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Avatar n tn Or could this be a food allergy? I take a wonderful antihistamine called xyzal. It works really well but when it wears off I'm in trouble. I'm getting an allergy test soon but have to be off the antihistamine for 5 days and I'm scared about that. I get so uncomfortable. Has anyone out there ever experienced this similiar problem?
Avatar f tn However that does not preclude therapeutic trials as have been recommended to you at the Mayo Clinic. You might also want to ask your Mayo Allergist if there are yet other drug therapy possibilities that might be worth a trial.
709686 tn?1277432159 I've been fighting some kind of fool allergy for the past 4 years. Symptoms are severe abdominal pain, dizzy, lightheaded, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, weakness in legs and knees. At first I eliminated dairy and that seemed to help. Next came gluten, sugar and nightshades. Today for lunch I had grilled chicken, gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and spinich salad. About an hour later I was dizzy, confused, lightheaded, mouth sores and my legs really hurt.
Avatar n tn My 35 yr. old son has had almost constant headaches for over a year and a half. He has been to several "specialists" and the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago and Mayo Clinic in Mn. He is being treated with drugs, since MRI shows no tumors, etc. The drugs are not working. Vicodin does temporarily lessen the pain as does demoral. He cannot get anymore vicodin. He has never had an allergy test, the doctor at Mayo didn't think it was necessary. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn The bridge of my nose, inner corners of my eyes and below my eyes along the side of my nose itch 24 hours a day. The itching is extremely intense. This began four years ago. Allergy eye drops plus steroid drops have helped a bit, but my ophthalmologist wants me to end the steroid drops so I have already started cutting back to only one drop a day, rather than two. The itching is already become unbearable.
Avatar f tn He will be 6 in the beginning of June and will have is 4th set of tubes put in on this coming Monday. He is constantly having sinus and ear infections due to allergy symptoms and this also affects his asthma. We believe that he is allergic to silicone because everytime they put silicone tubes in his ears he is counstantly draining and continues to get ear infections. If he is allergic to silicone in the tubes, would be be allergic to it in other things as well?
Avatar n tn t take any medication to treat my symptoms because of the allergic reactions cause me to go into shock and extreme trouble breathing.
Avatar f tn So - no fish, no itching, no acid, no/less hunger. There may be a delayed type of allergy to fish. In dellayed allergy symptoms appear in hours, not minutes. Eliminate all fish from the diet for a week, and then try it again and observe what happens. If I get you right, itching is connected only with fish. This eliminating/challenging trial may support the theory of allergy to fish. About acid: Acid is needed for enzyme pepsin (which breaks down proteins in the stomach) to work properly.
Avatar f tn He has been allergy tested. Also he has symptoms all day everyday. He has symptoms even when he sitting just watching tv, or drawing, or just relaxing in general.
Avatar m tn Hello, Vasomotor rhinitis is believed to be caused by oversensitive or excessive blood vessels in the nasal membrane. Individuals suffering from vasomotor rhinitis typically experience symptoms year-round, though symptoms may exacerbate in the spring and fall when rapid weather changes are more common.Change in weather,temperature or barometric pressure are important causes of vasomotor rhinitis.
Avatar f tn ve tried smaller, more frequent low carb meals, which helps, but not entirely. The symptoms are milder on days when I do cardio. My blood pressure top reading decreases from normal of ~105 to low 90's when I'm feeling lightheaded. I've been to Mayo Clinic where they've ruled out heart problems with the Holter Monitor. Blood labs are normal. My autonomic reflex (breathing, tilt and sweat) results were normal.
Avatar n tn Episodes started at about one month apart, but very severe (repeated vomiting); now more mild but every ten days or so. Symptomes do not match Mayo Clinic definition of Meniere's. Again, most curious about possible allergies. Thanks.
Avatar m tn unspecific food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA), where the filling of the stomach independently of the kind of food ingested prior to exercise is responsible for the symptoms. In specific FDEIA, an IgE-mediated food allergy causes symptoms only in combination with exercise. In the latter group, wheat is an important allergen. Copyright 2002 S.
Avatar f tn g. sinus CT scan, chest CT scan, phlegm cultures, blood work, pulmonary/respiratory tests, allergy tests, tests for immunological disorders, but nothing shows up. It's all negative. I have taken allergy drugs, zertac and singular, Amoxicillian, nose rinses for sinuses, asthamex, proair, use of nebulizer and duoneb med's, and med's for cystic fibrosis, and nothing works. The Amox worked for a very short while than stopped working.
299912 tn?1341623100 (pardon any spelling mistakes as I am teyping this on my phone) I am a 40 year old male. I have eaten eggs or products containing eggs my whole life without any issues. In fact, I didn't have any food issues. I never really was a big eat whole eggs type of person in my life. I'd eat whole eggs maybe 4 or 5 times a month on average. Just after Thanksgiving, I decided to lose weight as I was barely in the obese category (5'11 @ 221 lbs). I didn't jump on a fad.
Avatar f tn I have POTS and am supposed to go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota this winter. I'm curious who has been to Mayo before and how their experiences went. Did you use the POTS clinic part of it or something else? I am also curious because I am mainly going to see if any doctor can figure out the underlying cause of my POTS (my current doctors are not interested in testing for any possible causes of it). Should I go to the POTS clinic part of it or should I just see a general doctor there?
Avatar n tn he went to the doctor had scopes at both endscame back no allergy to gluten.had seven viels of blood tested came back low white blood cells in 900.went back for another blood draw ,came back lower.goes to a hematologist on march 8 this has been going on for 5 +years of feeling this way,scared mother needs answers now.note just started with this doctor in january but only live 45 minutes from mayo clinic.the doctor said he dint want to go to what it could be.
345124 tn?1234483278 There is a school of thought that believes mold can be a frequent culprit of chronic sinusitis. There are a few different types of fungal sinusitis but the one that appears to be the most common is called EFRS (eosinophilic fungal rhinosinusitis). This was shown in a Mayo clinic study in 1999. It's important to note that it is really an allergic reaction to the mold rather than an infection caused by the presence of the mold.
Avatar m tn I have had litany of symptoms over last 20 years of which the doctors cannot seem to agree. Moved to Georgia about 18 months ago and drs disagree with previous doctors - still feel bad and no idea what to do. Feel like pickle in the middle.