Antibiotics cause lymph nodes to swell

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Avatar m tn Hello, A bee or wasp sting can cause a skin reaction with redness, swelling, itching, and pain. This is very similar to the appearance of skin that is inflamed by a bacterial infection - a condition sometimes referred to as cellulites. A wasp sting may also cause blistering with or without "brawny" swelling, which is when the skin feels thickened, warm, and bumpy to the touch.
316189 tn?1193614081 yes antibiotic can also cause this,but there are many other reasons which you can not rule out without consulting doctor
Avatar n tn I really dont want to be, crossing fingers!! What would cause the lymph nodes to swell and not go down after two rounds of antibiotics and steriods??
Avatar f tn For the past 3 weeks I have continued to have swelling in different nodes in both arm pits. Nodes subside after few days and a new one seems to swell. A new came on last night with visible redness and swelling on the surface. It hurts my whole arm and hurts to wear a bra. I also have an enlarged periauricular node just in front of my left ear this does not feel super tender like the others but had radiating pressure type pain into my temple area. All swollen nodes feel moveable.
1939607 tn?1324292900 My doctor seemed to be more alarmed about my ears than about my lymph nodes He prescribed antibiotics, 500 mg of Ceclor 3 times a day and a nasal spray that disinfects the nasal canals. I am in panic now though. Why are my lymph nodes swollen? Could it be a symptom of lymphoma? Can sinus infections/ear infections really cause swollen nodes?
Avatar n tn Yesterday afternoon I noticed that when I flexed my neck it hurt under my jaw all the way down to my collar bone. I am really not sure where my lymph nodes are in my neck so I don't know if that is what is sore or not. This morning my whole neck is stiff and I have shoulder and a little backpain as well as a headache . My face feels hot and flush too. I in general feel yucky. The antibioics are causing me to have some tummy issues too.
Avatar n tn ARS hits all at doesnt come on gradually over a period of time. of course your lymph nodes are getting sore...youre poking at yourself all the time. antibiotics absolutely can cause oral thrush...but it has been my experience here, that most ppl who think they have thrush, dont actually have it when they finally see their doctor. now...for plaque buildup? see your dentist!!!!! sounds like it's time for a cleaning. nothing you did put you at risk for hiv.
Avatar m tn Not sure if that could cause painful lymph nodes. I’m kind of worried about having a cancer or leukemia. I have done a full blood test (CBC) that came back normal. I’m just wondering if these are all throat infection why is my CBC blood test normal all the time and the strep throat comes back negative? Mono is negative as well. And the sore throat is usually deep down inside my throat near the thyroid. (did a thyroid test that was normal too). Could this be something serious? I'm 20, male.
Avatar n tn I believe I have a parasitic infection because of things I've identified under a microscope and the fact that I got it just after returning to South Florida and diving extensively around mangroves in the Keys. I don't know what doctor to go to to get my inguinal lymph biopsied. Any suggestions out there?
Avatar f tn Well now I can feel more lymph nodes (one on the side of my neck, a few more in the submandibular/sub mental region, and one on the opposite lower side of my neck), all about a centimeter size. The original nodes are still there and don't seem to have grown. I have to get another ultrasound done and most likely a FNA. My new doctor did blood work and doesn't seem too concerned and doesn't think it's cancerous based on that, she is just doing the FNA just in case.
230625 tn?1216764664 Was wondering if it may have something to do with my chronic sinusitis, but my lymph nodes in my neck don't appear to be sore/swollen. Just maybe another piece of the puzzle??? TIA!
Avatar f tn Oh, and I'm just going to add that the first doctor I saw *did* attribute my swollen groin lymph nodes to my yeast infection. But considering she didn't catch the bacterial vaginosis and in general seemed to detest that I was even seeing her and/or that I was concerned, I really don't know how much I trust her.
Avatar f tn Even if your sinus/throat are clear, the lymph nodes can take a while to go back to normal size! Do you know if your blood work was tested for thyroid?!? If it was, and came back normal, one less thing to worry! The fact you are loosing sleep over this and paying attention to the symptoms, makes you feel more things than your body is really showing! Our minds are amazing on playing this tricks on us! Call your doctor, read the exams again, that might easy our mind a little! God bless you!
Avatar f tn Us women are very prone to them during tx and those would be the lymph nodes to swell up in that kind of situation. I just remembered that mine were swollen, when I got candida during tx.
665881 tn?1248930597 Hi, You most likely have some type of infection. The best thing for you to do, is to go to the doctor and have blood work done. Lymph nodes swelling could range from something as minor as an infection from an ingrown hair to something as serious as cancer or HIV (AIDS). I would only ask for opinions from this site once your doctor has ruled out anything too serious. Don't worry though, my lymph nodes have been swelling up for about 4 years. I dont have anything serious, so I just ignore them.
Avatar f tn I have had 2 ultrasounds on my neck this week....different clinics...the first one I do have results from - the radiologist said she's not a dr., but anything under 2 cm is generally not worried about, and mine is 1.4 cm. She said, 'I wouldn't lose any sleep over it." The nurse practitioner's assistant called and said "everything is fine". However, I have no answers to the swelling for months, or how I am feeling. The other ultrasound hasn't given me any results yet.
Avatar n tn She told me a previous infection that has since cleared up could have caused the nodes to swell, and in some people the lymph nodes just never go back to their normal size. If you're feeling ok otherwise, and your doctor is aware of the problem, I wouldn't worry yourself.
Avatar n tn Hi, "The lymph nodes in the groin (femoral or inguinal lymph nodes) may swell from an injury or infection in the foot, leg, groin, or genitals. In rare cases, testicular cancer, lymphoma, or melanoma may cause a lump in this area" By altered stool, do you mean that bowel movement still leaves you feeling as if you are still not done? When was your last IVIg treatment?
Avatar n tn And, that painful nodes are most likely caused by infection of some kind. Lymph nodes that swell from cancer are not painful. It's when they continue to enlarge, with no decrease in size that is cause for concern. But, I'm no doctor. Have they run any blood tests? If you're that concerned, one way to rule out cancer is to have a lymph node biopsied.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Just a quick comment about swollen lymph glands. These glands often swell as a reaction to a pathegen(ie virus/infection) because they are involved with the bodies immune systems response to such attacks. It is not unheard of for the glands to stay swollen for some time. I once had one of my glands under my neck stay swollen for several months, but eventially it went down. Try not to worry but if it continues, seek reasurance from your Doc. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Try to determine if the lymph nodes in question are your parotid glands, or salivary glands. If so, it is fairly common for people with HCV to develop swollen facial glands, as part of the 'sjogren's syndrome-like' symptoms that can be part of the disease. There are lots of articles on this HCV symptom, and if you use google or yahoo you will learn more about it. The treatment may indeed help ultimately reduce or eliminate this 'lymph node' swelling, especially if you eradicate the virus.
Avatar m tn I don't know how long this would take. The lymph nodes do take time to go down after an infection. The lymph nodes swell because of the infection that is their job. But if she had TB in the lymph node then it would also swell due to the infection itself being in the lymph node (hope that makes sense). So, I hope they go down soon. I think the Rifater or Rafinah could have given her bad side effects and she should have felt better once she got off of them.
Avatar n tn I still have some dull discomfort between my shoulder blades and they were never able to tell me what caused the pain to begin with. Can lymphoma manifest in the liver? and can liver problems cause lymph nodes to swell over the clavicle? Any ideas?
Avatar n tn the doctors also originally tested my thyroid but it came back negative although everything seems to be pointing to that. my lymph nodes are very swollen and painful also especially on the right side and are very viisible and when they swell dey also hurt my jaw alot. my blood pressure ranges from normal to extremely high on different days. i have been on 6 courses of anti inflammatorys one after the other and although it helped the swelling a little they did not go down..
Avatar m tn I've gone through THREE nasal sprays and the rhinitis (which doesn't effect me too much) doesn't seem to be going down at all, the lymph nodes in my neck are the same size and the lymph nodes in my groin has gone down but remains a pea sized, rubbery, PAINLESS, moveable mass. No biospy was offered and I'm thinking maybe I need one? I'm not sure how much the tests conducting on me reveal and what they rule out... Is it just me being paranoid?
Avatar m tn However, they can also respond to stress levels as well, both of which cause the size of the nodes to fluctuate in size. Nodes can sometimes take a few months to return to normal size, and sometimes they may stay enlarged permanently. If you had lymphoma, the nodes would not decrease in size on their own, and they certainly would not decrease with antibiotics. Lymphoma cause the lymph nodes to enlarge and they will continue to grow over time.
Avatar f tn could be severe allergies, scarlet fever, lyme disease, TB, tonsilitis, an abscess...or he could just have swollen glands.
Avatar f tn The acid goes up in your throat and irritates it enough that your lymph nodes swell which will also swell the tubes from your ears making them have the plugged up feeling. You can get dizzy from this because your ears feel plugged and they help you keep your equalibrium. My ENT has me on Prilosec OTC 2 pills once a day for 6-8 weeks and hopefully that should take care of it. Going on to my 4 week and feel a little bit better but lymph nodes are still swollen and ears are still plugged.
Avatar m tn Is that accurate? that all the lymph nodes will swell? Cause i only think my the lymph nodes in my neck are swollen but nothing else.
Avatar n tn A single node signifies a local cause. Lymph nodes do swell in generalized problems like glandular fever, tuberculosis, cancer etc but generally several are involved. What were you taking antibiotics for? Was it for an infection in the head and neck area? Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.