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Avatar f tn Do ypu mean Vistaril? It is a sedating antihistamine, which may help you sleep while you are getting off of the Xanax. But you stil should taper them off slowly to prevent any risk of seizures, eventhough slight. Good luck to you and stay well.
Avatar n tn I have been trying to come off xanax for 2 month. i was taking 2 xanax at bedtime to sleep. im now down to only taking 1/4 per night, and im having problems sleeping at night, the last 4 night i havent got maybe 2 hr of sleep.
Avatar n tn I'm a 35 year old male currently taking 100 mg. of Zoloft/day and 10 mg. of Zyrtec/day. About a year ago I visited a doctor for an upper respiratory infection. I was given an antihistamine cocktail injection along with a ten day supply of antibiotic. A day or two afterwards I began to feel like I wanted to jump out of my skin. To aleviate this anxiety I would try to calm down by taking deep breaths. Within a few days I began to have trouble breathing with a tightness in my chest.
Avatar m tn I don't think she should be taking xanax and ambien because of her age and the fact that she is having some neurological issues. Now she is very angry with me because I keep telling her that she should consider getting off the meds. I want to help her through this scary and stressful time but I also am freaked out because my daughter was in the car with her when she had the accident. I really have no idea what the right thing to do is. Has anyone else experienced this type of thing?
Avatar n tn Your doctor can very quickly tell you if there is any contraindications in combining Xanax and L-trytophan. But it's good that you are trying to get off the Xanax as it is recommended the maximum length of daily dosing is 4 months. I am terribly sorry for your loss.
Avatar m tn u have to wean off benzos slowly and would be ebst if ur dr helped u a bit and maybe gave u a weaker benzo as u need it or sumpin safe to sleep. Xanax is the strongest benzo in the group. Then ativan and then klonopin. Breaking it in 1/4s may help and go from there but best if u ask ur dr. It is good u want to do this and u can if u make a plan that will work including support. Sleep will be the toughest part as a rule but it is sumpin u have to go thru.
1134609 tn?1269275800 I can take the standard Seroquel; there seems to be a happy medium there between the antihistamine and serotonin antagonism. It calms me down and raise my mood. However, it is really to sedating for me; I don't know that I will be able to take it consistently during the day. Especially on top of the other 'downer' medication. The XR release version caused me to cycle faster; anything that directly antagonizes a dopamine or serotonin site does this to me.
Avatar m tn a seizure of the extent it was and refills my Xanax and Paxil. Really? Is this normal??? I should be a DR I believe at times I have more knowledge than they do when it comes to things and also knowing your own body. PS Not going to take the Xanax, I have made it this far w/o it and do not want to go through the physical WD I had to endure before and continue to ( much less at this time. What are your feed backs and comments to this?
Avatar m tn The most recent medication that I was using was Xanax 1 mg twice a day and Zoloft 100 mg. I was on these medications for years. In the past few months I have noticed that these drugs dont help me with my condition and I decided to go cold turkey. I completely stopped taking these medications and it has already been 2 and half months since I took my last dosage. I am still struggling with anxiety which I presume, is connected to my withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have horrible migraines, And i have probably had every med presribed for them in the last 20 yrs, and xanax was never one of them....Do you suffer from anxiety?? my sister is very allergic to cig, smoke also.( along with perfumes, pollens etc) she takes allergy shots every week, or a antihistamine....Do you have allergies to anything else?? i would get a new doctor, and Wean off the xanax ASAP...
Avatar n tn It almost runied her life, actually it did ruin her life ,she is an alcoholic (which is terrible to mix with xanax) and slowly she lost her husband, house, kids, and an dignity she had. Xana should not be legal. I also have a friend who tried to kill herself with them. It is an ugly beast. I think you can have withdrawl that are psychological and some physical. So be careful. Doctors are crazy, the ones who dont understand addicition.
1687929 tn?1319429611 until recently I was put on strong meds the same as I had post op, but this time I was instructed to use an antihistamine along with it, I have bit types a non drowsy formula and one that will make u drowsy I first took the reg one that makes u drowsy at bedtime and I slept well, so I continue to take it b4 bed and it helps me, plus it also helps with my PND a 2fer.
Avatar n tn After about 4 weeks on the med, I developed generalized hives which required an antihistamine and prednisone to resolve. Currently I am not on any treatment for my Graves (it has been about two weeks) and my heart rate is beginning to increase (90's) and my anxiety is coming back. I was told propranolol is not an option for me because when I occasionally get bronchitis, I have mild reactive airway disease with it.
Avatar f tn Tonight I was cleaning out my med bag to ensure no more norco was lurking in there. I recall purging all the Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, Clonadine, Valium, and oxycontin last time I went ct. To my delight, I found that I clung on to one bottle of hydroxyxine. I immediately thought "score", I'm sleeping tonight. I just can't remember if I had any drowsiness the next day or not after taking them. They were rx'd after my last major surgery so I could sleep. They are a little expired.
527657 tn?1214055450 i been on klonpin for 13 yrs..and on xanax now..just the xanax alone..its ok but dont make you will for awile but if ur on avians and taking a sleep aid you should do ok..TRY TO GET THOSE VISTREL,S HAS I STARED WITH YOU...THEY WORK GOOD.........POST ANYTIME...GOOD LUCK TOO YOU..
648910 tn?1290666683 Tonight the feeling of the room being in motion has returned. My question? Do any of you take Antivert and have you had success? Is it effective if you have central related vertigo? I just took one so I guess I will find out. I am also wondering about taking my Lyrica and Zanaflex with the Antivert. I don't want to suppress my CNS, that wouldn't be good. I guess the GP knew what he was doing.
280102 tn?1208880822 I would try the tylenol pm and put the benzos and wine away.... Benzos are highly addictive and right now is not a good time to start drinking , you siad it yourself after three glasses of wine you feel fantastic are replacing the vikes with benzos and wine.I got alot off pain between my shoulder blades when I detoxed as well try 800 mgs of mortrin see if that helps at all Jenny you are doing great you have gone 11 days clean,be very proud of yourself you are doing it !!!!
1460021 tn?1445739558 you're taking the Phenergan for the wrong reason. It's not for sinus or bug bites or allergies. Go buy an antihistamine and get rid of the Phenergan. Jay's right. This is addictive behaviour! Good luck and great job on those 20 days!!
1225950 tn?1267159088 Most nighttime pain relievers such as tylenol PM contain these types of medications to induce sleep, while not being nearly as addictive as benzodiazepines like xanax.
11587059 tn?1427631863 It doesn't work for me because unfortunately I am apparently allergic to antihistamines but maybe it will work for you, at least for the anxiety. Before pregnancy I was using Prozac and xanax to take some control of the issues because I react badly to other meds and nonmed techniques last about 5 seconds for me then I'm back to flashbacks and sweats and all that awesome stuff.
Avatar n tn hello sorry for the subject change but I am in dir need of help I have heart palps acc by strong face and arm heat also prickly skin on arms and heat at the tips of my right fingers severe headaches and a lightheadeness that does not go away I have had these systems for 4 months and told my pcp so he has been ajustin my bp meds atenelol 50 mg dyazide 37,5/25 also xanax as needed for panic hydrocodone for back pain and fioracet and depakote for migraines I am not a doctoer but I do not think thes
Avatar f tn My levo is causing some itchy reaction, so I tried synthroid. I could not sleep and kept having anxiety attacks. Is there a reason for this and how can I combat it? I will be taking levo lavoxly to see if it will help at all. Any suggestions will help. I'm also on 15 mcg of cytomel Tsh .57 T4 .65 (.61-1.60) T3 3.28 I don't have the ranges with me right now. I just remember my t4 because its so low. My symptoms are rapid heart rate, my sinuses won't heal, shakiness.
Avatar n tn last night I had one of the most painful headaches I can remmember, The pain was so intense that it caused me to throw-up and even with 2 percocets and a 1/2 Xanax it was horrible, it lasted about 7 hours and I am weak as a kitten today. Anyone else get these from TX ? Also does any one know of a possable prevention, as I dont want to go through that again. Hope your monday goes by quickly and enjoyable.
Avatar n tn In 1996, had a mysterious, bullseye rash on each thigh, and each buttock. I tested negative for Lyme disease, lupus, and HIV. In 1998, I had dull, but severe pain in left arm and severe anxiety, sweating, and breath shortness for a couple hours. I recovered and didn't see a doctor then. Shortly after that, I developed an occasional very strong palpitation, only one at a time, about once a week. Then, a couple times, I had long runs of them for hours.
Avatar m tn I have been on and off of 10/500 for 1 year. I took them after an accident. I've never taken more than 3 a day ever. I am on hour 50 without right now. There is a 90 pill script waiting at the pharmacy and I don't want to go get them. The hydro has cured my RLS which I have been taking Ambien for for 5 years. The problem is that I have full blown RLS anyway and the w/d has compounded the RLS to epic proportions. I have only had 2 hours of sleep in the last 2 days.
Avatar n tn Afraid that I cannot do it, that I will fail or go crazy or get to a point where I can't handle the withdrawl, especially since it is a very likely circumstance that because of my illness, the oxycontin will be back,that is pretty much a given, I am alergic to just about anything other than opiates,I live in constant pain and the xanax will be needed, that I can't live with out them. I am so scared. You all sound so brave, and I admire the comments I have read here, but I am so afraid.
668738 tn?1234121478 you can also take melontin to sleep and the antihistamine VISTREAL nered a script for that though..take like 0.5 mg of xanax and mabey to start 3mgs of the melontine,,and the vistreal at least 50 mgs of might not sleep even on that..but you will doze at least a few hrs..I HAD A ROUGH TIME IT WAS MY 1ST DETOX FROM METHADONE..I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT..THE LAST TIME I WITHDRAWLD WAS 1MONTH AGO 5MGS..LASTED 4 DAYS STILL I CANT SLEEP ALL THATY GOOD..........
Avatar f tn This is usually used, again, to help the male organs, particularly the prostate, and as an antihistamine. It's high in minerals, but hard to see how it would do anything for depression, but it couldn't hurt. And it contains sea buckthorn, which is generally used externally for the skin. I don't know anything about using it internally, but like all sea vegetables it likely is again high in minerals.
1460652 tn?1340252330 I just went to my county mental health services place, and they told me that I have anxiety and panic disorder with agoraphobia, and they cant help me because those are not serious illnesses. I guess my state is #49 in the union for funding for mental health services. in other words, im not crazy enough for them to help me. Ive been on ativan 1mg 3x a day until i could finally get an appt with these people and nnow they cant help me and im back to square one.