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612551 tn?1450025775 -) Benadryl does not contain prednisone. And I am willing to be that it was the pred that helped your dog the most: it is known in vet-circles as a 'miracle drug' because it can be used to heal alot of things. I just googled temeril-p and here is what I found: Composition Each tablet contains trimeprazine tartrate (USP) 10-[3-(Dimethylamino)-2-methylpropyl] phenothiazine tartrate (2:1) equivalent to trimeprazine, 5 mg, and prednisolone, 2 mg.
Avatar f tn Anybody have success taking prednisone for sinus congestion and possible infection?
Avatar f tn Cats will lick off whatever is put on them. It's probably poisonous to them. And, do not give them prednisone that was prescribed for you. You have no idea how to dose a cat according to body weight. Really, your best bet is a rescue group. Do some research online. I'm sure there's something out there that's a reasonable distance from you.
478342 tn?1241372952 I have been diagnosed with Heat-Induced Urticaria by my allergists and she put me on Prednisone for 10 days along with Fenofexadine and Alavert until I go for my follow up examination. These medications have suppressed the itching and i dont break out with bumps at all. The itching is not fully gone but I force my self to itch by working out and once i heat up and start working out vigourously the itching goes away but i feel real hot and i cant sweat nowhere on my body but my face.
1265027 tn?1284843551 Remember doctors will brush off and deny, but if you keep finding people like me and others who took prednisone and having the same exact symptoms, then it proves they are lying and somethings is very wrong with that drug. All of us are NOT crazy, we dont even have a reason to make it up, go figure!
Avatar f tn If they itch but you don't mind the way they look, put the cortisone cream stuff. If they itch/hurt and you don't like the way they look, take the prednisone and go see a doctor. I see an allergist that my physician referred me to. The allergist has other patients with chronic hives and even had a break out himself so it works out nicely for me. I hear even a dermetologist can help you as well.
Avatar f tn (iJust had physical all no's were excellent and BP 120/70's ) PA treated as allergic reaction and gave a Steroid injection and one histamine block as well. There for several hours. (Drank six or so bottles h2o while there ) Shaky when i left, went home to bed and husband picked up prescriptions. I began taking right away as they were clear the "protocol" was to avoid a rebound affect and said it was necessary .
Avatar f tn If you have a rash, I would recommend getting a prescription steroid ointment or cream or solution (fluocinonide ointment, Clobetesol soln., and some others) and also a prescription for an oral antihistamine. Hydroxyzine (Atarax) works well usually. If your rash is bad, the over the counter stuff is not going to work. Plus, one needs to get on top of the rash immediately because it can and will snow ball. You are off Incivek now aren't you?
Avatar m tn My doc perscribed Biaxin xl 2x 500 and prednisone 50mg 4 days if needed. Last night I was so bad I took the pred at 8pm. This morning I took the biaxin at 6am. It's been about 8 hours and my heart has sped up from about 70 to 85-90 for about an hour and won't come down. I'm afraid to take my next dose of prednisone but I've been on short bursts before with no issue. Is a resting heart rate around 90 something to be worried about?
Avatar f tn It would also be helpful if you were to keep a journal of your diet and other things you were exposed to and a record of symptoms. If you can, go back and reconstruct the last week or so as accurately as possible. This might shed some light on what is causing you to react. Feel better.
Avatar f tn Then, a year ago I breathed in some glue that was pretty toxic, my throat and airway swelled and it was hard to breathe, I was prescribed flovent and prednisone and it calmed down in about a week. Since then I have had bronchitus twice, pneumonia once and been on prednisone 9 times. About 2 weeks ago I was in a store and breathed in a body spray that made my tongue swell 3 times its size and my throat swelled.
Avatar n tn Course of treatment to continue for twenty days or so My concern here is although the rash is slowly improving with this medication plus the cortisone cream and antihistamine tablets im worried that the reason ive had no fever, malaise , achy muscles etc is due to the corticosteroid treatment masking these symptoms Appreciate your thoughts.
Avatar f tn I find this one helps with sleep and keeps me dry. Good luck and just be patient with the does work.
Avatar f tn Should also mention that he did not prescribe an antibiotic and antihistamine, but an antihistamine, something to calm my stomach which is also a mild antihistamine, and a corticosteroid for the inflammation.
Avatar m tn Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions and see if it helps. You could take some oral antihistamine medications like cetrizine or loratadine. You need to maintain a good personal hygiene . Anti-itch drugs, often antihistamine, may reduce the itch during a flare up of eczema, and the reduced scratching in turn reduces damage and irritation to the skin. For mild-moderate eczema a weak steroid may be used (e.g.
Avatar n tn After about 4 weeks on the med, I developed generalized hives which required an antihistamine and prednisone to resolve. Currently I am not on any treatment for my Graves (it has been about two weeks) and my heart rate is beginning to increase (90's) and my anxiety is coming back. I was told propranolol is not an option for me because when I occasionally get bronchitis, I have mild reactive airway disease with it.
Avatar n tn BhumikaMD Send Message Add as Friend View Profile BhumikaMD Thank you for responding ! 1. yes I do take antihistamine, ether zertec 10mg. or benadry l change up on the weekends. IF i miss a dose some times I have swelling with in 24 hours. I take prednisone only if I have an attach .I also take Zantac for heart burn 2. I have not had a cat scan sence before the nose operation 3. blood pressure is now with in the normal range, but just a little high last check.
Avatar f tn Removal of a bump on his head and some of the lesions have proven precancerous. Many lesions have been frozen off and still return. He has taken prednisone. Biopsies, and blood tests continue to come back negative for cancer, lupus, and hepatitis. The dermatoligist is baffled, but it does not go away. Any ideas? What next?
Avatar f tn His internal organs have all come forward and are pushing on his lungs and heart. He is otherwise healthy, runs, jumps eats drinks and eliminates. I am just nervous about the prednisone. Thanks for any advice you might have.
Avatar m tn My face and lips experienced some burning sensation and I felt weak and heavy in my calf muscles. My doctor put me on antihistamine and the facial burning sensation reduced. However I started to experience burning sensation in my head - scalp. Sometimes it felt like acid thrown on it and sometime it felt like a my hair had been pulled too long and the area in the head was sore. Blood work showed low B12 (247) and Vitamin D (8).
Avatar n tn 0 MON# 0.2 I take Zertec 10 mg, Prednisone when needed, and just started rotation to Benadryl from Zertec I usely feel tight in neck, then some internal pain, then I feel tingling in lip and tunge, could I having angioedema from low thyroid?
Avatar m tn He did order a CT scan with BrainLab protocol but now the family health center I go to no longer has an ENT clinic and the regular MD will only tell me to use an antihistamine and a saline nasal spray. So far that's not doing nothing to help. I suspect the cause of the polyps is the glaucoma medicine...a prostaglandin analog. I had complained to my eye doctor for years about chronic sinusitis even back when I only used it in the first eye. She just told me to take an antihistamine.
Avatar f tn You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. If the symptoms persist then steroids may be needed. You have to consult a dermatologist in that case. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
326352 tn?1310997895 We're going to try that again once she gets off the prednisone and augmenten (unrelated recurrent ear infection). She takes Atarax on a daily (3x) basis since the allergy worsened sometime around Christmas to help ease the itching. We also do the standard list of approved soaps, detergents, etc since I also have same problems and have always used those things for myself.
1260228 tn?1310129278 i went to my doctors and they gave me a shot of prednisone to help with an itch. they said the itch could be an allergic reaction to something or it could be chiggers. its been a week since i had that shot and i also had permethrin cream, 5% for the bug just incase.
Avatar f tn Behold, she says it could absolutely be related to solumedrol and gave me Rx strrength antihistamine for night and OTC antihistamine for day (got to stay awake at work). She also said, and this is the part I don't like, if this approach doesn't work, she may have to put me on oral prednisone and back the steroids out of my system. So, now I'm 4 weeks out from the solumedrol treatment, still battling hives, but will continue to take the antihistamine and go back on steroids AS A LAST RESORT!
Avatar f tn i have been to the doctor three times, who said it was an ear infection and eustachian tube dysfunction. i have taken prednisone and augmentin and was prescribed ear drops. while i feel better, i do not feel 100%. the pains in my head are intermittent, and it sometimes feels worse when i bend over. i am also a person who is always congested due to year-round allergies. i scheduled an appointment with an ENT but i am just nervous! help!
Avatar f tn I do hope you find something that works for you. I stay on nasal sprays and antihistamine year round using albuterol when needed and prednisone as a last resort. I get my shots monthly but more frequently if needed.
Avatar m tn My face and lips experienced some burning sensation and I felt weak and heavy in my calf muscles. My doctor put me on antihistamine and the facial burning sensation reduced. However I started to experience burning sensation in my head - scalp. Sometimes it felt like acid thrown on it and sometime it felt like a my hair had been pulled too long and the area in the head was sore. Blood work showed low B12 (247) and Vitamin D (8).
Avatar n tn Its been 2 weeks however, whenever after masturbating i can still feel the same burning sensation and sometimes my scrotum turns really red and slight stinging sensation below my scrotum near my anus? is it common for latex allergies to last this long? and should i be worry about STD?