission to give an expectorant instead of decongestant?antihistamine.. the expectorant will help the sinuses drain during the day when he is upright rather than at night when he is laying down and the only place the fluid had to go is into the ears...
Avatar f tn he given me antibacterial (cause my mucos is yellow.), antihistamine and sodium choride spray for 2 weeks. when im taking the medicine my colds stop. but afterwards colds comes back. So, my doctor given me another nasal spray to be spray everyday for good and suggested an surgery for my polyp. aside from that also i can always swallow my thick mucus. can you help me what to do? is operation the best way to treat my sinusitis?
Avatar n tn Basically, I felt fine except for the bridge of my nose. Even though my sinuses have felt pretty decent during this, I'm pretty sure it's sinus related because a combination of Sudafed and Advil seems to help. But if it was an infection, I'd really expect to have additional symptoms and I don't have any. I'd also expect it to be getting worse, which it isn't. It'd say my nose stayed about the same for 3 days: so sore I couldn't even rub it and it hurt to wear my glasses.
Avatar f tn Do not mix antihistamines though such as an oral antihistamine and spray. Ocean Spray does not have an antihistamine and will simply dry you out and is safe to use with an antihistamine.
Avatar n tn the most commonly rx'd ocular drug ever, i think. but for someone who is on an antihistamine and is still getting no relief (like you), or for someone who has recurrent/chronic allergy symptoms (again, like you) its my opinion and it has been my experience that alrex is one of the only things that gives true relief. yes, there is some fairly miniscule chance that long term alrex use could cause glaucoma or early onset cataracts, but sometimes the relief is worth the risk.
Avatar f tn I've been on protonix for 3 months, Claritin for 3 months, and qnasl for 3 months. All with little or no relief. Had several chest x rays that were all normal. One of them showed a very mild hyperinflation. I've recently had a full blood work up, awaiting results. I'm scheduled for a methacholine challenge next week as well as complete PFTs. I also had a CT sinuses which I am waiting results. Had 2 consecutive courses of zpack with no change. I can't stnd this anymore.
Avatar n tn I have an appt with an allergist that my husband has seen and I'm going to prompt him for the levaquin. He currently has my husband on it just in order to clear out his sinuses enough so that the ENT can go in & do surgery for his chronic sinusitus. I hope this info can help any of you out there going through this unwelcome guest in our lifes.
Avatar n tn Hello, Your symptoms are suggestive of pharyngitis and sinus congestion. The sinuses are air-filled spaces lined with mucous membranes surrounding the forehead, cheeks and eyes. Healthy sinuses allow mucus to drain and air to circulate throughout the nasal passages. When sinuses become inflamed, these areas get blocked and mucus cannot drain.This leads to all the symptoms that you are having.
Avatar m tn Used mebhydrolin,cetrizine,fexofenadine, for prophylexis,got result but no complete recovery. Taking mometasone masal spray, got result, but not complete respite. How to get rid of it?
Avatar m tn Has he been tested and/or treated for his allergies? I would recommend a CT of the sinuses and a culture of the drainage. Has he tried an OTC antihistamine, OTC decongestant, nasal rinses, OTC nasal sprays at all?
Avatar m tn i never ever get headaches and for the past week i have a killer headaches what can it be ive always had allergies can that be the cause ??
581954 tn?1223395096 Hello, Lightheadedness and itchy eyes can be due to allergic sinusitis. Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses. Sinusitis is categorized as infectious or allergic.You can be allergic to pollen,dust mites,molds etc which can occur in particular season and hence cause allergies and hay fever. Diagnosis can be confirmed by transillumination tests and CT sinuses. You can use an over-the-counter (OTC) decongestant combined with an anti-inflammatory analgesic (pain reliever) like Ibuprofen.