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Avatar n tn i have just come off zoloft and the side affects are horendious i would go to the zoloft website there u will see the makers website look at the pdf on what doctors should know before priscribing zoloft u will be amazed and the doctors wont tell u about the side affect etc if its only mild why not try a health food shop im on magnesuim now and evening primrose and vit b its amazing i feel 90 percent better and like left coast chick said therapy would be benificail i put my depressed son on zolo
Avatar n tn i need an anti depressant for 14 year old that does not cause weight gain.
684343 tn?1231430840 also used for bipolar disorder....dilantin is another anti-seizure drug that is sometimes used for blocks nerve impulses and has a side effect of mild sedation so therefore helps anxiety..
Avatar f tn Have you tried exercise? It is said to test better than anti-anxiety meds for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn Generally, the reason anti-depressants can cause blood sugar rise is that they slow down the metabolism, which is why they often cause weight gain. It's usually thought it's the weight gain that causes the blood sugar problems, not the anti-depressant itself. You don't say that these problems have risen to the level of diabetes, but different anti-depressants have different effects on people.
Avatar m tn what medicines are generally used for anxiety for long term (i.e. 2years,5years,10years etc) because xanax is used for short term (as i am told on this webside).
Avatar f tn I know I have to take medicine for the rest of my life. Make sure you really need to stop. I know with me, because I have tried it a couple of times, that if I stop, the depression always comes back. You need to talk to a doctor about this. You are not harming your body in any way. Anti-depressant medication is not addictive. You cannot harm yourself with it. Why are your parents so keen for you to stop taking it?
Avatar f tn After a year of treatment, vitamin D levels went up slightly in the placebo group, and went up slightly more in the normal-dose vitamin D group -- to 16 ng/mL for girls and to 20 ng/mL for boys. That's well below the 30 ng/mL level the U.S. National Institutes of Health states may be desirable for overall health and disease prevention. But kids who got 2,000 IU/day vitamin D3 saw their vitamin D levels soar -- to 38 ng/mL for girls and to 35 ng/mL for boys.
6579347 tn?1388502368 My experience was that the treatments had a very, very, very light anti-depression + anti-anxiety benefit. It was nothing that lasted for a significant period of time, and nothing robust enough to get me functional in the world. In short, if it had cost me a lot of money, I would have been upset, but since my insurance covered it, it was mildly (a 1 on a scale of 10) beneficial. I also used moxibustion, an herb you burn like incense and hold under the bottom of your foot.
Avatar f tn Klonopin doesn't really work as well on an as needed basis as other benzos, because it takes longer to act (and acts longer as well). Benzos aren't sleep medicine, they're anti-anxiety medicine. Given what you say, I'm wondering, is this a general practitioner or a psychiatrist? Because this isn't how klonopin is usually used. Using benzos as needed is better than taking them regularly, because taken regularly they are addictive and hard to stop taking.
Avatar f tn Thanks you for answering db0704 . When I went to the doctor my blood pressure was 151/88 and a pulse of 100. My doctor didn't want to put me on BP medicine yet. She wanted to make sure it wasn't hyperactive thyroid causing the high blood pressure so she is waiting on the results before she puts me on BP medicine. However she did put me on anti anxiety medicine. The anti anxiety she prescribed me was Buspirone. It's a low dose and I take them twice a day.
874521 tn?1424116797 To shorten the duration of the flu you can try olive leaf and elderberry, two anti-viral herbs. They should be available in any health food store and even in many drug stores. For the congestion, anything we recommend might work and might not; that's how medicine of any kind works. Planetary Formulas makes a good formula based on the herb mullein that helps with congestion. Bromelain, vitamin C and quercitin combinations act as anti-histamines to decrease inflammation.
Avatar f tn Hey, I am taking St Johns Wort for depression and anxiety its cheap and it seems to work for me. It does not seem to be any side effects. Please look it up and see what you think.
1422233 tn?1282701102 This question could also qualify as a depression one so I hope it's ok to post it here. I'm a 22 year old female & have anxiety, depression, & OCD. I have been on Paxil (the generic brand) for about three years now. A couple of weeks ago I started to feel like it wasn't working for me anymore. I can feel the anxiety & I get down. It's not as bad as before I was on the Paxil, but I think I need a change. I have a Doctors' appointment this week.
Avatar m tn Lots of people will tell you to take this supplement or that supplement for anxiety or insomnia, but natural medicine is usually done best by combining several supplements combined with lifestyle changes, such as therapy, meditation, exercise, dietary changes, etc. Some do get some effects by taking one supplement, but most won't.
Avatar f tn right now my anxiety and panic is in no way that extreme and i dont want it to suddenly be if i get off the you think that the medicine causes the anxiety to be worse? I am too afraid to take antidepressants because i have had problems with them and the side effects in the past and they just made me feel worse...any advice on what i should do? How does Klonopin differ from Valium?
Avatar f tn Most commonly psychological treatment tried is counseling, relaxation techniques and sometimes cognitive behavior therapy. ************** depends upon treating the underlying depressive illness through anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medicines. In addition, try to rest in a dark & quiet room, meditate, have a balanced diet, regularly exercise and avoid taking unnecessary non prescription drugs to avoid recurrence of symptoms. Hope this helps!!
Avatar f tn Have any moms been put on depression and/or anxiety medicine during pregnancy?