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200220 tn?1361955154 All of the sudden I am fighting depression. It scares me. I wonder if anyone else has found themselves focusing on themselves to much. I feel like I am a hypochondriac. There are so many things bothering me that I can't seem to get my mind off of me for too long. I am having terrible memory and concentration problems. My body aches all over. Cramps in my legs. Eye problems seeing and light sensitive along with scratchiness and pressure. The eye doctor said that it was dry eyes.
Avatar n tn It is known that Flu, sinus and other types of infections that require antibiotics are sometimes the cause of some type of stress already excistant in your life. There is a book i have just brought and i cannot wait to read it is called "Deadly Emotions" it is about your emotions causing your body to become sick, lowering your immune system and thus allowing all types of nasty things to hurt you.
Avatar f tn Check you Vitamin D3 and magnesium levels for deficiencies or low normal range.
Avatar n tn I remember reading a post a while back saying antibiotics were also bad for liver... Reason i ask is i had a toothace dentist prescribed antibiotics i told him make sure there liver friendly he said all antibiotics are.. then i got swimmers ear while vacationing and went to ear doc and she said same thing .Does anyone know of a site that discusses that i trid janis no luck Thanks ..
Avatar f tn But I don't really know if the tests can come out positive. And I just want to know if stress, anxiety and/or depression can cause dull abdominal pain continuously (meaning 24 hours) for 3 month. The reason why I want to ask about this is because many people have told me that mental problems can cause physical problems. So I strated thinking that the pain I have might be from stress, anxiety or depression. I mean who doesn't get strees and anxiety?
Avatar f tn And I just want to know if stress, anxiety and depression can cause dull abdominal pain continuously (meaning 24 hours) for 3 month. The reason why I want to ask about this is because many people have told me that mental problems can cause physical problems. So I strated thinking that the pain I have might be from stress, anxiety or depression. I mean who doesn't get strees and anxiety? So it's possible that that is causing the abdominal pain.
Avatar m tn After a reaction to one about a week ago, it now feels like the bicillin is no longer working as previous symptoms are coming back (stiff neck, headache, nausea, depression, anxiety). Can an antibiotic just stop working that quickly? Had almost two "good" months without sudden bouts of crying, pain, etc. Could not eating well cause the bicillin not to work as well? Don't want to go back to where I was. Any help is appreciated.
Avatar n tn Now for the yeast infections with antibiotics - this happens because the antibiotics have killed off so many of the bad bacteria and they start attacking the similar good bacteria that control the yeast population "down south." so then the yeast over grow and you're left in misery - i know it sucks, and it happens every time i take ANY antibiotic that isn't for a UTI. Penicillin, Biaxin, Augmentin, you name it - if i have to take it for more than 7 days i'll get a yeast infection.
Avatar m tn What more evidence and how much worse do you have to feel before you decide it's worth dealing with? Lyme can cause depression, among other things, so maybe it's your gloomy side talking. But rethink that position, okay?
686172 tn?1256843317 They did many test and could find nothing wrong with my heart, I had my thyroid tested, I am now being tested for Lyme disease, I am seeing a GP, Neuro and a cardiologist, I have this pressure every day, I was asked by the Neuro, if I was depressed, NO I am not, I was on depression meds years ago, is it REALLY possible, for these kinds of symptoms to be depression? REALLY? Personal stories and Dr's please reply!! Thanks!
1691275 tn?1322331107 I've now got one MD telling me that a maxillary sinus infection can indeed cause dizziness, dissociation, eye soreness, anxiety and depression, and that I'll be back to normal once I get sinus surgery; and another MD telling me that my symptoms are totally atypical, especially since the sinuses closest to the eyes and brain both look fine, and I should get an MRI and talk to a neurologist.
Avatar m tn Acne at any age is no fun and very embarrassing for your and make you feel self conscious. The doctor can prescribe antibiotics to control the bacteria that cause the acne. Although it is a hormonal problem because of your age, it does help to have a very healthy and well balanced diet which includes fresh fruit and veg. Cut out the junk food, fizzy drinks sweets, chocolates, cakes, etc.
Avatar n tn So the ulcers and the pylori is gone, but you had a dozen courses of antibiotics? The antibiotics always kill a lot of probiotics, which then cause IBS due to an imbalance in the gut flora. There is no easy solution, but if you are desperate, google special carbohydrate diet and (for a great phase chart) and try it for 30 days, after 3 days on the intro diet. See it as a huge experiment, and test what helps you and what not.
Avatar m tn I am taking fish oils. I heard omega 3s are helpful. I am watching 6s cause, I hear they can cause acne bacteria. I also don't intake dairy, milk, yogurt, etc. In the last couple days, I recently noticed pain around my left testicle. God, I am hopeful this is something not serious. I haven't had a physical in years. I prob should real soon. I got an appointment with my doctor friday. I hope its okay and maybe at worse case scenario, related to the medication or something.
Avatar f tn Today's Friday, and I haven't taken one since last Saturday, and I kinda thought the depression would have passed by now but I am still on this roller coaster thing where I am just fine one minute and sobbing wanting to die or something the next. I don't have TIME for this nonsense and want it to pass NOW! Nothing in me says "ah, take another pill, you can withdraw later"...
1692704 tn?1307215380 Anyway, I came across the following information which I think describes how Lyme can cause depression so well... From a psychological standpoint, many Lyme patients are psychologically overwhelmed by the large multitude of symptoms associated with this disease. Most medical conditions primarily affect only one part of the body, or only one organ system. As a result, patients singularly afflicted can do activities which allow them to take a vacation from their disease (would be nice!).
1183190 tn?1326112534 I had bad sore throat after a week after my 1st encounter.went away afer i took some antibiotics 2nd Exposure-with an CSW in india in Dec 2009,Had protected oral and vaginal sex with CSW,However my condom broke and i realised only after ejaculation My sore throat became chronic and doc advised me multiple surgeries in one go.. I had first shock when pre-surgical check showed i had mitral valve prolapse in my heart..
Avatar n tn Your derm will not put you back on Accutane because you are being treated for depression. There is a correlation between Accutane and worsening of depression. Are you a male or female (I am assuming male but I just wanted to be sure)? I would tell you to stop using Ivory soap. It sounds like your skin is drying out due to the soap and medication. Also, you should get on a facial cleaning regimen of cleanser, toner, and *moisturizer* since your skin is dry.
Avatar f tn Hi there; I also suffer with anxiety and depression, so i can totally understand how you feel. I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well.
Avatar n tn The stress of everyday life can lead to burnout and depression. Scientists believe that the main cause of this depression or mental fatigue is directly related to decreased levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and other neurotransmitters in the brain. They believe that use of Tyrosine, in addition to St.
Avatar f tn My doc requested full thyriod panel, CBC, and iron panel to be done as soon as possible but these days I take antibiotics due to bladder infection.Can antibiotics affect the results of these tests? Should I postpone the tests until I finish the antibiotics? If so, how long should I wait after finishing it? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn As it turned out, my blood test indicates a borreliosis or Lyme disease. I have no symptoms of any of what I read in this forums, except at one time I had taken antibiotics for a cough & I had an excruciating headache after taking the antibiotics. My doctor tells me that because I have Lyme disease that I had the headache. It's been one year ago when I experienced the horrible headache that didn't go away for weeks.
Avatar f tn I have a friend that tested positive for lyme and instead of going through months of antibiotics, went to a practitioner that does acupuncture and supplements and she said she did NOT take antibiotics and considers herself practically cured. I am trying to figure out next steps. I wonder if I should do the CD57 test and see how that turns up? or do the IgeneX blood test for lyme? Or start antibiotics even though I would love to do like my friend and go the alternative medicine route...
698356 tn?1240154327 I know the endocrine system is connected and relies on gastrointestinal functions (specifically absorption of vitamins and minerals) to work properly. I'm looking for a root cause. I've been treating symptom after symptom for over a decade. I've never had regular menstrual cycles and have been on birth control for nearly a decade to regulate them.
Avatar n tn I had no illnesses that cause it, and the only med I had taken was all that Flagyl which cause PN. No hospital doc had told me this could be a side effect - just kept pumping it into me. I still can't walk (other than a little in my apt. where I can hold on to things). My car is still in parking lot as can't drive. Can't even get down extemely long hallways in wheelchair to get downstairs to lobby to get my mail or outside to dumpster.
Avatar f tn I really don't want to get to that stage, but am worried about the depression - I feel so much happier not taking it. Is it possible to reduce the dose of Yasmin? I don't need it for contraception. Thanks.
Avatar n tn something i was reading onyour websight said that infction can somtimes cause depression. and that is the route we are going now. everytime i have strep throat high in my blood i seem to get very depressed and anxious. i am now 18 years old and getting my tonsils out in a few days to stop the infection mainly to treat the anxiety and depression. Do you think it is possible that this strep throat is causing the Depression.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone; I have been diagnosed with depression since I was a teen, and nowadays I see it as a f***ing stigma. I started with panic attacks and depression, but I never felt "out of myself". However, at my late teen years and early 20's I suffered two big urinary tract infections due to my ****** kidneys at that time. Whenever I felt like having them my head would feel like numb, confused, and then after the antibiotics, I would feel clear in the head again. Last days Dec.