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Avatar n tn There are tests for adrenal function. There are disorders that can cause extreme thirst and loss of fluids other than just diabetes as well. I agree with the above poster, but also think about an endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn I have had many confusing symptoms increasing over last ten years. Started with thirst and a burning mouth. Had that diagnoses of burning mouth syndrome at mayo. Gradually have developed severe leg spasms leg and low back pain. Left side lower mouth very painful. Front of right foot numb and painful as well as right leg weak and left arm weak.get pins and needles, a migraine every several months. Bu . Most confusing is. Antibiotics help me feel a lot better.
Avatar m tn drs say they usually dont cause problems in healthy people .but many of these cause unsomnia chrons ibs gerd. drs generally dont test for herpes viruses .but it could very likely be causing some of these issues.they say 95% of us have hhv6 or epstein barr .through my own experinces i have comprised a diet and supplement plan that helps me to feel much better not a cure but definately helps with fatigue and sleep also helps with some of the pain.
280418 tn?1306329510 That's quite a few antibiotics you're on. Have you read the pharmacy advisories that came with the meds? You could call your pharmacist and ask about interactions among the four meds you are on. I'm not medically trained so don't rely on me.
Avatar n tn my interest towards sex and create a negative impact on my ability to get aroused in real sex? I m worried cause I think I m still young to have physical cause for ED. Any thought?
Avatar n tn 1) Can sinus cause the daily head pressure and tinnitus? No pain, just a heavy and tight feeling from my eyebrows, temples to the back of my head. Wake up with it. Only goes away when outside exercising. Constant dust inside and outside this place with pollution. Extreme heat going from AC into 120 degree. Has cooled off now, but symptoms remain.
Avatar f tn For the last 4 months I have had severe abdominal following the day after my menstrual cycle ends that lasts 2-3 days, pain during intercourse, loss of appetite, heightened thirst, lack of urination, and bowel movements during this time. I have had 3 pregnancies and 3 births and a tubal following my third birth. I have been to my family doctor 2 times and they can't find an infection or see anything of significance to my symptoms but did note that I was tender during a pap exam.
Avatar f tn so I whent to the doctor and I didn't tell them I had hunger, thirst and dizziness. I know I should have. they said I have a uti and gave me antibiotics. but they said they will wait for the culture from my urine and call us. can it show in my urine if it is diabetes?
Avatar f tn If you eat yogurt while taking antibiotics it helps with the diarrhea immensely. While the antibiotics are fighting infection they are also killing good bacteria in your digestive track.
Avatar n tn His white blood cells have gone up to 23,000 and has been even hospitalized twice for five days each time. The doctors did not find any particular cause. This morning another pediatritian talked about diabetes insipidus as he started having fever day before yesterday even under antibiotics. Are there any symptoms to this condition that we should observe apart from the urinalysis? He has a very low appetite under normal conditions and tends to be extremely picky with food.
Avatar n tn Although another symptom of diabetes is increased thirst which you do not have. Dehydration can cause severe headaches. Please make sure you are sufficiently rehydrated. Also your shunt may need to be replaced. High Intracranial pressure can also cause headaches. I would suggest you to get your sinus infection treated with antibiotics and get a thorough clinical exam done. Do keep us posted!
Avatar f tn Blood tests in September showed that I have an infection, and because my sinuses hurt that has been deemed the cause. I'm now on my fifth course of antibiotics for sinusitis and have noticed a massive improvement in all my symptoms.
Avatar m tn Sjogren's syndrome (favors females--but men do get it, and I have low T) which could cause both diabetes insipidus (kidney type) or primary polydipsia (dry mouth causing excessive thirst)--indications are dry skin, dry mouth, kidney stones, can cause lymphadenopathy, can cause gallstones--contraindicated by male sex.
Avatar f tn My condition worsened and I am now seeing a lyme specialist for lyme disease. I have been on I.V antibiotics for a little over a month and oral antibiotics for about 5 months. I am not saying you have lyme disease but something is causing your body to ho haywire. Do you see an endocrinologist for the blood sugar testing? I would see a specialist not a general practitioner. I would also have a glucose tolerance test with insulin draw every hour and have your thyroid levels checked.
Avatar n tn Hi, A UTI is the most common cause of burning micturition. A prostate inflammation or infection can also manifest with burning sensation and pain during urination and ejaculation and increased frequency of urination. Cocaine has a tendency to reduce appetite and thirst, along with its actions on other major systems. It is possible that you may not have maintained sufficient intake of fluids in the past couple of days and this could have concentrated the urine and contributed to the problem.
Avatar n tn They put him on antibiotics, Zeniquin and Previcox for pain. Can you give me anymore information on what could have caused these readings and what I can do for him???
Avatar n tn Do you actually feel thirsty, or do you just have a dry mouth and that is giving you kind of a sensation of thirst? Antibiotics can create dry mouth, or can create oral thrush that's related to dry mouth. Anxiety can also create dry mouth as you mentioned. Do you have other symptoms of dehydration - dry eyes with no tears, dry skin, headache? It sounds to me that the whole problem is your mouth is dry. Everything else branches off that problem.
Avatar f tn The past 8 months I have been nauseous, pain in left lower abdomen (burning, throbbing), dizzy, headaches, frequent urination, frequent UTI's (although only comes back with white blood cells in urine and I do not respond to antibiotics), fullness feeling in abdomen, fatigue, and extreme thirst. I have had urodynamics test done, a CT scan, ultrasound, urnialysis, and not the potassium test and yet my symptoms are still here.
Avatar f tn Blood tests in September showed that I have an infection, and because my sinuses hurt that has been deemed the cause. I'm now on my fifth course of antibiotics for sinusitis and have noticed a massive improvement in all my symptoms.
154765 tn?1237251544 My doctor said thinks its my gastrtitis flaring up cause I do have GERD and gastritis. Wou love to get tips on how to get bloated down cause Im very skinny. The urination issue don't know why Im doing that but Im more concern about the blosted..........
Avatar n tn They can do blood work and saliva tests to determine the possible sources of your daughter's obvious imbalances. After all her time on antibiotics, she should definitely be checked for yeast overgrowth, which is a fungus that can spread throughout the body and cause many different symptoms. I hope she's on a good probiotic. There are a couple of independent labs which test for yeast via a urine or poop or blood test (my son had it done but I can't remember which one was for the yeast).
Avatar m tn i have been to er- hospitals urologist and the have run urinaylisis and all kinds of blood work and its always the same clean. they put me on detrol-flowmax and antibiotics just in case. at best i have a halfway decent day maybe once a month. this is killing me and ruining my marriage. please help doesn't hurt at all when i pee even if i,m full of urine i can be in the bathroom 50 minutes or even up to 3 hours.
Avatar m tn Is she taking any medications besides the antibiotics or bladder control med.? If so, check into the possible side effects. I would also have her thyroid checked, and her liver. If she is having trouble with either one of these, they can cause lethargy and increased thirst (polydypsia) and increased urination ( polyuria ). All that is required is a blood test, to determine the thyroid and liver function. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn I am currently working overseas and when the symptoms began I went to a doctor but due to language difficulties I wasn't really sure if the doctor diagnosed gastroenteritis or not. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and within two weeks I was fine again. In the last two days I've started to suffer from some of the same symptoms again; mild fever, tiredness, excessive thirst, mild muscle pain and bowel discomfort.
Avatar f tn Do you have symptoms such as excessive and/or large amounts of urine and excessive thirst? 7. Any previous use of antibiotics within the past year? 8. Do you have diabetes? 9. Have you had an HIV infection? 10. Do you have Crohn's Disease? 11. Any previous pelvic or rectal surgery? 12. Do you have multiple partners? 13. Is your brown discharge associated with any fecal matter? 14. Past medical history?(List as many previous conditions you had or currently do have as possible) 15.
Avatar n tn Some gastrointestinal disorders can be aggravated by food allergies and cause burping, dry mouth, thirst, rectal itching and a metal taste. High protein diets can cause benign dietary ketosis. This has also been associated with a metal taste. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or cancer itself can cause a metallic taste in mouth.
Avatar f tn I went to the same segaery but a different doctor who gave me a cocktail of antibiotics and refered me to a urologist. Those antibiotics worked for about a month then pain came back. I felt tired, exhausted, pain in my lower abdomen. My testicles were so painful. I felt at times as if someone squeezed my testicles. I went to a public clinic were i was ordered for a second HIV test which still came negative. I was treated for sti again. I was given antibiotics and a big painful injection.
Avatar m tn For the last 5 years, every 6~9 month I would experience pre-diabetic symptoms, such as frequent thirst, wake-up at night and urinate often. I also breakout a sweat during a fatty greasy meal, but no abdominal pain. The last attack from this March is especially worse. I have lost 10 lbs since. (I am 5'9 and now weight 167). 10 years ago, when I had an occasional drinking binge, I left the alcohol in my stomach overnight.
Avatar f tn The symptoms continue , on 15th Aug 2006 I started having urge to urinate more frequent (every 2 hours) and feeling thirsty most of the time and drink more frequent than usual due to the thirst.
1345268 tn?1276406032 I was unable to afford the close to $600 overnight treatment, so instead the vet kept him for the day, placed a cath (under anesthesia) and sent him home that evening with antibiotics. That night he was EXTREMELY thirsty, very unbalanced and shaking throughout the night, he finally went tinkle at about 2 am but it was hardly anything. I was up with him the entire night applying warm compressions and trying to keep him as comfortable as I possibly could.